Is it morally correct to be using

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I'm really torn on this one. All evidence shows that this is theft since steemworld was not really open source and their code has taken against @steemchiller own will. (That's what I understand from all of this at least).

I was really a steemworld addict and I barely can keep myself away from Beeme but it feels wrong to be using a "stolen website." I believe it is too easy to justify this theft by saying:

Anyways @steemchiller could just have moved with us or some other excuse for us to steal from him. I think overall it puts Hive in a bad spotlight and it would be great to see us rejecting this temptation.

For me, I will do my best not to give in for this temptation and instead wait for an alternative that is actually not stolen property OR it is confirmed beeme is in fact, legit. I think it is easy to justify theft and it is something I would like to take a distance from.

Would love to hear all of you others opinion on this one. The opinions seem to be all over the place.

ps. I really love this new "Askhive community". Such a cool idea for better engagement!


As a developer myself, I would say its morally incorrect to use it. But if the code was available earlier then, you can use it and improve yourself like how you need it.

A very good point!

I never knew that the source code was originally openly available. I will have to look into this because I have wanted to make a more visually compelling version of steemworld for at least a year now. It will depend on what he wrote in the license agreement if he made one.

Yes, the license agreement is very necessary if he has one, whereas on the extreme bottom you can see download local version on, but its not there anymore on steemworld. So I guess someone has downloaded it and then uploaded as a full fledge application.


There is morality, and there is law. BeeMe is most certainly illegal in several jurisdictions under intellectual property law (which I personally believe to be pointless and immoral), and there are questions we could ask about that... who runs it? Who is breaking the law? Is the law enforceable? Will that person be sued?

None of those have anything to do with morality, unless you believe that breaking the law is inherently immoral, in which case we'd have to have some ugly discussions about some of our favourite civil rights heroes. Instead, I propose that this is one of many cases in which morality diverges from legality.

There was a service available for the Steem community. The Steem community moved to Hive; the creator of that service did not. The publicly available code, which is just data on a server, was taken, picked apart, and hooked up to give information about Hive instead of Steem.

In my eyes, neither the maintainer of this service or anyone using it have done anything to injure anyone. @steemchiller has repeatedly made it clear that he has no interest in developing on Hive, so someone else stepped in to offer a free service. He is very clearly credited at the bottom of the page for his work.

I don't see a moral issue.

Steemworld was really useful and stolen or not. I will use Beeme.
Unless steemchiller files something against it as theft :)

I guess that's another approach to take! Innocent until proven guilty? :-)

Måske, måske ikke :D Det er sikkert 100% stjålet. Men problemet er at vi ikke ved om de har lavet en backdoor aftale efterfølgende :D

You got me on the
Fuck that guy part.

I know you didn't say it but let me add my 2 cents here.

I even wrote it like that first but changed it in the end to a more fitting sentence haha.

Yeah you do you, and i will come here to give the translation.. hehehe

But we want the same platform here, nevertheless it win!

how can it be stolen if it's not open source?

I'm agree with you.
I was following the whole conversation, especially in the german community... @steemchiller is from Germany ;-)

It's a copy/paste, changing colors and name.

I would not put my keys there.

Never gonna put my keys there either that's for sure lol

To be honest, this is an older version that was a free download for everybody to use...
If steemchiller gave it for free then, why not use it.

Hmm yeah for "locally usage" then I guess it could be discussed if what's happening here goes under that banner.

It's a bit of a Grey zone I guess.

Yes, it's absolutely a grey zone.
And I terribly miss our friend steemchiller...
I can only hope he will make the move to hive... I'm sure that, now that everybody aknowledge the added value of steemworld, more will agree to help in funding his project...
I did on steem... but a lot of people didn't... I think that's one of the reasons he wasn't very enthousiastic about the "community"...

I doubt he will move now. Justin has made him the #1 Steem witness. He stayed with them even after they censored one of his posts for opposing locking up funds. He is their puppet now, sadly. For a few hundred bucks worth of steem per week, which I think will be worthless soon.

I don't think he stayed for that ... but I think he's an idealist in many ways and ... a little naive ...
But he should indeed choose his battles better ...

It´s not "morally correct" in my book but my crave for all those stats & numbers is stronger than the morality in this case... I am sorry. Btw still cannot believe that SteemChiller decided to stay "over there" :( Such a smart and dedicated dude...

No judging here man, we all have our opinion and priorities. That's actually why I started the discussion, to see what other people think. Maybe it can change my mind and clarify the information I need!

There is no moral imperative to use or not to use BeeMe. Use it if you want, don't use it if you don't want to, but intellectual property is a dead imaginary construct. It is completely irrelevant in a decentralised context. If somehow @steemchiller were able to successfully serve a takedown request to the hosting provider, someone else would host a new version almost immediately.

@steemchiller once had my deepest respect. I voted all of his support posts when he started making them and used to beg him to open-source his tools and receive rewards through when it was still alive, or at least run for witness. I was always frustrated that instead of doing that, he would keep complaining about how bad his life was financially. Now I don't want anyone to struggle in silence, but it's very frustrating to watch that happen to someone while they completely ignore your various suggestions to better their situation.

All that was just frustration, but then watching his decline into Justin shill status has just been terrible. I had hope for him briefly when he published a post which was critical of Steemit Inc's decision to soft-fork and freeze accounts. Unfortunately I cannot link you to that post, because it was censored by Steemit Inc on their API servers (which only they still run) and is no longer accessable through any frontend.

They censored him, and I thought he'd get really pissed then and maybe realise he should come over to Hive! But no, what he did erased every ounce of respect I ever had for him, or ever might have again.

He put his fucking tail between his legs, kowtowed to Justin, and ran for fucking witness. So fuck it.

Use BeeMe.