Investigation for high treason!🚔👮

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Mr. Selenski, whom everyone knows from the media, where his face can be seen every day, where videos of the Ukrainian president are shown every hour, while his speeches are displayed at conferences all over the world, such a man in the public eye does not have an easy life, especially since the Ukrainian authorities have started an investigation against him for high treason.

While the eastern part of Ukraine is in large parts rather pro-Russia, in western Ukraine it is said in many places that the now best-known puppet of the USA in Eastern Europe will go down in history as a hero, because he (allegedly) fights for his country, because he is still in the country from which he did not flee (where could he flee to?🤔), but stands by Ukraine and defends it worldwide with "the best and most grandiose speeches" ever heard in the world.👍😂

Now the image of the artificially hyped figure of light of the western world has started to crack, especially because it was forces from his own ranks that initiated investigations against the supposed strong man of Ukraine. Good publicity looks different, but let's take a closer look at what the press or "" (German medium) writes about the current events.


EXTRACT: "Volodymyr Selenskyj (45) has a new, very big problem: His own judicial authorities are now investigating him - for treason! A Ukrainian deputy got the ball rolling. Geo Leros (34) is a factionless deputy in Ukraine. He accuses his president of nothing less than high treason. The reason: Selenskyj is alleged to have infiltrated Russian agents of the FSB in the Ukrainian secret service together with high-ranking state officials. These accusations have been around for a long time, but have been consistently ignored until now. Following a complaint by Leros, the District Court in Kiev has now issued a resolution ordering that investigations be launched."

Probably, this news about their "hero" might be hard to digest especially for many Ukrainians, but also for some 🐑le of the West who are loyal to the mainstream, while critics joyfully realize such accusations do not only exist in Western ministries, where they are usually brought forward by the opposition and then dismissed as false suspicions by those in power, regardless of any evidence. Now these accusations could no longer be swept under the carpet even in Ukraine, countries allied with Ukraine will naturally have a hard time continuing to ignore them or portray them as unjustified.

Considering the Ukrainian president himself is said to have infiltrated Russian agents, even his European allies will no longer be able to prevent these accusations from being consistently investigated. Ultimately, this matter must be finally clarified in an independent trial before the eyes of the public, which is only possible at a time when his string-pullers or "friends" are increasingly dropping him and no longer seem to have any need to further protect their puppet, whom they - like their predecessors - are increasingly dropping.


Of course, if you are in the public eye and have committed outrageous acts, then even as a pseudo-hero hyped by elite circles in media, you are not only showered with laurels, but must also be able to take the criticism accordingly and be prepared for possible consequences at all times! It is well known that especially Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj is a very controversial person, not only in the mainstream, which constantly rejects criticism, but also in social media.

Since the forces behind the rainbow propaganda press have at least not yet been able to completely censor the Internet and establish their "narrative" there as the only acceptable truth, you can find the most diverse views on this mascot of the (self-proclaimed) Western "community of values" here, and what opinion I have of him should already be known to you from some of my articles about him, even if I have been nobly restrained in my statements about it.

It is fascinating to see the different portrayals of the same man, which on the one hand are presented by the censored and one-sided subjective mainstream media, but completely contradict the prevailing image in the social media, where "still" (?) all opinions are found and where just not a politically correct minority can arrange their personal views as the only existing truth to simply delete / censor any contradiction there - as in the mainstream.

Unfortunately, said criticism can already lead to criminal consequences, at least in some Western countries, in contrast to the politically correct praise of a hero, which is frighteningly reminiscent of a narrow enforced corridor of opinion, which George Orwell wisely warned us about in his 1949 novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (which was later made into a film) and which seems to be coming true bit by bit in these crazy times.


Voltaire's famous quote "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" is heard and read more and more often in today's time and indeed more and more people find out this way what kind of people try to rule them further and who to distrust, because those who represented the truth never needed such methods of oppression and those who used them have always failed in the end, as it will always be the case with this and other topics in the end!


Not everyone has been nobly restrained.


Some have been prophetic.


Zelensky betrays the Ukrainian people.


But are they his people?


Whom has he betrayed?

Voltaire's famous quote "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

That’s NOT a quote from Voltaire. It’s from Kevin Alfred Strom.