My People In Pain - The Ink Well Prompt #59.

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Rebe pascual

It all started when the king passed away, little prince Henry was just two years old when his father passed on and was the only son of his father and the heir apparent to the throne. Since the prince is just a baby, let's pick a honourable from amongst the kinsmen the elders of the kingdom said and it happened that Henry's uncle Charles was given the throne, to rule the people for the time been untill Henry comes of age and is capable of handling the affairs of the kingdom.

Uncle Charles was not good to the people at all, as he did all sorts of evil, he made sure anyone who opposed his opinion was eliminated, no one dares to challenge the regent Charles as everyone wants to live. The regent Charles inflicted the people with suffering and raised the amount paid for tax, he made sure all odds are in his favour, whatever does not favour him will not take place under his watch.

The regent's children were as well following in their father's footsteps by making other kids uncomfortable in the kingdom, they became bullies and cannot be questioned for their every action because of their dad's position in the kingdom.

Alessandro Bellone

After ten years the cruel leadership of the regent Charles was asked to come to an end as prince Henry has come of age, but after having a taste of what power felt like, Charles refused to let go of the throne and ordered that Prince Henry be put in prison. Prince Henry managed to escape from prison with the help of guards who were loyal to his father.

All the people were on Prince Henry's side and were offering him all the help he needed to take his place as king. The regent Charles was captured by Prince Henry and his men and thrown in the dungeon and Henry was coronated and crowned the king of the kingdom, with Henry as king the kingdom Blossom and the people lived in peace and harmony.

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The evil that men do lives with them. Regent Henry was too cruel and no one will support his reign.

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You relate a story that has occurred in history at times, also literature has dealt with it with some frequency. Your story is presented in a very straightforward manner.
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