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A girl with dreamy eyes, still longing for her fairies to appear...🌸❤️✨





I have used pencil colours and tan paper for artwork. For highlighting, I have used white pens. I hope you all will like it and I hope that it gives the realstic effect and leads you to the world of fantasy...😊

The reference pic I have used is below...


It's a bit different but I am satisfied with the results and I hope you all will be too!!😊


wow this is really great art work of yours.
you are really a pro thanks a lot for sharing.


!giphy great work

Thank you so much sir!! It means a lot to me!!!😊

pleasure is all mine, and I am not sir I guess we are of same age 😁


!giphy welcome

I am 21😄

I am in my 20's too 😁so I am not that big I guess

haha yes!!

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This is very impressive. I really like it. Very realistic with every detail in the original. Also, you could use a link to the origins work instead of a screenshot .


Thank you so much sir!! I am so glad that you like it!! It means a lot to me!! And yes I will surely give the link below from next time!!😄

great stuff mate.


Thank you so much!!