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Hello again. It has been about three months since CENT Token was created. We've made a lot of progress. Our first liquidity pool, the Hive/Cent pool, was activated. Cent rewards are distributed to those who provide liquidity. The prize pool is active. During the introduction of the token, I also announced that I would explain "how to earn with Cent". This post will be about that topic.

Prize pool.
You can earn Cents by producing and curating content. Use the 'cent' tag in your posts. Or produce content on the Cent community page. You will earn more if you post from the community page or using the frontend. Also curate by staking some CENT.

The curator calculates.
When you use the cent hashtag, there are many curated accounts that vote for the quality of your content when you post from the community. I also staked some tokens on @anadolu account. I vote according to likes for users who stake a certain amount of CENT. We can say "our staking rewards are starting to be active" 😀

Liquidity pools.
The first liquidity pool, the Hive/Cent pool, continues to distribute liquidity rewards. All you have to do is add some Hive and Cent to the pool. More liquidity pools will be created. Thus, it will be possible to trade in various pools and earn liquidity provider rewards.

You can trade in the Hive/Cent market. Cent's price doesn't fluctuate much. However, due to price changes in Hive, Cent's price against Hive constantly changes. Thus, you can earn profits by trading in the market and liquidity pools.

Market maker orders.
As we mentioned earlier, the CENT price does not fluctuate much. However, due to Hive's depreciation/appreciation, Cent's price against Hive also changes. Enter buy and sell orders with a certain amount of space. Thus, as the price changes, your orders will be executed and you will earn profit.

You can take advantage of price differences in liquidity pools and hive/Cent market. For now we have a liquidity pool. Price differences may occur in the Hive/Cent liquidity pool and the Hive/cent market. For example; While the price is very high in the liquidity pool, it can be very low in the market. Or vice versa. You can take advantage of such arbitrage opportunities.

To summarize; There are many ways you can earn with Cent. And more will be added to these. Our goal is to make Cent a widely usable token with high liquidity and trading volume, satisfactory and consistent earnings rates. I hope we succeed. Work continues for this. See you.

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Stacking up those cents!

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:) Thank You.

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Awesome. Thanks for all these great Trading ideas.

I thank you. Achievements.

What content do you want on CentBlog.org?

The tags your site shows are: cent, economy, proofofbrain, leofinance, ctp, neoxian, palnet, broadhive, LeoFinance, CENT, archon, and Proof of Brain.

Are you awarding CENT on all of these tags? As it looks to me like cent is just doubling up on existing tags.

What content do you want to avoid displaying? For example, I noticed that some tribes don't like actifit posts.

We focus on general content. But no tags are blocked. The tags listed on the left are the tags users use in their posts, except for the 'cent' tag. Cent Token works with SMT smart contract. It is not ruled by the Scotbot like other tribes. Cent's prize pool is scanning the hashtag 'cent' and the CENT community.

Ok that's great ! I may use it soon, thanks for clarifying it !

Posting in the community will earn you the most upvote rewards? I'm seeing some 300c payouts and don't get much curation. Considering my upvotes provide a decent Hive and Leo upvote I'm not sure if curstors are doing a good job or just creating another centralised community like PoB is becoming.

Posts on the community page get slightly more rewards. Because they also get votes from the community account. However, content with high ratings often got votes when the prize pool first started. Prize pools behave inconsistently during the initial phase. Then it stabilizes as more voting takes place. For this reason, some stocks received very little rewards, while others received very high rewards. However, it is currently stable.

The @crtr account created a completely different strategy. Shares of those who stake a certain amount of Cent are voted on by likes. This encourages staking and curation.

Yay! 🤗
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I keep staking my cent.
Thank you



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Hey @anadolu, so I'm confused. I haven't noticed any curation rewards being issued. Do we not earn cent when we curate posts? I see on my wallet page that I'm earning cent, but it doesn't look like it is ever being issued. Can you help me understand how this works? Thanks!

Hello there. The Cent tribe is governed by the SMT smart contract. That's why on the https://leodex.io/rewards page etc. data does not appear. Smart contract distributes tokens in CENT's prize pool. You do not need to claim rewards. It is distributed automatically.

Other tribes are ruled by the Scotbot. The author sends their awards and curator awards by issuing scotbot tokens. The difference is due to this. Below I will add two screenshots of the prize distribution of CENT and SPORTS tokens. You can see the token distribution style differences in between.



Ok, I see that now. I just had a curation pay and it just showed up in the wallet.

So should our reward match what it says in our wallet feed? It looks like my curation rewards are closer to 1/2 of what it is saying. So like this last curation I got it said I earned 1.26, but I only received 0.63.

Exactly. Rewards are distributed 50/50%. And 50% of the incoming rewards are staked.

Edited: All of your rewards are now distributed in liquid form.

Oh and thanks! !PIZZA



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That is really interesting ! I already received few CENTs from I don't know where and that looks great !

I may place some of it on liquidity pool at a moment ! !PIZZA



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This is so amazing to know. I will try doing the liquidity pool and staking more cent for curation. I pray God for the grace.

Thanks. We continue to work for usability and profitability. These days we are focused on new liquidity pools. I wish you success.

Thanks so much for bringing such insight.

I'm observing something. It seems cent is depreciating as hive depreciates compare to price of cent a week as ago.

How does it work. I don't really get the graphing

Cent is not a stabil token. Yes, it has a target of $0.01. However, our purpose in creating the token is to provide a price trend around the targeted value. For this, the token supply is constantly adjusted. New liquidity pools are being created. Liquidity provider rewards are offered. Our main goal is to increase liquidity and trading volume as much as possible.

Alright. While investing, let's hope on making profit too. Thanks for sharing.

CENT is indeed and amazing creation in the Hive second layer. Attempting to keep it stable is another big pus. We're growing.

Thanks for your comment.

All you have to do is add some Hive and Cent to the pool.

This I will do once I achieve that $200.00 worth of CENT.

By the way, what is going with the front end? I observe for three days now that it was going on and off. I am curious if it is on my end or it is the CENT server itself?

Price differences may occur in the Hive/Cent liquidity pool and the Hive/cent market.

You can take advantage of such arbitrage opportunities.

I will check this.