Why do widowers cope faster then widows?

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Losing your spouse is one of the hardest things any person can go through. When one loses a spouse, here can be a lot of questions brewing in the mind of the widow or widower amidst the grief and sadness.

Some of those questions could be: when is it okay to remarry? How will the new marriage be compared to the old? Are there even basis for comparison?

While these questions could be asked by both male and female victims, it seems like widowers find it easier to move on than the female counterparts.
According to this research, men are more likely to remarry across all age groups. Moreover, remarriage rates decline with age for both men and women.

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So I wish to ask this question to the Hive audience. Who is more likely to remarry after the death of a spouse? or should I say, Why do widowers cope faster then widows?


I think it is because of the need for someone to be close to men that makes them remarry faster.
while for woman, it might be because they have children to take care of as the priority rather than thinking of remarry.

Very true, especially when children were involved in the first marriage.

This is a good question @kingswill. For me, I think men are more likely to remarry, and the reason I'm saying this is that I feel men on their own can't handle all family-related issues, especially if the man probably has children. He needs a wife to take care of those children. There has to be a mother figure.

Indeed, women are strong beings with managing emotional brunts.