Are you the HERO of your mother ?

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What have you done for someone who brought you to this world ?


Our existence on this earth is because of her, there is no limit on how much you can do for her, because she never set that limit for you when she brought you to this earth and made you stand on your feet. She definitely must have taken every pain to give her best to you , no questions asked there. When your part comes, are you doing the same with her ? Are able to justify your conscience ?

I have been taking care of her till now with everything that she wishes ( a long story) and the above picture is at Kedarnath from last summer(with an oxygen cylinder with me as she is asthmatic). We completed Char Dham trip with a visit to Dwarka just before Corona entered India. There is a lot to share on our travel journey but I will keep today to salute her for everything she has done for me 👆

Wish all the Mothers a Happy Mothers day.

And my daughter made this for my wife today :


I am not satisfied with what I did to way to correct it, she gone.

I did full respect and worship to my mother with read pali language's verse. Also I could bought memorable gift last week and today I gave to her. She was truly happiness about me. My daughter gave hug and wish to my wife.

Char Dham That is the best thing you did....👍...for me is to make her smile all the time...

I tried to obey and respect her as much as I can, though I don't want to rant but I tried to keep her happy as much as I can.

My answer is unfortunately not. I'm kind of a failure and although she doesn't feel disappointed about me I can't say that I've done anything for my mother. Till date it's still them that made the bigger sacrifices for me.