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I have over 350,046+ followers according to the following four numbers. I'll show you my work, the math step by step to show you where this grand total number came from.

I divided up this grand total into four sections or numbers. First, 50,430 followers from my like top 16 of my total like 500+ entities (accounts) from various non-Facebook websites like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Second, 36,240 followers from my like top three of my like 100 Facebook profile accounts. Third, 170,218 followers from my like top 26 of my like 200 Facebook pages. Fourth, 93,158 followers from my like top 12 of my like 200 Facebook groups.

When you add up these four numbers, you get 350,046 as follows:


Scroll down to continue reading the details regarding each of these four main sections from 57 entities which got me my grand total number of alleged followers.



My Followers
Oatmeal Daily - 2024-03-02 - Saturday | Published in February of 2024


1/3 of a Million Followers

Oatmeal has millions of views and 350,046+ followers collectively - Oatmeal Tech | Mirror | Twitter | Bitchute | Rumble

I have millions of views
And I have 1/3 of one million followers
Ra Ra: you mean 350,046+ followers
Shut up Ra Ra
Ra Ra: where you get that number
I wrote an article about it
Send me a link
Wait a minute, it says collectively
Oatmeal, I'm really bad at math
You added up four numbers
From 57 out of like over 1,000 entities (accounts)
Most of the rest of the video is on this article, My Followers
After that I say good work pig
Ra Ra ends the video by saying he aint Babe, stop playing games with his heart

Entities means accounts.

I counted up 350,046+ followers from the following 57 entities of mine.

That is only 57 entities out of probably over a thousand different entities (accounts) and around 500 of those entities from just Facebook alone being different accounts, pages and groups. Around 50 entities or channels from just YouTube. Several entities from Twitter. The list goes on and on. But out of the probably over 1000+ entities I have and/or have had online, I only added up the following 57 entities which is like less than 10% of all of my entities/accounts/etc.

Click here or see my main Contact Me page for more information and links relating to some of my probably over one thousands different entities, as in over +1,000 different entities (accounts), which I've had on the Internet on like all the websites these past like 26+ years since like 1997 or whichever year I really started using the Internet more often that is.

I tried only listing the biggest entities of mine that I know of meaning entities with the most followers, subscribers, friends, or whatever.

I only counted probably less than 10% of my probably over 1000+ entities (accounts) I've had from all over the Internet on different social media networks, all the websites, etc, and everything else. Was also banned many times off many websites meaning I probably lost followers when I lost dozens or hundreds of different entities/accounts due to censorship as I've been terminated many times off so many places since at least 2010 or longer meaning past 14+ years and counting.

YouTube removed my over ten thousand plus videos, as in over 10K+ videos, many which I didn't have backup copies of.

The following is just a rough draft with a few links and screenshots.

There might be a lot of overlap in my followers meaning the real number might be smaller.

But at the same time, I only counted like less than ten percent of my accounts online plus there are probably many people who secretly follow me.

Meaning in some ways the real amount of followers I might have might be a lot bigger and/or smaller than 350,046 because of many reasons.

Plus, followers are always coming and going because of many reasons.

So, I might be losing and gaining many followers each day.

If you were to look at all my hundreds of entities online, you might see maybe hundreds of followers coming and going each day on average.

Yes, I know perhaps over 99% of my followers might be fake, might be bots, might be duplicates, etc.

So, maybe only 1% of my 350K+ followers are unique.

But then again, the 350K+ is probably only coming from less than 10% of all my like 1000+ entities from all over the world wide web over the past like 26+ years since I've been really like using the Internet especially since like 1997 or whatever it was.

Maybe I have a lot more than 350K+ followers if you counted all the entities.

But perhaps only 1% of that bigger number (350K+) might be real.

And maybe only 1% of the 1% are really really real as in hardcore fans or whatever else.

Oatmeal Fake News scares away many people as there are many lies about me on the Internet going back decades to the 1900s. Meaning I'd probably have even more followers if they weren't given bad/fake first impression of me. I need help with debunking all the deception.

