it sucks cause my wang is only 5-1/2 feet

That for the first time ever as far as I know, (maybe happened with the Spanish flu - even tho I am not sure) all healthy people are locked up...

I mean come on...OK there's a virus...and a few thousands with serious underlying health issues have died. Is that enough to make the fucking planet stop?

lol hadn't thought of it that way, kinda funny. (the first part)

Ya, or kind of insane eh? (the first part)

Covid-19 is a great way to make the world crisis. Precaution - to the ass!

Absolutely necessary. Not that everyone fully understands the potential consequences of not doing it, but if you don't understand, then listen to people who do and follow their advice. Don't be a dick and say "I'm healthy, I'll be fine".

People who think they know better or think it's a massive conspiracy are complete cockwombles IMHO. It's all very well until you find out you're are asymptomatic after you have been to see your elderly parents.

Social distancing is just by the way. But to be honest I don't like that at all. Its either you stayhome and staysafe or you are caught and taken to the mobile Court. Justice ⚓⚓⚓

It makes it hard to have sex.

Same answer with you, thanks for take it first 😌

This is why scientists invented gloryholes

Here atleast 1 meter away, for me the safest is 2 to 3 meters, but can't apply in tight spaces, like some offices and markets.

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The COVID-19 virus covers the world, so we exchange germs each time we meet another person or when people interact physically. It spreads the virus to other people we meet. So one person who is socially distant can save himself and stop the virus from spreading to the whole society. Keep 1-2 meters from each others. It's better I think.

shit - getting creeped out while shopping. Here shops are opened under certain measurements.

Here in India, its 4 ft distance to maintains and in taxis only 2 people allowed including the driver.

At least 3 meters from the next person. Its actually for our own safety against covid-19

As someone who's recently lost health insurance, please stay the fuck away from me. I can't afford getting sick.

Looks like I won't make any friends with this response, but here goes an exercise in free speech on the HIVE blockchain. CV and social distancing, It's all bullshit. The only thing that is true is that it is dividing us all.

As a person living in a crowded city, I would like to have a social distancing in normal life even if it is not covid.

Insert random conspiracy theory here.

I read delusional comments from people who fortunately had the chance to be born in countries without a real problem by this virus, but I would like to see their comments if the epicenter moved...

For along time this is not possible anymore. Maybe at the Beginn for some week otherwise we will destroy everything

it's kinda silly when they have to make a guideline

it's fine, yes we may have overreacted but no one knows how bad it is and we still don't know and we're going to be with it for 12-24 months. let the under 50s out this month, but there is no easy answer

I don't get to sniff as many butts.

Absurd and fustrating

if i take my country as an example, especially now that we are going to open stores and stuff again, mostly nobody following the guidelines :P

i went yesterday with a friend for a walk in the park (a big park). note that only 2 people can go out together except if you are a family ofc. i saw 5-6 party of friends together mostly anywhere. also throughout my life the people i have seen yesterday in that park was the equivalent of a big festival :P

I am for getting closer, for hugging.

I have mixed emotions about all of this. Hard to tell.

I’m tired of hearing about “social distancing” day in, day out. Physical distancing sound better. That being said, its overblown imo.

I think the most important of them all is staying home. If we all stay in our homes, the virus will stay in its home and in 2 weeks we will all be back to normal business

Social is not that bad because it means the virus won't infect us. Those who thinks this virus a joke, I'm not sure how they think like that.

Social Guidelines is good to some extent but it does not eradicate the virus. I know there is a lot of research going on to develop the virus, but we can't stop everything till then.

As long as it remains a guideline I'm fine with it.

At the point they start making it mandatory makes me start to question it.

Seems its getting a little crowded along the coasts.
They might want to move out here to cattle country, iyam.
Maybe their politics will learn some manners to boot,...

It's not that bad. I'm Finnish so I have no serious issues in taking distance from people and as the social distancing doesn't stop me from being outdoors it doesn't limit my life too much. As long as we're getting a vaccine somewhere soon (like.. early next year the latest) then it's OK and I'm 100% people will appreciate other people much more after this.

People have lived through worse, we can survive this.

best thing ever. less relatives dropping in and i swear people are driving better. i.e - less tailgaters :)

My thoughts about covid 19 is well explained
In my post ""As we know that Now a days there is very harsh and drastic situation exist in...

I like that people give me space without having to ask them. I love it

Although I totally understand the reasoning behind social distancing (to protect vulnerable segments of the population and to allow ICU capacity to be ramped up) it's also going to extend the length of time we're dealing with the virus. Some experts say this isn't going to go away until we develop "herd immunity", which means 70% or more of us develop antibodies and estimate it could take two years if we continue on our current path. By that time our economy will be damaged, possibly, beyond repair.

There really is no path forward without more tragedy. So many of the serious cases and deaths are concentrated in nursing homes right now I think we should concentrate on protecting those vulnerable segments of the population and begin to relax the social distancing to allow people to get back to work and society to get to that "herd immunity" level more quickly.

The response has been handled very haphazardly. Hopefully someone is taking notes and will apply the lessons learned to the next pandemic. We should view these viruses as the enemy that they are and have teams of experts begin preparing for the next one immediately. The next time the virus might even be more deadly and we may not get so lucky.

I'm assuming everyone, or many will get ill from the virus eventually. The guidelines to remain home are giving us more time to adapt to the situation, so healthcare is not overrun by sick people (seems that the careless forget that there is a max. capacity hospitals have). If a vaccine is created within 1 to 1 1/2 years, I hardly find it trustworthy that this virus was an accident.

i like it. for the first time ever i can go for a walk and not have all the ladies jump on me :D

I lost a good friend to the virus. Every week we hear of a someone granddaughter's soccer mate lost her father. Her childhood friend lost his father. My husband's card-playing buddy lost his sister. Social distancing? Masks? Given the alternative, these don't seem so bad.