This is an action-packed drama! You used the three elements of prompt #17 (dialogue, narrative and action) very well. Perhaps you would like to link to this story as a comment under the prompt post.

We feel the tension mount by the second as Sam waits for the police. One effective technique you use is to be specific. Sam works in Finland. The company deals in online and offline marketing services.

It's very good to anchor your story in details. These give the reader a sense of reality.

Thank you for posting this story in the Ink Well community. You are very good at supporting other authors, and I will just remind you to keep up that great community spirit.

Great job with the suspense in this story, @ubani1. Sam was smart. He stalled just long enough for the police to arrive. Next he should recommend that they install security cameras! :-)

The dialogue is outstanding in this story, @ubani1! Carries the action and builds the suspense. Good job!

Wow... Suspense filled.
For a moment there i was really scared for Sam's life.
Thank God he had the foresight to call the popo. And they came just in the nick of time.
Beautiful story, keep it up👍

The story is well presented with current issues. Also there was suspense until the end.....

We couldn't put it down.

Great job @ubani1 !