A First Look at Transform Ramp Magic

in Gods On Chainlast year

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Since the CSR, I've been toying around with a few decks - mostly not too successful although they were pretty fun to play with. One of the decks that I eventually enjoyed playing was Transform Ramp Magic - I clocked 23 games today (not counting the previous attempts)! The main difference between this and normal Ramp Magic was the inclusion and emphasis of Metamorphosis which was changed in the CSR. It's great fun; you no longer have to wait until 9-mana turns to drop a Polyhymnia, and your opponents will be wondering just what they can do in the face of one on a 7-mana turn. Let's jump right in!

Deck Overview


Deck Link: GUDecks

A good portion of the deck is dedicated to removal spells, as with any normal Ramp deck. Survival is key! With how often you're gonna be bricking your hand, some draw power is also helpful, provided by All-seeing Spire and Pallas' Wand. Of course, you can't forget the refreshed Leyhound Hatchlings which serve as amazing removal too.

If I had 2 Stormstresses, I would replace the lone Guild Enforcer here. Other than that, I don't think I'd change anything else for now. Street Conjurers are useful for eking out that 1 extra damage on Crystal Rain and Shaped Blast, so I am hesitant to take them out. Porphyrion has also proven itself to be amazing - most gods rely on their god power to ping off a Ward and that +2 mana cost can really hurt. A 5/5 is also not very easily removed.

The main combo of the deck involves Metamorphosis and City Planner/Scholar of Power.

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Metamorphosis performs best when you cast it on a 7-cost or 8-cost creature since 8/9-cost creatures are way stronger than their 1-mana-less counterparts. It's logical, seeing how it takes 3 turns to move from 7-mana to 8-mana, and 4 turns from 8 to 9.

Thus, to make full use of Metamorphosis's potential, I paired it with two 7-drops that have utility past their stats.

The ideal combo (City Planner):

  • Ramp until 6.5 mana and draw a Metamorphosis or two.
  • Pip to 7 mana, play City Planner.
  • Hope your opponent doesn't clear City Planner. The Ramparts should make it pretty difficult to remove it.
  • Attack with City Planner.
  • Cast Metamorphosis on City Planner and select the most annoying 8-drop you can find. These are some of the creatures that I try to look for. Remember, Roar doesn't proc, so Guardian of the Underworld is a no-strings-attached 13/17.

image (4).png

  • If you are feeling lucky and have a second copy of Metamorphosis in your hand, feel free to cast it again if your 8-drop roll wasn't good. Some of the 9-drops that you can get are ridiculous. I've used Eris to obliterate 20 cards off my opponent's deck before.

image (5).png

  • Win.

Of course, this doesn't happen all the time. You don't always draw Metamorphosis when you need it, and a 7/7 City Planner isn't that tough to remove. Depending on how dire your situation is, casting Metamorphosis on a City Planner the turn you play it with a mana pip can be viable too.

So where does Scholar of Power come in? Well, Scholar of Power allows you to do this:

  • Ramp until 6.5 mana.
  • Mana pip to play Scholar of Power. Reduce Metamorphosis cost to 0.
  • Play the Metamorphosis on Scholar of Power immediately to get an 8-drop.

I don't do it all the time, but it's good to have an alternative. 8-drops are powerful!

Side note: Metamorphosis takes in account reduced mana cost. So playing it on a 2-cost Leyhoard Hatchling will give you a 3-drop. I was hoping it didn't work this way...


Starting Rank: Mythic (1383 ELO)
Ending Rank: Mythic (1603 ELO)
Overall win rate: 87.0%

Opponent DeckScore (Wins / Total Games)
Nature6 / 6
War3 / 3
Magic4 / 4
Death3 / 6
Deception2 / 2
Light2 / 2
Total20 / 23

Given that the games are played on the weekdays and CSR has just been released, these win rates are absolutely not representative of what performance will be like on the weekends. I think I got a bit lucky here since my previous variations of this deck performed a lot worse. I'd like to think that maybe this variation, in particular, has sorted all the issues (although that is unlikely to be the case).

As usual, Death was the most tricky deck to play against. Both Zombies and Control/BWD are strong against this deck because Death has access to unconditional removal spells. Reap, Ray of Disintegration, Void Flash - these spells make this deck's big creatures cry. And Death decks are very strong in their own right.

Against the other classes, it was mostly a task of survival. Getting to 7-mana and dropping a Metamorphosis usually won me the game. Here are some board states that can occur while playing this deck:

2022-03-10 19_28_04-Gods Unchained - Version - Built at 15_47_40.jpg

Polyhymnia on 7-mana? Thankfully, Sage of Renewal can no longer delve Grass Roots!

2022-03-10 22_40_14-Gods Unchained - Version - Built at 15_47_40.jpg

20 attack? Pretty decent.


vs Card Draw Magic

I got saved by both my Metamorphosises in this match. My first one was played on Scholar of Power on turn 7 as described above, getting a Figure in the Streets which helped cull the aggression and provide me with a Cyrodyne Trident. Without both, I would have lost the match for sure.

image (6).png

My second Metamorphosis was played on Frey, netting me an Anagreos which helped me secure the win by dealing 12 damage to the opponent. If I'm not wrong, my opponent hadn't drawn both of his Wyrmbreaths yet, and one more draw could have resulted in me taking the L.


I really enjoy playing this deck! The idea of cheating out an 8 or 9-drop appeals greatly to me and it's always funny to see your opponent not knowing what to do with a 13/17. And the best part of all this is that your opponent can't be prepared for whatever comes out of Metamorphosis.

Have you tried running something similar before? Let me know! I'm curious to see what everyone is running.


P.S. I just had to rant here, but I've opened my fourth Avraxus from the Weekend Ranked packs. I'm fuming.


I'm kinda surprised Hippa Monster gains stats when it is transformed into, didn't think transforming into a creature counted as summoning it. Wonder if other on summon effects happen on transforming into them too.

I think "Summon" counts as simply bringing it to the board from any other zone so if other cards are similarly worded it should work, but I guess the GU team should make this clear as well. Or maybe have a well-defined rulebook, although I'm skeptical that people will even read it 😂

Interesting, I guess Stormstress can weaken your opponent before an AOE spell. How do you feel this deck would do without Palla's Wand? It'll be scary without drawing your ramps early on. Are you going to play this for the weekend?

Stormstress feels more like a better GE in many circumstances, since it's able to pop Ward and Protected while having the same effective health as GE (if it's killed in one hit).

TBH, I put in Pallas' Wand just to see whether it works well but as a 1 of I don't draw it reliably. And since it's not like Tempo where you get to play multiple cards a turn, the draw engine from Pallas is actually not that good. I actually think it can be replaced with something else.

I'm considering playing this for the weekend, although I might switch it up if I lose like 5 consecutive matches lol

The deck would be pretty cheap without the wand! You have two All-Seeing Spire already.

A couple of weekends ago I started off 2-8 and somehow crawled back to 14-11, so never give up haha

Well, if you don't play it on WR then I will :D
Honestly, neither of them feels awesome right now, but my beefy war deck got butchered by nerfs.

Haha sure, you can try, hope you like the deck! I've been experimenting a bit with taking out the ramp components and including structures, you might want to look into that if the aggro decks are beating your ass.

And yeah, I think since the meta has shifted to be more aggro with the CSR, mid-rangey decks will feel the burn and control decks need even better draws to survive the first few turns. Gotta wait for the meta to settle, but I think no deck can be said to be absolute tier 1 for now.

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