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Here we are, I have finally finished the preparation of the first Digitall Project initiative. Nothing particularly challenging. I also decided to give it a name, casually found: Logobakery.

Logobakery: Introduction

This initiative was born with the aim of increasing the visibility of the pages associated with Digitall, and consequently the reputation of Digitall on the web and not, offering a preview of its most essential services. The main characteristic is that this initiative... is free.
The only action, however not mandatory, that I ask you is to be kind enough to leave feedback on one or more of the social and web pages associated with Digitall.

In particular, these pages are:


But let's see ... where does the idea come from?

Logobakery is a term coined by me that derives from the union of the two words "bakery" and "logo". The figurative meaning is that of a place where “logos are churned out". Surfing on the web, I have not found other indexed initiatives that have used the same name, so I think I'm starting on the right foot.

Logobakery: Cornerstones

What does this initiative consist of? Well, in accordance with the specifications that I will release to each participant, Digitall is committed to creating a very simple logo for each person who requests it.
The project is designed for someone with a few notions of graphics, but with an idea to create and a face to associate with it - an identifying and/or representative image to give: this, in slang, is called a "logo" -.

Yes, logos. Simple logos, mind you. I am not an illustrator or an excellent designer, I only create graphic variants using minimal technical knowledge.


Ok: but where can this logo be used?
I underline it: THE DELIVERED LOGO IS NOT A RESTRICTIONS-FREE LOGO, and it will not be possible to obtain or reproduce it in larger formats if not purchasing a services pack. Into practice, Logobakery can be seen as a free test, similar to those trial periods that some applications or websites allow. In our case, the logo will be delivered at a certain size and in certain formats, and it will be possible to obtain a more professional and complete version only by purchasing one of the specific services packs offered by Digitall.

But I talked about formats and dimensions: then let's see them.
The graphic design will be delivered in a folder containing 4 files. They will consist of:

  • logo on transparent background, in .png format, at 72 dpi, background-size of 800x571 pixels, RGB color method;
  • logo on black or dark gray background, .jpg format, 72 dpi, background-size of 1100x975 pixels, RGB color mode;
  • logo on a white background, .jpg format, 72 dpi, background-size 1100x975 pixels, RGB color mode;
  • LICENSE CARD, where it will be indicated how to use the logo and how absolutely not to be able to do it.

The graphic designs created in this way will be suitable for current use on the web and for small-sizes projects such as business cards or flyers: something that requires small dimensions, in short. The specifications will be fixed, although I reserve the right to vary the dimensions slightly for projects for which it seems necessary to me (NEVER IN NEGATIVE, mind you).

Logobakery: How to join?

To join, just contact Digitall Project on one of the indicated channels. Here I leave you the list of the 3 fundamentals:

E-mail address: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +39 371 3554358
Telegram Link

but there is a fundamental requirement: you need to have an e-mail address, because it is from there that I will request confirmation, and that is where I will send you the folder with the graphic files.

Average response times vary but are typically less than 24 hours.

A second key point: two LIMITS.
The first one is the license card contained in the folder that I will send you, with all the directives on how to use and how not to use the logo.
The second one: Logobakery is an editions initiative where each edition will be announced with a post on my blog and on various Digitall's channels. Each edition has 6 places available, so only six people will be able to apply to join each time the opening post will be published.
There is a "but".

If the requests are more than 6, the later-arrived requests will have a priority right: as soon as a seat is vacated, users will receive a message via e-mail to confirm that they want or don't want to take part in the initiative. If they decide yes, they must communicate it within 96 hours (4 days) to the e-mail address [email protected]. When all the graphic designs of the edition are complete, and there are no more people with priority rights, a new edition will be launched.


Logobakery: Let's recap

Are you looking for a logo or graphic design that can represent your project, your idea to put into practice, or the first steps of a business? If so, I can try to help you.

1st: contact me through the communication channels indicated previously in the article, or that you can find on the website at https://sites.google.com/view/digitall-project/contact?authuser=1;

2nd: we will talk by email or chat about what you need. I could also submit you a series of resources on which to base your choices. I will point out the terms of service to you individually;

3rd: I will send the confirmation form to your e-mail address. You will have to explicitly accept it by email;

4th: I will start the job and I will show it to you by email. You can request up to 3 revisions (non-substantial, all explained in the presentation attached to the confirmation form);

5th: once you accepted the work, I will send you the folder including the files listed in the "Logobakery: Cornerstones section".

Logobakery: An extra Showcase

Having a page on Hive.blog, I started publishing a sort of step-by-step summary of the graphic designs I made. One possibility, if you agree, is to publish a post with the steps that led to the creation of your logo / graphic design.

Here is a series of searchable links to the latest works:







In addition, as long as you agree, the post-launch of the next Logobakery edition will contain the image of your logo - together with that of the other participants - in a sort of summary of the previous edition that I would like to insert.

I hope I was clear and intrigued you. For any information, and if you want to apply, you can use one of the contacts listed above or write in the comments. I trust to read an email from you soon.

And… start to the Logobakery Initiative!



Really interesting project, congratulations!

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