Reign of chaos

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The logic zombies became rampant in the Magahat region. The cyber pirates have nothing to do but to leave. The logic zombies are stronger compared to them. The logic zombies slowly eating the cyber pirates. That's why their king named Kadranoloc decided to leave that region through a ship.

They travelled 2 weeks before they landed in a peaceful land. Nagisa was being told to roam in the area if there is no danger. 3 days of exploring the place Nagisa became a priestess. The king is surprised how did Nagisa change a powerful maiden. She was just a researcher awhile ago but suddenly changes. Then Nagisa told the King how she was changed. Nagisa kneels down and bows her head.

"My King, I found a dungeon 100 miles from here. There were caves that it will help you to power up depends on what you wanted and depends on your experiences. I reached the 20 years of experience and I already have the knowledge. It granted me to become a priestess."

The king can't believe but he's so excited.

"Okay, tell me more."

Nagisa showed a spell, like healing, shielding, boosting physical abilities and many more.

After Nagisa showed her new abilities they decided to go the place.



When they arrived at the dungeon all of them got inside the cave and what kind of class they will be having. There are 5 caves so there will be 5 class.

1.) The class of builder - this class is master on the building but they don't know how to fight. They will only hide in their hut if there will be a battle. They were given an extraordinary strength in the building but a weak heart to fight. They use a hammer or an axe or any types of materials in ploughing a field.

2.) The class of genius - this class is a master in studying and researching. The genius is responsible for building a weapon, potion, strategies in battle and even farming. If you can see cyber pirates wearing glasses then they are the genius class.

3.) The class of shield hero - this class is a master of shielding. They have no ability to fight but they can give a tremendous shield to protect themselves. The shield heroes use a small shield that is like being part in their left arm.

4.) The class of priestess or priest - this class is a master of spells. They are like a spell caster, they have many strong skills but they are weak in physical abilities. This class holds a wand to power up their skills.

5.) The class of hero - this class is the strongest of all. This class holds a sword, or a spear or dagger. This class passed being a builder, genius and shield hero but not the priestess or priest class. The priestess is different since it's focused on spell fighting.

When they graduated the shield hero class they can choose either hero or priestess. After the cyber pirates upgrading their abilities or level up. The king became a hero class and decided to let the builders made a castle. The priestess and the priest help the builder since they can boost the abilities. The King also sent 1 genius, 1 priest and 5 heroes to explore more the region and lead by the strong hero named Korzybski. He is the right-hand man to the king and next to the king in strength.



When they arrived in high hills they saw werewolf ninjas. Jumping and jumping in the trees. One werewolf ninja looks so scary. That werewolf is Jubei, an assassin class. He has sharp claws in his hand, a silver helmet and with full gear in the body. He was sent by his king named Jack to learn what's the commotion in that place. He is the right hand of the king as well.

The werewolf ninjas have only 3 classes according to their abilities. They are unique that they don't need to power up in order to become strong. They already have a strong body, tremendous strength and speed.

1.) The class of hunter - this class is for those who are still young. They will learn hunting already but they can fight as well. Although they are not strong enough because they don't have enough experience yet. They use a spear because they're claws are not that sharp already.

2.) The class of seeker - this class is so greedy for power. This class didn't think much that most of this class will end dead. They are not that really strong but they fight directly to the enemy. If they will be still alive after fighting a stronger opponent to them. That's the time they will become an assassin class.

3.) The class of assassin - this class has given so much power, tactics and knowledge. They don't fight right away but studies how to fight. The rate of killing this assassin class is 5% because of their knowledge and speciality of hiding.



