TheInkWell Writing Challenge Season 2 Week 7 | A Sea Full Of Stories


A Sea Full Of Stories

In a tormented sea, there was this ship trying not to get wrecked by the mighty waves. The sailors were terrified, but even in that state of panic, they tried to be brave and face the wrath of the ocean. They were just four men in search of the most enigmatic creature.

Before they sailed, they just heard the comments of the fishermen in town, many of them had returned lost in their own minds, while others came in total shock, cursing the sea for the losses of their ships. However, this wasn’t enough to intimidate the four brave men that on a seemingly quiet night opened up sails and navigated through the vast sea.

The four men were chilled at the beginning of the trip, although they didn’t know exactly what they were looking for. The captain, Charles, was a bulky and muscular man, he was the law in that ship and while he was resting, the second in charge was Beau.

Beau was more severe than Charles, though he was less corpulent, but the scar on his face made him look like a bad man. The other two men, Jacob and Sawyer, were the fishermen, hunky men with strong arms. If their fishing rods caught something, they were just the best men to raise it up, whatever it was.

The first night was calmed, and the men rested listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the soft breeze on their bare chests. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the second day. The Captain was afraid that what he heard in town was just a lie. On the third day, the sun was shining so bright that the four men thought they would get blind, nothing had appeared yet and the fishermen were tired of waiting. However, Beau insisted that they should keep their course.

Suddenly, the calmness started to disappear; grey clouds gathered on top of the ship. Lightning struck over the sea, and soon all turned dark. The waves were crashing the ship, stretching it from side to side. The rain was heavy and almost felt like it were stones falling from the sky. The men started to worry, fearing never to be able to come back to the port.


The water entered the ship flooding it whole. They just got buckets to take the water out. But then, they heard something, a scream, a horrible shriek that didn’t seem even human. Jacob turned his back and went to see where the sound came from. Nothing was on his view.

Then Sawyer went to the other side and he felt something grabbing him from his neck, something he had never seen in his life, grey tentacles, big bright blue eyes, sharp twisted teeth. None of this was made any sense in his mind, the creature that drove many fishermen crazy.

Captain Charles looked in despair how the poor fisherman was being dragged into the water by the creature he was supposed to hunt. He got paralyzed, his strength disappeared and he was one more scared sailor that could easily come home just traumatized by the horrific scene. Beau grabbed the rudder and set direction to the port. Jacob was insanely lost, his friend had got drowned by an enormous creature and he couldn’t help him. He knew that this time they went too far and in return, he lost a friend, a brother. Beau fought with the waves and made his way home. The captain got mad, he kept up screaming that he must catch that creature, but the two men left on the ship decided to ignore him and pray for the soul of the poor Sawyer.

At the port, the captain was taken to his home yelling and tied up. Beau never sailed again, and Jacob lost his faith and walked for a long time to the mountains leaving all his properties to Sawyer’s family.

They never went back to the ocean.


Thanks for reading!


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It's nice to see you are trying yourself with new things.

Good story.

I'm glad that you like it. Thanks :-*