Update! CENT's Price has become volatile

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Hello. The last few days have been very busy for me. On the one hand, I was busy with other things. On the one hand, I traded Hive on exchanges. On the one hand, I tried to stabilize the cent price in the Hive/Cent market and in the CENT pools. Hive made powerful upward attacks. Other Hive Engine tokens have officially crashed. Reducing imbalance was particularly challenging in CENT/x pools. Because there are big scissors in Hive/Leo, Hive/Pob and Hive/Cent markets. It looks like such situations will continue due to Hive's price action. In addition, in many Hive-based applications, the Hive price is determined according to HBD instead of US Dollars. The HBD price, on the other hand, makes it difficult for Cent to balance the price.
So I decided to make a change as Cent Community originally suggested. The Price of CENT has become volatile. Again, it targets a price value of $0.01. However, the previously mentioned limits such as 0.0075-0.0125 have been removed. There is no change in token supply, reward distribution. Only if the coin price tends to rise/fall excessively; We can adjust the coin supply. All changes will continue to be announced in the @centtoken account below. As explained in previous posts, CENT Token is not just a tribal token. Work on further development and usability will continue.

  • There is 50% author / 50% curator earnings in the prize pool. All author and curator awards are distributed in liquid form. As with the Hive distribution, there is a 7-day cooldown. Unstake process is completed in 28 days in 4 installments.
  • There are four liquidity pools. Hive/Cent, Hbd/Cent, Cent/Leo and Cent/Pob. Liquidity provider rewards are distributed across all pools. More liquidity pools and liquidity provider rewards will be added.

Articles and announcements about Cent:


Can we make the HBD/CENT pool more of a priority? There should be more stability if it trades against HBD at 0.1

Hello there. Thank you for giving your views. Cent no longer has a goal to reach a certain price. He will follow a volatile policy. Just like other Hive Engine tokens. However, HBD will now be the first in the liquidity pools to be created.

what is a pool and where can I add liquidity? please tell me @anadolu

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Hello there. The pool is formed by the accumulation of two financial instruments in a pool instead of the classical order book. E.g; multiple users can create a BTC/USDT pool. So we can add Bitcoin and Tether to the pool. We can also trade BTC/USDT and USDT/BTC using the pool. You can also do these operations on the Hive Blockchain. Many liquidity pools have been created with Hive Engine tokens. As I mentioned in the post, CENT also has pools.
You can provide liquidity and earn rewards at https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/add. An example image:

what is the highest apr you can get on pools?

Click on the spinning icon at https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/pools. You can see the rewards that will be distributed that day. No apr calculated yet. But you can make a calculation yourself based on the previous day's rewards.

How can you tell me?

I just added some in pob/cent pool

Thank you. You learn as you use it. Try to solve the trade business as well. Many arbitrage opportunities arise between different pools and markets.

I will try but I will need a guide cause I slow learner lol but I'm smart

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I will post more than one on this. I'm just learning too :) As I learn, the posts will come.

ok i will wait

Yay! 🤗
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It would be great it It stays at one cent at all the time

I explained this above. Any bot etc. This is very difficult to achieve unless we use it. If we used bots, there would definitely be material damage.