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Dear community,

I am presenting my application to be a Community Builder, as advertised in the latest Newsletter of The Ink Well
I would like to express my interest in becoming another pair of hands in building our beloved community.


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I love storytelling.

I believe that everything in life is a story.

There are so many stories to be told.

And so many storytellers that have not been heard. So many ways to tell a story…

Fortunately, there is a place for storytellers to be heard here on Hive, a place where everyone can fit; a place to build our talents.

We are given this space where we can be freely creative to produce our own stories. There are so many talented people on Hive, that one may think that everything is possible.

I understand that the role of a Community Builder is designed to act within the community itself, but I believe that If all communities get together and work towards the same goal, we would witness amazing results. I'm referring to every field, area of expertise and holders, sort of speak, of the right tools and knowledge to do it.

One of the great things about Literature is that it can be perfectly combined with other kinds of Art. I will refer especially to audiovisual projects; to the fields I believe can work in collaboration, such as writing, drawing, painting, digital art, and other forms of illustration; music, photography, filmmaking and gaming.


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I tend to include definitions in my publications, perhaps because of my career as a Translator and Interpreter. It is the way I understand the world, especially this platform where almost everything is new to me.

So let me introduce the basic concept of Art, according to the Oxford dictionary.

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

I would say that in Hive we are all artists if we see each community as like-minded people who express or apply human creative skills and imagination to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

As I understand, one of the purposes of a Community Builder is to promote engagement. This brings me to another important concept, communication, which is:

the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information
(Oxford Dictionary)

I would say then that We are all communicators.

Through Art we let people know about our thoughts, feelings and ultimately our message to the world, whatever it may be.


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If we were to apply these two basic concepts to Hive members, I would say that we are all Storytellers:


Through words, writers create beauty in the form of short stories, poems, novels, among others;

The Ink Well is now providing us with an unique opportunity to tell our story to the outside world and we should take it to the fullest.

Music / Audiovisual Arts

Music is well known to be a source for inspiration and communication. I am no expert in this field but I am definitely a music lover, especially of audiovisual productions, because I am a fan of movies, theater and TV series.

Since there is a story behind every song, imagine writers working with musicians, composing songs together!


Audiobooks are incredible tools.

Allow me to tell you a bit about a condition I have. It is called Keratoconus, where the cornea becomes thin and causes a serious astigmatism. I am currently waiting to have an eye surgery but given the quarantine, surgery has been suspended.

Thank God I have been able to get better just by resting my eyes from the rigid lenses I was prescribed years ago. They were hurting my eyes, so doctors forbade me to use them.

It has been almost a year working without lenses, which is why I understand the value of audiobooks more than ever before, and I discovered their charm. I think it would be a good idea to work towards that goal.

In fact, I have been in touch with Leonardo Castillo (@leo-audio) who is a Music Engineer that I recently met via Hive. I approached him with all these ideas and he was more willing to join us in the creation of audiobooks, soundtracks and other related projects.


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I have to confess that one of my platonic dreams is to participate in the production of a movie. Can you imagine that in The Ink Well, Hive? Is it too platonic?

Hive is full of experts in audiovisual arts. Plus all the tools available like 3Speak or Dtube, combine that with short stories and...magic!


Another way to read a story is by playing it. Other fellow members and programmers in the gaming community have a lot to share and are skilled to make magic happen. Imagine a game based on a story written by our Hive writers.

I know a couple of writers who are working on epic stories. If Splinterland was possible, this can be.

Illustration / Photography

A picture is worth 1000 words, but 1000 words have the potential to be a great story. Let's combine these two!

I had the pleasure to work with @soyrosa who is a fantastic photographer in a challenge held by the Freewriters community. A Trip to the Past was a wonderful experience; the work was great but what I loved the most was to have met Rosa and to have become friends. We have a lot in common.

The We Event by @mariannewest and @freewritehouse is the perfect example of what can be achieved on Hive.

I also worked with @berlissanoja and @medussart who are wonderful artists, and my sister @miriannalis who became a writer on Hive. They help me hold the Illustrate my story contest in which I called on artists to create images for one of my favorite stories, The Red Forest
Winners, @librepensadora, @zullyscot and @evev did a great job. See below:

Después de Chernóbil21.png

Image by Berlis Sanoja purchased in NFT Showroom


Imagen de @librepensadora tomada de PeakD

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Imagen de @zulay63 tomada de PeakD


Imagen de @evev tomada de PeakD

Why do I want to become a Community Builder?

