Starting A New Life With Mo...

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Starting over can daunting but sometimes life throws you with no other option but to start all over again.

"Will you marry me?" Moses proposed on bended knee at a popular eatery in town and I was so excited that I would be spending the rest of my life with the man I loved the most.

The wedding preparation began, I visited the market a lot of times to buy my wedding dress, hair, shoes, bags and other accessories to grace up my big day.

Two weeks before my wedding, it dawned on me that I'd have to relocate to a new land, where I knew no one except Moses as he told me "We would be moving to Akure." In a very exciting tone.

I had mixed feelings, that kind of feeling that comes with missing your loved ones that you've known for long and starting a new life in a new land and with someone new, who is now my husband.

My wedding day arrived and I had the best time of my life especially when the ordained minister said "I now pronounce you both Husband and wife, this is a new beginning for you, what God has joined together, let no man put apart, now Moses, you may kiss your bride."

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Moving away from the people, places and things that are familiar to us, is always a daunting experience. It takes courage in bucket loads to do so! It is often when we are shifted outside of our comfort zones, though, that we allow ourselves to grow and to experience new kinds of wonderful. This #CNF for the start prompt would be elevated if the arc had been slightly stronger and the story fleshed out a little more. The piece would also benefit from being run through an editor before publication to pick up missing words and other grammatical errors. I recommend the following Ink Well arcticles which may assist you to improve your writing:

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