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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop by a quick update in the community as I'm seeing a lot of users misunderstanding what this community is about or the end goal of the questions and what kind of answers we'd be looking for to raise when asking.

As I've mentioned in the introduction post of the community it is inspired by the famous subreddit askreddit. The goal would be for this community to be a place where you can go and be entertained by a lot of different answers from Hivers to open ended questions. If you want to get a direct example of it then I suggest you take a look at the subreddit and browse through a couple questions. Without further ado take a look at some of the rules I added just now:


While I understand that there's a need for general questions about Hive and questions that require direct answers as something like Quora (there's a project starting similar to this called @quello) it is important to keep the community guidelines a bit more strict so they are specific about a certain thing. Right now this may mean way less activity and a lot more muting/filtering out posts but once we have a lot more active daily users it will be a much nicer place. The community itself is of course one that requires a big userbase and I'll be starting more posts myself while continuously curating those who ask and answer in the correct manner in the spirit of the community but until we get that userbase let's do the best we can to turn this place into the best it can be with the rather small community we have so far.

Let me know what you think of these rules!

Burning half of the post rewards due to autovotes.


I never had/used reddit so this whole concept is new to me, probably broke the rules with my first post in the community looking at no 1 there 😂

Will try to make posts that are a bit shorter next time I post in here. What's a guide line word count?

No real guideline, the rule about bias is mainly if you're being like.

"Why does China suck?"

Then in the body write a whole paragraph about an example that many agree on without presenting a counter or good thing about it just to rally everyone to be negative about it, etc. Guess this is more about products maybe or other things which goes against the promotion rule I guess.

But yeah keeping it short and then replying to the comments is better. :D

Haha well no danger of me posting controversial things like that 😂

I'll have to reprogramme my brain a bit as I'm generally a 500+ word post kinda guy 😉👉

But it's always good to try something different, never been good at the whole "catchy title" so will be drawing inspiration here and try things out!

Thanks for getting back!

Hillarious people not knowing how askreddit works! Can't believe I missed the announcement the first time around, I'll join!


Im Doing My Part.gif

I've posted a few questions to get things going, and I'll do what I can to make more for you guys.

Agreed it is probably a good idea to follow a similar set of rules as Reddit

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Get some mods and have them hide posts that don't follow the rules.

How can I (perhaps via @HivePope) help this project along? My time is limited, so I can't plan to take a shift schedule or anything like that.

Ask Acid to see if you could become a moderator?

I think the rules are fair. You can moderate a community however you see fit.

AskHive: what are the Memo keys used for?

Did I do good?


PS. It's to ask freedom for delegations.

I got it.jpg

What will Kim do with this list now ? 😀

I have no additional Questions about this update.

very good idea about this community just sad its not for asking daily questions ie "should i drink beer or vodka" ;)

Why not what's your favorite drink and why?

people who are new to Hive and need beginner tips and other info can join the Hive Beginner Tips community, if you didn't know about it:
This is just one for noobs, there are others....but many tutorials are in there that have helped some others so far.

Yikes...I think I just blew my first AskHive question....😫😪

@acifyo(80), i was just introduced to this community this morning, being a new user of hive. But i think the rules are fair enough. They are not too rigid. Anybody can abide by it.

Como se puede apreciar mi pregunta deja en evidencia mi limitaciones dentro de HIVE debido a que apenas estoy comenzando en este maravilloso universo de las redes, más específicamente en el mundo del Blog.
Como tengo que hacer para publicar mis artículos en una comunidad específica, como por ejemplo La Colmena u otros que han despertado mi interés. Y como lograr seguidores para que puedan disfrutar de mis publicaciones. Gracias, mil gracias por sus respuestas...

I don't speak this.