Pots and Kettles

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jane, this girl lived with her parents in a small town isolated from the rest of her city, in fact, to get to Jane’s town, you had to take buses and canoes.

Now, whenever you saw Jane, she was unhappy, Jane always wanted more than the life that the town gave to her but, she didn't know how to get it and that made her angry even though her parents gave her everything they could.

One day, while Jane was walking home from the well where she drew water, she saw a dirty golden kettle, and since, it was just lying on the ground, she picked it up and took it home hoping to sell it to get some money to leave the town.

Getting home, she kept the water in the kitchen and then went to her room looking at the kettle and wondering why something like that was left on the ground, she knew it looked dirty but she wondered if the owner had mistakenly lost it or thrown it away.

After a few minutes looking at it, she decided that she was going to take it to the town square to return it because she was scared that she could be caught selling it.

Jane was still deep in thought, when she heard a voice from the kettle saying tend to me my dear and I will make all your dreams come true, Jane felt like she was dreaming and was about to leave her room, but she heard the voice again.

“Tend to me my dear and I will make your dreams come true”.

Jane asked herself if she was running crazy or if it was as a result of taking something that wasn’t hers, but, she decided that the best thing was to reply to the voice and see what would happen next.

“How do I tend to you?”

“Well, it’s simple, just wash me”

Jane decided to do what she was told and took the kettle to the kitchen to wash and after that, she took it back to the room to dry it and while she was drying it, the voice told her to make a wish.

Knowing her circumstances and the dream she had always had, without thinking, she wished to move to the city, but one thing she didn’t realize was that the more vague the wish was, the less that would be attached to it, so while Jane had her wish, she appeared in the city without money or shelter.

Being in the city without money, shelter or even the kettle, Jane had no where to go and began crying and crying, pleading to go back home but, she was stuck there.

Days passed and Jane was living in the streets eating out of the trash and at that moment she closed her eyes and wished that she was back home.

Immediately the wish was made, Jane fell asleep and she was woken up by her mother’s vigorous shaking.

“Jane, is it because of water you fetched that you are sleeping like this?”

Jane looked at her mother smiling, it was all a dream or was it? regardless she was back home, without the scary kettle, and grateful for what she had.




This was a nice short story with a deep lesson. I'm glad Jane got back home! I almost thought the poor girl would be stuck in the city.

Thank you so much, glad you liked it.

very interesting story. Jane didn't think before making a request. Luckily she finally came back

She was indeed lucky.

This is a charming and clever story, @khaleesii. It's great that it was indeterminate as to whether she really dreamed it all or whether it happened and she was returned to her home when she wished for it. (By the way, in our catalog of fiction writing tips, we have an article about ending a story that it was just a dream that you might want to read!)

Thank you for sharing your story in The Ink Well, and for reading and commenting on the work of other community members.

I have read it and it's noted, thank you.

Ha ha, yes she should have been much more specific in her wish! It makes me wonder what I would wish for if I ever was so lucky to find a magic lamp... or kettle!

Magic wishing things are always manipulative so I bet that no matter what she wished, it would have turned out bad, but for me, I am wishing to be the richest person ever; greedy right

Scary kettles ahaha - I was about to make a cup of tea and now I'm worried! I really like your fairy tale like stories. They are fun to read.

Hehhee, hope your kettle didn't speak to you.

No, it just switched off and allowed itself to be poured 😂

That's good, you are lucky 😆

The story reminds me of Aladdin and the magic lamp. Since the beginning of the story is a fairy tale, I was able to get over the confusion after Jane followed the voice of the kettle without being particularly surprised that it was talking. I guess that's the way fairy tales and dreams are. Absurd things happen, but you don't really care.
Specifying wishes is certainly a lesson worth learning. In a deeper sense, they are downright dangerous, because although much of what one says just so happens to have no further significance for what happens between people, it often turns out that the many voices and their many wishes are actually heard and taken up. In this respect, this fairy tale, like all fairy tales, has a deeper meaning. I know a joke about this, but it would be a bit too salacious to tell here. LOL

I understand your point, I feel like even minus dreams and fairytales, a lot of us do a lot of crazy things without thinking about it.

It'd better be dream, lol. I finally have a sigh of relief when I read that she returned home. Nice story.

Thank you for reading