Cryptobrewmaster: Weekly Hive Rewards pool announced

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After yesterday's brainstorm we at @cryptobrewmaster came to an idea of how to deal with bots, improve the game's economy, and boost players' interest while promoting Hive outside the chain...

After some hours of thinking, we decided to come out with the weekly Prize Pool for people who participating in the events and struggling for the top 10.

Lets start with 1100 Hive weekly

BTW you can sell your Hive on C24 Exchange daily at a bigger price than on the other exchanges

The payout scheme for the first couple of weeks, while we testing it will go like this:

  1. 50 HIVE
  2. 40 HIVE
  3. 30 HIVE
  4. 20 HIVE
  5. 10 HIVE
  6. 9 HIVE
  7. 8 HIVE
  8. 7 HIVE
  9. 6 HIVE
  10. 5 HIVE

Overall 1 event prize pool - 185 HIVE
Overall events pool - 1110 HIVE weekly.

Trade Hive at a better and higher price on the @cryptex24

What's after?

After the first couple of weeks, we will check the game economy mechanics, and decide should we enlarge the rewards or reward a wider amount of event participants.

Why the changes?

We want to promote the Hive outside of the box! We want more people from other blockchains to join the community of Hive and help us grow altogether.

Token price?

We believe that token price will grow organically while people start finally use their CBM in-game to climb over the rankings, so everybody wins in that case.

Can I participate as an event sponsor?

Sure you can, and it actually doesn't matter for us if you represent Hive-Engine token, or any other decentralized project, or even a different blockchain, we can discuss @cryptobrewmaster event sponsorships on a regular basis!

What should I do as a CBM player

Storm the capitol Understand the conditions of the events in the @cryptobrewmaster's Discord chat and head for the prizes since next week (11.01.21) to be eligible for Hive rewards.

The links

Welcome Link 🎯Game Discord 🖥International TG chat 📲
Join the partyJoin the communityJoin Telegram
Twitter 🦅Reddit 🤖Exchange Hive \ CBM 💱
followstalk usat a better price

This will change the participation in positive way...

Amazing, what a great move to make.
I'll promote the hell out of this! :D

Looking forward to your post as I don't understand this. 😂 is this instead of the event packs?

No no, it's on top of it! If you are already taking parts in the events, it's basically free real estate! If you don't, well, you really should start to do so :D

Friday is Play2Earn Report day but I'll try to do a post on it soon ;-)

How are you gonna sustain that reward pool?

is that too much?

No. But, I just want to know if you guys have a sustainable system set up instead of paying out of pocket and hope for the best.

We are already at the nice stage of being among the top 10 Dappradar Games, so I guess, we hope not for the best, but for the best of the best))
Our accounts generate pretty much Hive atm, so it's not gonna be a big problem. In the end, we don't mind going higher in the Witness rating to reduce those costs...

This is a very welcome news.


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Cool! That makes the events a bit more interesting!
Why not this week already. I'm in second place in two events 😜

Then you have to continue pushing next week

I will :D

Will you still receive the free ingredients as well or is this replaced by the Hive rewards?

for now, the reward pool is not replacing anything...

Wonderful! !BEER

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Nice to see you guys following suit of Rising Star Games & Thunkgaria.
I hope this is a model that more games will take to reward players.

Great job!

Thanks ;)

Мудрое решение, хоть и рискованное. Я в теме, и не только из-за наград, просто не хочется, чтобы кому-то другому было легко попасть в топ 10-ть!!!

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Успеха и процветания!

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There are bots? Hmm...

@tipu curate

Great idea. Looking forward when you are going to extend to a bigger audience.

I just actually join the game go my liscence . not I do not what to do next . am not sure how to funds to HBD as I only have 2 in it right now.

there's 2 ways, you can buy CBM for Hive @ Hive Engine to participate more successful in the Weekly Events

You can buy booster packs on the market to get nice ingredients for your brewery by clicking ![image.png] ()

Also there's a bit old but still some guide for a beginners!

grab a !BEER finally

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Thanks for sharing

please tell me where to find my link. and i had pay hive for cbm it takes take to transfer? yes so the hashtag is #cbm

what link?

My referral link for cypto brewmaster. Is there one or not. May be I was not reading other post right.

you have yours of course!


well did you click on the picture or in the name because I've done that and nothing comes down I've never even seen that but thank you maybe you just told me wrong with my browser I appreciate your answer thank you for commenting but I will see if it works for me

All right I got it I got it I got it thank you

When does my cbm purchase show up the game
I bought 10 yesterday

You purchased on the Hive Engine? If so go to game - press on the tokens upside of the screen, get the information from the deposit field and send the tokens using that information from the Hive Engine

Thank you so much it worked I appreciate your help

One more question I'm sorry do I have to have the game open all the time when I after I started a daily quest and or brewing eventually on other things I'm doing also when I need to clear my clean up everything I've looked at today

Congrats to all! 😎 👏 👏

Damn i didnt read this! Pls can you share your post on dbuzz?? Im not in hive this days and i didint go all in on topbrewery because didnt read this!

Next time i will climb more!

PS: Dont you think that neutral rate rewards are a bit high? Last time i end first place and i get zero gold, almost everything is gray!

Hi, overall conditions could be improved after the Upgrades will introduced

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