So much fake news out there about me.

Join my Discord Server for more information.

I shouldn't update this page again until the 2050s or until I get over a million followers. After that, I should wait until I get like ten million followers if that day ever comes.

There is overlap from my alleged 350,046+ followers especially on Facebook where it's more probable that one follower may be following more than one of my like 500 Facebook entities. I've had around 100 accounts, 200 pages, and 200 groups which I've created on Facebook going back like 18 years to like 2006. I've lost some or many of these entities over the years meaning I'm not sure how many followers I might have had on just Facebook alone.

My main Facebook account has around 26,000 followers. That might be a minimum for unique accounts following without any or too much overlap.

I didn't include like hundreds to thousands of people I've met in real life (IRL) meaning in person face to face offline in the real world over the course of my life which some or many were friends or whatever in the various states and countries I lived in. Some or many of them may not be following me.

I understand that some if not many of my alleged 350,046+ followers may be duplicates, bots, sock puppet alt accounts, dead accounts, fake accounts, catfish, scammers, advertisers, random people who are not really following me, etc. Out of my like 299K+ followers on Facebook, perhaps the real number is under 100K unique Facebook accounts if you eliminate duplicates, etc. And then, many of those like 100K+ actual Facebook followers may not really be following me very closely and perhaps many of them don't really know who I am. Maybe some accidentally followed me or whatever making the real number of super Facebook followers of mine to be perhaps under 100K. Some of my followers might be my Lolcow Trolls who are not to be confused with Chris Chan, Daniel Larson, etc. I probably have many duplicate followers as in a singular account or person following multiple entities of mine.

Say for example, duplicates can come from an account that follows multiple Facebook pages, accounts, groups. So, it's more a question of how much overlap there is of the alleged 299K+ Facebook followers or it's actually over 300K+ if you count all of my like 500 Facebook entities which I only counted a few of them here.

Out of the 50,430+ Non-Facebook followers, there is probably less overlap between different websites than there is within websites. I might have over 100K+ followers on Facebook and perhaps 50K+ non-Facebook followers bringing the real grand total to like 150K+ followers total.

There is probably less overlap between my YouTube subscribers and say my TikTok followers or my Facebook followers or my Twitter followers because many people are tribal as they mostly stay on one website or only a few websites. But with that said, who knows how big an overlap there might be. Plus, who knows how many bots follow me. Who knows how many fake accounts follow me. Meaning I probably don't have many real hardcore followers. I might have thousands of casual followers. But I'm just gonna tell everybody I have like 350,046+ grand total followers collectively just for the heck of it. Talking about how many followers I have might make me look bad. On the other hand, it might also be a good conversation starter.

This 350,046+ grand total is always changing as people follow and unfollow me.

I divided up my alleged 350,046+ followers into four sections as follows. I also didn't mention that one YouTube video of mine that has over a million views. I'm not here today to talk about how many posts I've published on various websites or how many total views I have collectively for all my different posts, videos, GIFs, photos, web pages, blogs, email, etc.


50,430 followers total from non-Facebook websites. This exclude possibly hundreds from YouTube, 559 members in my Discord Server, and the list goes on and and on. The remaining 280K+ of the 300K+ alleged followers of mine comes from Facebook. Perhaps a lot of overlap, fake accounts, bots, etc, out of the remaining 299K+.

Part 01 of 04

50,430 followers from 16 of my like 500+ entities from non-Facebook websites as follows:

+7,884 Hive - Entity 01
+2,810 Twitter - Entity 02
+4,151 TikTok | Social Blade - Entity 03
+3,900 Gab - Entity 04
+559 Oatmeal Discord Server - Entity 05
+1,000 YouTube Jsapogdog - Entity 06
+330 YouTube Ojawall1 - Entity 07
+252 YouTube Ojawall-2 - Entity 08
+303 YouTube JoeyArnoldVN - Entity 09
+223 YouTube JoeyArnold7 - Entity 10
+196 YouTube Arnold Attic 2 - Entity 11
+147 YouTube JoeyArnoldVEVO - Entity 12
+165 YouTube Arnold Attic 1 - Entity 13
+20,800 Reverbnation JoeyArnoldVN - Entity 14
+7,000 LinkedIn - Entity 15
+710 MySpace L4OJ - Entity 16

