Reworking a Mage Deck (F2P)

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Hey guys, I have been playing with my Late Game Magic Deck, and although the results were quite good (16/25 in the Weekend Event, and 4 points total for the Blessing of the Gods) I want to use this week to try out new decks and variations. I have tried War Decks, and I really don't have enough Nature cards to pull off something worth trying so I decided to just do some little twists on my Mage Deck.

Reworked Mage Deck

The link for the deck as always, and in the last post I explained how I felt that the weak points of this deck was mainly that it lost a lot to War Aggro decks. To change that, I have added some lower mana walls that can deal with the low attack/low HP monsters that War usually uses.

I added Wall of Lightning, Guild Enforcer and Thebian Brawler, while taking out one of my Inferno and Crystal Rain cards. So I gave up a little bit of board clear, to be adding more board presence in early stages of the game. I've also have added Hunt Warden as a three mana monster just to have a strong creature with low mana cost and good stats.

In general my idea was to find a balance between my strength in the late game and the weakness I had in the first rounds of the matches.

Pros and Cons


  • The balance between weakness and strengths in this Deck is much better aligned, and there's probably no cases where I'll lose because of some deck being too fast paced.
  • The late game remains very strong, and the amount of damage that can be done by Spells continues to be a threat to any opponent.
  • Much more presence on the board in general.


  • It still very hard to play against high armored opponents such as Guild Enforcers, Polyhymnia, Aspect of Pangolin in any monster and Spiny Porcupine.
  • Fast paced war decks are still a threat.
  • Fast Nature decks can be very challenging as well.
  • Every match usually takes a while playing with this deck, and you have to use your cards very well and in a controlled manner to win matches.

Thanks for Reading!

Hopefully I provided some good ideas and insights for you to use this week.


The mage deck looks good. My one is weighted more to the low mana cards but I will try out your deck. Totally agree with your cons. Nature decks have always been strong but seems stronger now. The new war decks are also a threat and it get's even harder when you reach gold.
Thx for sharing your deck.

It is really tricky to play against some of the more fast paced decks, but if you get a decent initial hand things get smooth usually. And I think you can get to Auric Gold/Ethereal Diamond with this one without many complications. Once you reach Ethereal Diamond, things get a little harder.

Thanks for commenting bro, always appreciated!


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Even a Magic Deck on Gods Unchained is OP?
It's always enjoyable reading your well structured and detailed guides so keep them up :D

I think the most OP decks right now, should be Nature using high armor creatures + a lot buffs in stats and there's a strange deck that uses lots of Sleep and board control to stall the game till the late game. But they use many good cards from the new set, and a lot of them are kind of expensive. This mage I built is a pretty simple deck and you can reach the top ranks with it, so I'd say it's pretty good and I always love to play Mage so it was inevitable.

Always great to have you, dude!

Even if I'm having trouble following you up on GU tactics, I'm really happy that you're getting in depth in this game!

Always great to have you, dude!

It's a pleasure reading your contents and interacting with you :D

Haha, thanks man. I'll be doing some more Splinterlands content soon. Hopefully some very Meta discussions.

I hate playing against yo' deck, though it's good!!

Thanks, dude. You might wanna try out playing this deck for a while, you can learn a lot about how to play against a deck by playing it. At least that's how I feel about it.

Thanks again.

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