More writing on the future of ECOBANK - Age of (community) Empires

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I got some good feedback from yesterday's post, first I would like to talk about the concept of 'Empire', a word that has some not-so-good meanings for some people.

But when I use the word, I am trying to describe something beyond a single business, and I think it all comes back to playing real time strategy video games during my formative years.


I am trying to describe a philosophy behind development, in our case 'sustainable development'. If you have never played this type of real time strategy game like Age of Empires 2 (shown above), its not a perfect analogy; the real world has A LOT more variables than any game can muster.

You may also consider a game like Stardew Valley, a game that I liked but have tons of ideas (seriously a whole document) to make the game better based on my own experience in real life agroforestry design and implementation.

But lets think about the base of empire formation: Food production, resource development, investment, competition and in the end, hopefully success. Success in an RTS game is narrowly defined by winning, but life again has many more variables and success is not actually about winning against someone else, its actually about winning 'with' everyone else - we want our entire community to become more prosperous and successful.

So we are going to build out ECOBANK as 'an empire' model, I also refer to it as a Development Bank. This means there will not be only one project, but we will be connecting projects - it also means that we will focus on physical development, not digital products or services but physical resources, transformation, products, services and experiences.

Utopian dreams?

Another concept I referenced, although not as much as 'empire', was the word utopian. Here it is in context:


Was that going to far? The 'potential for paradise' probably would have been enough, I guess the literary flare may have gotten away from me. I was very much speaking in a 'build the world we want to see' way, and definitely not talking about the very much distopian plans of top government and elites who want to control us.

Here's a recent daily piece from ZeroHedge, reminding us that we are just getting started with food shortages and the elites are leaning into it, almost as if they had it planned all along.

I am against anti-human policies, against the idea that 'global climate change' needs government attention to solve, against the idea that people in high places know anything more than what it benefits them to know. I know a lot of people working on the ground, developing and implementing great solutions for the future, the real problem solvers are too busy and too serious to ever get involved with governments.

And if a solution is better, it will naturally be more profitable. This is how pricing works. The government's only job is to solve market failures, unfortunately around the world governments compete for the gold medal in causing market failures and externalities by distorting the markets.

What's the exact plan step by step?

This is probably the question I get the most. Tell me exactly what you are going to do, in the order you will do it, hopefully with date and time stamps. Sigh. I just can't do it.

And not because I don't want to (I don't want to), but because I have done this before, taken the time to make detailed plans, just to throw them away when real life comes knocking. This was the reason I posted yesterday (and am expounding on it today) a Philosophy Document.


We will push forward, and make adjustments as we go. The shareholders (token holders) will form a governance board, and will help guide the development bank into the future. First things first, get our hotel up to speed, get it integrated into social media and tech platforms, create packages to sell to longer-term visitors, and SELL. Continue clearing paths and make a 3D render of our proposed developments on the resort land. Keep pushing forward.

After that should we dehydrate Erythrina edulis seeds or build an essential oil extraction plant? I don't know, all I know is that both are really good ideas, but I need a place for investors to stay while visiting first, before we start going industrialist.

What's next?

This week I will have two additional updates for you all, one about the hotel we are working on buying - the specific details, experiences, expenses and results from our many days in investigating this opportunity. I'm heading up there this afternoon.

The second will be about our land, we have been clearing paths and exploring it, and have a number of great videos. I'm headed down there tomorrow.

Remember to follow @ecobanker if you are interested in this project, as all the specific updates will be reblogged there, while my own blog can get mixed up with my personal updates as well as tokens, markets, news and other random thoughts about things I get motivated to post.

Keep asking me questions! I love it!

Freedom and Friendship


Construyendo el futuro desde la sostenibilidad.

Oh no, I did it too!!! - I asked you about the detailed roadmap, while I could imagine perfectly well the reality of the situation, expressed by your meme. However, then you provided a pretty satisfactory list: hotel first, media next, followed by physical development. (Oh man, am I looking forward to seeing that 3D render - doesn't have to be by tomorrow!)

As for your philosophy, I must say I'm really psyched to read my own views, almost word for word, laied out by you. There is nothing wrong with wealth, on the contrary. The problem is only when wealth (currency, but also natural resources) is removed from circulation and access, so in the end they can't even benefit those who are controlling it.

Concerning the word utopia I don't mind it either, since it encourages us to strive for the best possible setup. The thing I don't like is how it is touted as something unachievable and unrealistic, while there have been countless examples of people living on and with the land, taking care of it so it would take care of them, and in fact increasing the resources it provided for the entire community. A flourishing Garden Eden? Sure. A utopian society? Most certainly. So I believe the idea is not that far fetched.

Looking forward to your next updates!

Your feedback has continuously been some of the most valuable! And I thank you for that 🍻

Hahaha, you're welcome. In fact, your project seems to me the most valuable one I have seen on the entire Hive blockchain. Reason for my enthusiasm.

You have put so much work into this project. I know it's not a lot but I can buy 10 token. If that can in any way help ecobank !

Welcome onboard!

Hmm... What are you doing for the marketing side of your project?

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Working on it. Selling tokens, I have an youtube video/AMA scheduled, and I am pitching privately.

Kickstarting hotel sales, we are working on setting up google maps first.

I look forward to the updates on the hotel and the land. I followed ecobanker just incase. Just wondering but you mentioned about removing the kitchen before in the past, did you decide to go through with that or did you decide against it.

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I honestly don't remember what I said about a kitchen, but if you could remind me or link me to myself I might remember. 😅

Ooooh yes I sent those designs back, in the end we were not happy with those plans, I think we can do better for cheaper.

I'm still not sure if we need a kitchen/restaurant since food is pretty well covered in the region and many places deliver.

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