The Math

Add up the following 16 numbers:

7,884 + 2,810 + 4,151 + 3,900 + 559 + 1,000 + 330 + 252 + 303 + 223 + 196 + 147 + 165 + 20,800 + 7,000 + 710 = 50,430

Part 02 of 04

36,240 followers from some of 3 of my top like 100 Facebook profile accounts as follows:

+5,000 Facebook Joey Arnold 85 USA - Entity 17
+5,000 Facebook Giao Vien Nguyen Hieu - Entity 18
+4,954 Facebook JoeyArnoldVN Friends - Entity 19-A
+21,286 Facebook JoeyArnoldVN Followers - Entity 19-B

The Math

Add up the following four numbers:

5,000 + 5,000 + 4,954 + 21,286 = 36,240

Part 03 of 04

170,218 followers from 26 of my top approximately around 200 Facebook pages as follows:

+10,085 Facebook LxHCM - Entity 20
+19,622 Facebook OOJA4 - Entity 21
+19,428 Facebook OatmealEnglishUSA - Entity 22
+11,054 Facebook OatmealMusic - Entity 23
+10,085 Facebook lxHCM - Entity 24
+8,567 Facebook useVN - Entity 25
+6,169 Facebook fec85 - Entity 26
+6,131 Facebook bxHCM - Entity 27
+5,678 Facebook e8USA - Entity 28
+5,340 Facebook ecxVN - Entity 29
+5,562 Facebook ety85 - Entity 30
+5,178 Facebook letsgobusa - Entity 31
+5,072 Facebook phdVN - Entity 32
+4,526 Facebook t7USA - Entity 33
+4,480 Facebook i7USA - Entity 34
+4,447 Facebook JxUSA - Entity 35
+4,266 Facebook OatmealVocab - Entity 36
+4,257 Facebook ipHCM - Entity 37
+4,196 Facebook peHCM - Entity 38
+4,137 Facebook lelVN - Entity 39
+4,124 Facebook evHCM - Entity 40
+3,891 Facebook Kid English - Entity 41
+3,949 Facebook JABSUSA - Entity 42
+3,813 Facebook p7USA - Entity 43
+1,519 Facebook MemesWorldProductions - Entity 44
+4,642 Facebook Idion Talk - Entity 45

The Math

Add up the following 26 numbers:

10,085 + 19,622 + 19,428 + 11,054 + 10,085 + 8,567 + 6,169 + 6,131 + 5,678 + 5,340 + 5,562 + 5,178 + 5,072 + 4,526 + 4,480 + 4,447 + 4,266 + 4,257 + 4,196 + 4,137 + 4,124 + 3,891 + 3,949 + 3,813 + 1,519 + 4,642 = 170,218

Part 04 of 04

93,158 followers from 12 of my top approximately around 200 Facebook groups as follows:

+19,058 Facebook OatmealVocab group - Entity 46
+11,300 Facebook OatmealEnglish group - Entity 47
+11,100 Facebook IronicMystic group - Entity 48
+10,700 Facebook IdiomTalk group - Entity 49
+8,400 Facebook Ingles por Inmersión Promoción 2015 group - Entity 50
+8,200 Facebook salman.list group - Entity 51
+7,100 Facebook asovn group - Entity 52
+6,600 Facebook dicVN group - Entity 53
+4,800 Facebook OatmealMemes group - Entity 54
+2,800 Facebook lxHCM group - Entity 55
+2,000 Facebook addem group - Entity 56
+1,100 Facebook GirlsVN group - Entity 57

The Math

Add up the following 12 numbers:

19,058 + 11,300 + 11,100 + 10,700 + 8,400 + 8,200 + 7,100 + 6,600 + 4,800 + 2,800 + 2,000 + 1,100 = 93,158