When Jubei arrived in the top of the tree he notices someone is watching him. He hides into the leaves and searching through his smell. Unfortunately, the cyber pirates saw him already and hiding already before he knew it. But no one can beat the sense of smell from the werewolf ninjas. As time passes of smelling, Jubei found out the location of cyber pirates. Jubei is confident that those who are hiding are weaker compared to him. Jubei uses the skill that will grant him super speed named "lightning steps." Of course, Korzybski senses it by the use of his skill named "observant aura." It will grant him to sense who is moving inside the radius of 100 miles. Korzybski understands that the one who is approaching to them is strong so he asked the priest to boost his physical strength. The priest used a skill named "physical booster." It grants those who have an effect with more than 100% of its physical strength.



When Jubei is in front of Korzybski and his companions. He uses a skill named "claw strike" that even a tree can't stand to this skill. It creates a silver colour of a splash with 3 lines. When Korzybski saw Jubei attacking them he jumped into Korzybski and uses his skill to shield them named "shield of Gods." It will give him a 100% blocks of every attack towards him. However, he can use it every 10 minutes before recharging it. The class begins, the claws of Jubei is on the shield of Korzybski attacking. Jubei smiled and said.

"Not bad for a low creature like you."

"Thank you, a compliment from a monster like you."

The continue on exchanging their blows. Korzybski uses his sword and shield while Jubei uses his claws with his super speed. The priest didn't join the fight but only to assist Korzybski. His strength is draining as he keeps on fighting with this monster.


While they are fighting the group of logic zombies arrived and start attacking them. It's too many of them so they don't have a chance of fighting them. Unfortunately, the priests were dead by the attacks of logic zombies. Korzybski priorities to save genius because he is the one who has the information of that place. Korzybski and Jubei report the incidents to their every king. After Korzybski told his king, the king stands up and said.

"We are not the same like before. Let them come and we will pulverise them all."

The preparation of cyber pirates castle was made. Weapons and traps are everywhere and the builders are being forced to level up to help in fighting. Meanwhile in the werewolf ninjas hut. Their king Jack told his name to wear their gears because this will be a war. They will find that logic zombie and cyber pirates to make this land own only by them.



The werewolf ninjas started moving. They are being guided by Jubei in going to that place last time. When they arrived there the logic zombies are not there. They just followed the smell to find those zombies. The werewolf ninjas are good at hunting so they are good at finding their preys.

The werewolf ninjas are still finding the logic zombies but the logic zombies arrive in the castle of cyber pirates. When the king saw the zombies approaching he goes outside together with the heroes, priests and priestess and the shield heroes. The geniuses are in charge of firing their cannons and throwing with bomb potion inside the walls. The zombies have no skills but they are strong and it's hard to kill them.

The priests and priestess start hitting the zombies with their skills. The shield heroes create an aura of shield that will be hard for the zombies to break it. The werewolf ninjas arrived at last. They sweep the zombies with their claws and the king together with the heroes use a huge skill named "hero slash." The zombies didn't expect it and many of them died. The werewolf ninjas noticed is so they fall back to the trees that made them save from that skill.

The werewolves smiling as the saw that overpowers skill. Few zombies alive but they are being killed by the werewolves. The werewolf ninjas and cyber pirates only alive there to fight. The assassin werewolves jump into the mid-air to use a huge skill named "claws of thousand blades." The skill was so powerful that even the shield heroes used the skill "shield of Gods." Some of them fell down in the ground. The shield was broken and the werewolves start running towards the cyber pirates. While the heroes of cyber pirates start running as well to fight the werewolf ninjas.



The war starts to rule the whole region. Who will remain to be victorious? Will it be the werewolf ninjas that have a monster strength or cyber pirates with many skills?


thank you for reading



The logic zombies became rampant in the Magahat region.

Love it.

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Very Good Stuff & Highly Inspirational!
Thanks for the "spell" tip and,
Have an Awesome Friday!

hahaha was it too much?lol

Hi There, and absolutely not!
I am thinking of writing here,
so it is interesting for Me currently to see how far others go, I want to keep in the boundaries!!!
Ha ha ha!
Have a Great Weekend!

Yeah, that's what I was doing as well. I need some ideas especially in formatting because I'm still not good at writing. Anyway, thanks and have a great weekend too.🤗