Late Game Magic (F2P) - Free to Play Deck and How to Play it

Hello everybody, this is going to be an overview of the magic deck I've been using for a while, so we're gonna focus on how to play it and the weak points and strengths of it.

Before you browse any longer, this is a Free to Play deck so even if you're new you can use it as you wish, and you can reach the Ethereal Diamond rank very consistently, and some times even Mystic.

For information on how the Ranks work and how to earn in the weekend event, follow the link.

Late Game Magic - How to Play it

If you wanna browse the deck in GUDECK, feel free.

To begin with, this is a late game deck as the name suggests, so the main focus of your game plan is to survive till you reach around 6~7 mana, while maintaining more resources than your opponent. Around there, you should have a decent spike, enough to win most matches.

We always go for Magebolt as our god power as it provides a very valuable 1 damage for 2 mana.

In our starting hands we should strive for a Street Conjuror and as many low mana cost spells as possible, as this enables us to control the board for several turns while building a good amount of favor.

Favor in this deck is very important, and you should always be aware of it and sometimes it will be better to take damage for 1 or 2 turns in order to get more favor by killing the board in your third turn. This is something very doable against most Nature decks, but very hard to do against War Decks.

Soothsayer and Third Eye Seer must be used to maintain good draws in order to keep things controllable, and when you get to ~5 mana Rune Writer will provide some board presence for the first time in your game.

Rune Viper Tincture, Soothsayer and Favor will keep you with a lot more resources than your opponent in general, and in many games there will be a time where your opponent is playing mainly with his draws, while you have 4~6 cards in hand to choose from. Maintaining the control of the board and drying the resources of your opponents while you build mana to play your main cards is how this deck is supposed to be played, and when you reach the 8 mana you can start to play your finishing cards: Helian Elite, and at 9 Echophon.

Astric Implosion, Epiphany and Wyrmbreath give you another opition of finishing the game by focusing magical damage directly into your opponent's god. You can add to those, anything else you can gather from the Favor pool and any Runes from the Rune Writer.

Pros and Cons

PROS:Even as a late game deck, it usually does not suffer against many of the fast phase decks. Indeed Nature almost always fails against it, although it really struggles against War.

I'd put fun as a Pro in this one, at least for me.

CONS: As referred before War Decks usually are too fast phased to this deck, but it is not impossible to gather a win against it. Another thing that has been very difficult to deal with is armor, and especially anything that has high armor. Maybe I should find a card that takes armor away or something like that to keep it as an ace, but I haven't really done much research to find it yet, and maybe you guys have great suggestions to drop bellow!

Hive and New Hivers!

If you haven't seen the Gods Unchained Contest yet, here's a link, but you probably realized already that we have some new hivers posting about Gods Unchained and it's pretty exciting to see it happening. I even saw a post by @copperpitch, which is insane! It only shows a little bit of how we can unite the communities of every blockchain and welcome them on Hive.

Hopefully we can see more projects like these in the future, and please be very welcome to Hive!

Thanks for Reading!


I can't get used to GodsUnchained, and I'm really happy and amazed that you're doing great and making awesome guides!

Someone will have to make an herculean effort in order to make a card game that I can't enjoy, but it is always a pleasure to make this "meta" kind of posts. Love to talk about the strategic part of games in general.

Sure, and reading your writing about the "meta" in a detailed post is really informative and enjoyable to read!
Btw, I've noticed you used #ocd tag, is that a new tag? how can I use it?

OCD stands for Original Content Decentralized, and it is a community on Hive. I tagged them because this contest is a collaboration of the OCD tribe with the Gods Unchained tribe.

The OCD community
Their criteria for curation
OCD Discord

I don't usually use the OCG tag too much, but that's because I'm kind of lazy to research a lot into the communities of Hive. I'm slowly learning them as I go. Feel free to share anything you learn about OCD, all I really know is that OCD is HUGE.

Ohh Thank you for the detailed information and links! I'll be looking into them :D

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Gods Unchained isn't that a mainstream console game?

That actually almost rings something in my mind, but it is an ethereum/IMX card game. I'm intrigued now!

Now I am intrigued lol seriously I am curious and will have to check it out 😉

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