Grand total

350,046 is the number you get when you add up the following four numbers:

50,430 + 36,240 + 170,218 + 93,158 = 350,046

Purpose of This Article

Purpose of this article is to show how many followers I might have as of the year of 2024. This article you're reading right now may not prove how many real followers I might have. As of March of 2024, I have 350,046+ followers collectively based on numbers presented on this web page. However, there is overlap with these numbers which makes the total amount of followers less than 350,046. However, at the same, I didn't count every single friend, follower, subscriber, fan, view, audience, viewer, customer, student, etc, meaning the number could be higher. I have hundreds of subscribers across my different 40+ YouTube channels, I included only some of my subscribers from some of my many YouTube channels in the grand total which is 350,046+ followers. I didn't add up every single follower or what have you from every single account, page, and group on Facebook. I didn't add every single account connected to me via email, social media, blockchain, websites, phone, and so on and so forth. On top of that, hundreds of people met me offline if that counts for anything. Many of my accounts on many websites on the Internet were banned over the years meaning the total could be a lot bigger than 350,046+ total followers. Perhaps you could add thousands more to this 350,046+ total number. However, like I said already, there is some overlap to some extent meaning a single follower may follow more than one of my accounts which will result in me counting that one follower as two followers or more. Thus, the question becomes how big is the overlap. Beyond that, how many of my followers are bots, sock puppet alt accounts, catfish accounts, duplicate accounts, ghosted accounts, fake accounts, troll accounts, criminals, spam, and/or whatever else you can think of? Perhaps over 50% of the 350,046+ are bots, duplicates, alts, overlap, etc. So, the real number might be under 100,000 unique human-run accounts. But then many of the 100K may not really be super fans or what have you. So, I say all of that to say not many are gushing over me as of 2023 is my guess. I would add by the way that millions have seen me. I say this because I've been all over online since like 1997 online as in past 26+ years. Was on television in 2010. I've been in videos with others. I've been retweeted by larger accounts on Elon Musk's Twitter X. So, people have seen me for at least one second. You might say I was unable to hook most people to come with me. So, I should edit this web page. I've chosen to be wordy in many of my articles including this one. I may choose to move some of the content from this article to other web pages or what have you in order to shorten this article. Like with many things, this article here of mine will be taken out of context just like others are. I try to put out things for the record for those who might want to know. I've decided to market this number which is pretty big. I'm not exactly saying you should follow me or perhaps not yet. Perhaps I still got a lot of work to do before I can make it big. I sort of wanted to publish this article for fun. I'm split in how I view myself. On one hand, I feel like I should have more followers. On the other hand, I feel like I'm a mess. I'm not going to bore you with the details of my life except to say this 300K number sort of reflects on my success and failure in life. Consider this post as a rough draft outline on this topic. I've included a few links. I've shown my work regarding how I got to the 350,046+ followers number. Consider this to be math class. I used simple math. I simply added up followers I have from different accounts, pages, groups, channels, and what not. Simple addition. Of course the number is fake and pretty inaccurate in some ways in both directions meaning the real number could be smaller or bigger.

Watch out for Oatmeal Fake News.

I should not update this page until and only if I hit over one million followers or at least wait over ten years before coming back to this is my suggestion to myself.

There is much overlap within platforms than there is between different platforms. For example, there is a higher probability that one subscriber might be subscribed to two of my channels on YouTube than it is probable that a particular YouTube subscriber might also be my friend on Facebook or other websites as there is to some extent segregation. Yes, many are on both YouTube, Facebook, and so on. But at the same time, many are often only on a few social media networks or perhaps only mostly on one. Therefore, we could assume there is more overlap within websites. So, a more honest total could subtract potential overlap within particular websites. For example, most of my alleged 300K are from Facebook. My main Facebook account has around 5K friends and 21K followers meaning around 21,000 followers if added up. It's safe to assume many of my followers on Facebook do not also follow me on other websites. So, you could perhaps add the followers from the other websites to the total. Of course, there are many dead accounts, fake accounts, alts, duplicates, overlap, etc. So, it's hard to say what the real numbers might be. This is simply the numbers I added up in February and March of 2024. But these numbers are always going up and down as people follow and unfollow and what have you. People come and go.