Well, I love to build 👷‍♀️🥰
And work with people who have the same enthusiasm, and love to produce beautiful things.

I would love to put in practice these ideas and those of other members that I know are eager to grow as professionals and make this platform grow.

I became a fan of The Ink Well and the Freewriters communities since I started writing in their space, because I was encouraged to write and received great feedback.

I have found myself as a writer. I became aware of my talents and put them into
practice, and I feel motivated to help others do the same; to see them shine

I would like to close by thanking @raj808 who created this space and has dedicated himself to make the community grow with the incredible support of moderators of the The Ink Well community; Shani, Jayna, stormlight24, Carol and Marcy. They are all brilliant and wonderful people.

I'm sure you are thinking of other ways to engage and work within and outside the community. You are more than welcome to share your ideas in the comments. .

And regardless of the outcomes, writers can count on my help in the creation of their Bookstore📚

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To connect with me, just click on the icons:

Telegram logo 3.png Twitter.png discord.png Lacrucita#5059


Good luck with the application @lacrucita

It is well put together and I like how you've drawn comparison with other creative media and how short story writing is incorporated into them all. Many things can come off the back of a short story as I've discovered in my professional life 😂 I created two characters in a short story years ago that a friend of mine workshopped in university... fast forward 12 years and we're now developing the two characters into a comedy sketch to try pitching for TV 🤞 It is slow progress at the moment as we riff ideas and story scenarios with each other over whatsapp as she's in a different country, but it just goes to show how short story can morph into screenwriting or other mediums.

I think you'd make a great Community Builder. All the best x

Thank you, @raj808!

for your good wishes and for sharing your story. I find it very interesting. It's the sort of thing I believe can be done in Hive. If all creative media get together, we will surely attract more people to Hive and hopefully investors

Hi, my friend @lacrucita

I find it very interesting that you are now a community builder.

I don't really understand what you are going to do, but I feel that it must be an important approach.

I hope you have a lot of success in this new endeavor.

Thanks for mentioning me in your post.

A big hug.

Thank you, @librepensadora!
for your good wishes 😊
I'm applying to basically help the community engage more and grow.
Big hugs!

Hello! Your post was selected by The Ink Well and has received an OCD upvote! Congratulations!

Thank you!

Well, you have my vote! As a multi-discipline artist (writing, fractal art, music) this would be a welcome development, and I know that many have much to contribute! We just have to get organized!

Thank you, @deeanndmathews!

Glad to see you are on board! And I haven't forgotten about your Bookstore 😉📚👩‍🔧

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 2 years ago  

Wow... what a great publication.
Here are many ideas. We should have a raffle to focus on just 1 or 2 ideas (for a start).

Thank you, Marcy!

I agree. Little by little, we can make it. Perhaps we can start with the ideas that are easier to develop.

Thank you for your application, @lacrucita 🙂

My pleasure ☺️

Lots of great ideas there, @lacrucita!
You are right - storytelling underlies them all.
I have sent a message on Discord.

Thank you, Shani!

I'll be there 😉

Es muy instructivo, es exelente lo que has explayado, gracias.

Gracias a ti, por leer y dejar tu comentario. 🤗

Maravillosa publicación!!! Llena de excelentes ideas y aportes para el crecimiento de la Comunidad. Mucho éxito 🤗✨

Gracias! Aprecio mucho tus buenos deseos 🤗

Me encanta como plasmas las ideas, son tantas ideas que estas aportando para el crecimiento de la comunidad, me gusta mucho lo que leí y espero pronto verlas como una realidad.🤩 Muchos éxitos amiga bella.

Gracias, amiga.
Ojalá puedan cumplirse, todo lo que tenemos que hacer es trabajar juntos hacia una misma meta.
Un abrazo!

 2 years ago  

Well written article on why you would be an awesome fit for The Ink Well Community. I enjoyed reading your qualifications. Good luck in your quest to become a Community Builder. I'm cheering for your.

Thank you! I'm flattered ☺️

 2 years ago  

I know you will be a great asset to the Community.

Take care, and have a good week ahead.

I'd like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season.


Aww thank you!

Happy holidays for you too! ⛄❄️