A Heartbreaking News About My Favourite Train

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It's been two months since I left school and I've been home waiting for service call. While I was still schooling, I had my favourite form of transportation that I always use to return home and also go back to school... That is traveling by railway in a train. I enjoyed the comfortability and fast movement it gives even though there were a few complaint I had about it.

It was cheaper, faster, safer and more fun for me using the train that took me from school back home and vice versa but something happened recently that broke my heart.


Before I share the news, I'd like to share two pictures that shows when I was on a long queue waiting to get a train ticket. The queue was so long but it ended and I got to pay for a ticket. I was lucky to have a friend around so it wasn't boring to wait. waiting for the train took hours and we heard that it had an issue on it's way.

It finally arrived and we all got in and went to our different destinations. And that was it, I didn't think much on whatever delayed us back there... More like I didn't care since I got to my school safely that day. Well, what happened recently had me thinking and I realize that it didn't just start to build up now, there have been signs.

The Train had an accident!!!

Two days ago, a video went viral over here showing the train that I frequent badly destroyed. The whole story wasn't told in the video but I got the main thing that happened. It was said that the train rode way faster than it normally did and the front of the train ran back to hit the back of itself. Then, the train divided into four parts.

There were people inside but none of them were harmed. Instead, they were all stuck at the middle of nowhere, still wondering how they got out of the place from the video I saw, it was dangerous out there. And to think that, they also said, there were no securities around... That almost never happened before as there were always security inside the train.


Just for your imagination sake, I had to search for a picture I took with the train even though I couldn't get a full picture of it... This image shows a bit of the train. Imagine it dividing into four parts with each part having more than 50 persons in it. It was definitely a dangerous one and scary for those involved.

With the many stories I've heard about the train, I think the Government is going to make it stop working for now as it has threatened lives too many times. And that would make my traveling by railway be put to stop, even if that isn't done, I'd be too scared to go there again lol.

It's heartbreaking really because I enjoyed all the time I traveled using the train, I hope something better is done but for now, I'm glad I don't have to travel to school for the time being hehe.

I almost forgot this community exists, feel free to share your train experiences with the community created by @livinguktaiwan

Images used in this post are mine


It happens sometimes.

What was the reason the train accident happened, did it derail, how come its front touch the back and hit sometimes?

Accidents can happen in bus as well...

I am sure you won't stop travelling by train for this... because that's unpractical right.

We really want to use local trains to go one place to another... its fast and cheap and reduces traffic...

But in my Indian city that's not encouraged...and your train is pretty!! Really!!

I didn't get to know the reason why it happened that way, I'm just glad it didn't get worse than that.

I'm not sure of it being practical but that is what I think now, I think I'll prefer to use the road haha.

Thanks, it's a pretty train indeed... Especially the inside 😁

When such misfortunes happen one can only be thankful that all people survived.
Of course it suggests that these accidents still happen today and think that there are those who would like to create flying machines lol!

Indeed, it's more about the fact that no lives was lost when it happened... But there won't be much people interested in using the train again even if it is repaired 🥲

Flying machines? We have them already lol

I’ve never been on a train before. I always think it will be fun and all because of what I see in movies but now I’m scared.

Most of these stuff in Africa are not given proper attention and maintenance. Our authorities need to do better if not more harm will be caused.

Lol you don't have to be scared, the attention and maintenance given to it over there might be better than ours over here 🥲

Train movement is fun really!

Train movement is fun until the train starts to act funny.😂

As in ehn... Me I'm avoiding any train movement now 😂

Better avoid it my sister.😂

Lol I will o

I am glad no one got injured despite the damages and this is more reason why the government should pay more attention to the rail transportation.

A lot of people prefer it and it is meant to be the safest but lack of proper maintenance keep hindering the growth. I hope that the needful is done but shutting down for now is the best to avoid putting people's life in danger.

Yeah, even if it doesn't shut down, I know many will stop using it haha

Our life and safety comes first, we definitely won't do thing that could cut our lives short.

Wow! Thank God the people in it weren't harmed because it could have been another problem.
Just prepare to go by bus or car when going to school for whatsoever you wanna do 😝
I came through #dreemport

Lol yes o
I don't need to be told that 😂
I love my life

I'm just happy that no life was lost. I would have freaked out if I was inside, now I'm imagining how the people felt 🫣🫣.

As for now, just bid train goodbye. You can still check it out but once in a while. Just maintain your distance for God's sake.
#Dreemport brought me here.

Yes o Nkem, I love my life so I'll definitely not want to use the train anytime soon for my journey.

Thank God no life was lost🙌.

Train is one transport system I'm still longing to use. Those stuff I see in movies about it fascinates me alot

Yeah, it's fascinating even the one in our country hehe
But it would be hard to feel safe in them anymore considering what had happened.

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