Perhaps only 1% of the alleged 350,046+ followers are actual real followers of mine which still might be like thousands of real followers depending on what one percent of over three hundred thousand might be and excluding like hundreds to thousands of people who knew me in real life plus possibly thousands more on top of that who perhaps secretly follows me by stealth directly or indirectly by proxy as in a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing as the outer circles of my alleged followers extends to millions of people all around the world meaning I do have some influence sometimes even if just a little bit.

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 19-18-16 Hive Blog Joeyarnoldvn 7892 followers.png
7,884 Hive

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 19-24-02 My Twitter JoeyArnoldVN 2826 Followers.png
2,810 Twitter

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 19-16-27 TikTok JoeyArnoldVN 4150 Followers.png
4,151 TikTok | Social Blade

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 18-05-39 Joeyarnoldvn Gab.png
3,900 Gab

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 19-38-48 Discord Oatmeal 559.png
559 Oatmeal Discord Server

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 20-56-26 YouTube Jsapogdog 1K Followers.png
1,000 YouTube Jsapogdog

Screenshot at 2024-02-29 23-08-09 YouTube Ojawall-01.png
330 YouTube Ojawall-1

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 20-58-36 YouTube Ojawall-2.png
252 YouTube Ojawall-2

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 20-59-57 YouTube JoeyArnoldVN.png
303 YouTube JoeyArnoldVN

Screenshot at 2024-02-29 23-06-31 YouTube JoeyArnold7.png
223 YouTube JoeyArnold7

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 21-01-32 YouTube Arnold Attic 2.png
196 YouTube Arnold Attic 2

Screenshot at 2024-02-29 23-09-32 YouTube JoeyArnoldVEVO.png
147 YouTube JoeyArnoldVEVO

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 21-03-07 YouTube Arnold Attic 1.png
165 YouTube Arnold Attic 1

Screenshot at 2024-02-29 22-53-13 Reverbnation Joeyarnoldvn 20K.png
20,800 Reverbnation JoeyArnoldVN

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 22-58-25 Linkedin JoeyArnoldVN 7222.png
7,222 LinkedIn

Screenshot at 2024-02-29 23-02-20 Myspace.png
710+ MySpace L4OJ

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 19-31-58 Facebook JoeyArnoldVN 4.9K Friends.png
04,954 Facebook Friends on JoeyArnoldVN
05,000 Facebook Joey Arnold 85 USA
05,000 Facebook Giao Vien Nguyen Hieu

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 19-32-42 Facebook JoeyArnoldVN 21288 Followers.png
21,286 Facebook Followers

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 13-46-22 Facebook LxHCM.png
10,085 Facebook LxHCM

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 13-57-53 Facebook OOJA4.png
19,622 Facebook OOJA4

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 14-13-38 Facebook OEUSA.png
19,428 Facebook OatmealEnglishUSA

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 15-07-01 Facebook Music 11K.png
11,054 Facebook OatmealMusic

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 13-46-22 Facebook LxHCM.png
10,085 Facebook lxHCM

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-41-30 Facebook Page American English useVN 8.5K.png
08,567 Facebook useVN

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-42-40 Facebook Page Funny English fec85 6K.png
06,169 Facebook fec85

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 14-19-33 Facebook BxHCM.png
06,131 Facebook bxHCM

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-43-36 Facebook Page TOEIC e8USA.png
05,678 Facebook e8USA

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-44-40 Facebook Page English Rubs ecxVN 5K.png
05,340 Facebook ecxVN

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-46-06 Facebook Page Etymology English ety85.png
05,562 Facebook ety85

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 15-13-32 Facebook.png
05,178 Facebook letsgobusa

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-14-28 Facebook Page Medical English phdVN.png
05,072 Facebook phdVN

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-16-33 Facebook Page TOEFL English t7USA.png
04,526 Facebook t7USA

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-17-45 Facebook Page Idiom English i7USA.png
04,480 Facebook i7USA

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-47-20 Facebook Page Ja English jxUSA.png
04,447 Facebook JxUSA

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 15-04-09 Facebook.png
04,266 Facebook OatmealVocab

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-48-26 Facebook Page IPA English ipHCM.png
04,257 Facebook ipHCM

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-49-29 Facebook Page Pronunciation English pcHCM.png
04,196 Facebook peHCM

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 14-49-49 Facebook.png
04,137 Facebook lelVN

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 14-48-01 Facebook.png
04,124 Facebook evHCM

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 20-35-22 Facebook.png
03,891 Facebook Kid English

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-51-16 Facebook Page Joey Arnold Buy Sell JABSUSA 3K.png
03,949 Facebook JABSUSA

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-52-29 Facebook Page Perfect English p7USA 3.8K.png
03,813 Facebook p7USA

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-53-34 Facebook Page Memes World Productions 1.5K.png
01,519 Facebook MemesWorldProductions

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-55-13 Facebook Page Idiom Talk 4.6K.png
04,642 Facebook Idiom Talk

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 18-54-48 Facebook.png
19,058 Facebook OatmealVocab group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 18-19-02 Facebook English group.png
11,300 Facebook OatmealEnglish group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 19-15-54 Facebook.png
11,100 Facebook IronicMystic group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 19-09-45 Facebook.png
10,700 Facebook IdiomTalk group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 19-57-33 Facebook.png
08,400 Facebook Ingles por Inmersión Promoción 2015 group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 20-04-03 Facebook.png
08,200 Facebook salman.list group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 15-47-24 Facebook.png
07,100 Facebook asovn group

Screenshot at 2024-03-01 23-26-17 Facebook Group Dictionary Vocabulary dicVN 6K.png
06,600 Facebook dicVN group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 19-03-39 Facebook.png
04,800 Facebook OatmealMemes group

Screenshot at 2024-03-02 00-57-28 Facebook Group World English lxHCM 2.8K Members.png
02,800 Facebook lxHCM group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 19-46-58 Facebook.png
02,000 Facebook addem group

Screenshot at 2024-02-23 18-42-41 Facebook.png
01,100 Facebook GirlsVN group

Remind me to perhaps move some of the content in this article to other pages to better consolidate this post to make it more concise.

Of course, I know these numbers probably don't mean much which probably means I'm still engaging in trolling, scamming, click-baiting, in sarcasm, hyperbole, hooking, being absurd, and so on. I've engaged in a wide variety of tactics as a means to an end meaning to get people to come on over kind of thing. I've decided to run with this 350K+ followers number.

Remember that I didn't add up all my followers, friends, subscribers, fans, haters, staff, employers, family, neighbors, co-workers, visitors, audience, viewers, guests, customers, contacts, members, contributors, partners, supporters, Oatmeal Heirs, pals, lovers, buddies, trolls, those who interact, those who look from afar who I do not see, ghosts, aliens, deleted accounts, banned accounts, dead accounts, clients, students, whether I knew them online, offline, so on and so forth, from all the websites, video platforms, social media networks, forums, bulletin boards, email, instant messaging, blockchain, blogs, etc, meaning there could be thousands of more people who could be added to this list.

Also, there may be thousands of duplicates or other things making the real total followers to be smaller than 350K and maybe still over 100K if you include others not on this list.

I also have millions of views total, that is collectively when added up together from everything from everywhere, from all of my videos, posts, etc, from all the websites.

This article is for the record to be archived, mirrored, syndicated, copied, etc, by everyone.


Éxitos, me parece grandioso. Que socialices mucho

Yes. But I think many of my followers might be robots haha or something. Sí. Pero creo que muchos de mis seguidores pueden ser robots jaja o algo así.