In The Mind Of Every WOMAN !

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A woman is a superhero in herself .
She takes care of the various aspects of life , may it be Personal , Social, Economical or Cultural.


This was my first sketch using charcoal pencils and my 'learning to shade' phase .
Back then in 2020 , I saw a woman on the road, formally dressed as if coming back from office and she was carrying multiple bags in her hand , some comprised of vegetable , a laptop bag and others were packets from departmental store .
It was then when I realized and a thought came to my mind that womens handle so many things together and i thought why not to depict that in a sketch which has various indepth meaning .


So there is this girl and she has a whole library, full of books in her mind . The book’s potrays the various aspects that she carries with herself .
Looking after the childrens , cooking food , maintaining the culture and religious beliefs , socializing , managing finance, work pressure for working mom’s , and in this whole process she forgets to look after herself .
Isn’t it?



Even the girl going upside has a meaning …it shows that in every second of her life she tries to manage and assemble her duties and responsibilities with love , and without any complain she moves forward and manages everything !
Hats off to them !

Can we not appraise them ? , I would rather say lets make things easy for them by giving them love and care and appreciating for their hardwork . You just give them a small token of love ,and they will shower the whole heaven on you . This is how a mother, a wife ,a woman is .



This sketch is a appraisal to all the womens out there . The world is glad that we have someone like you , she does everything for her dear ones but doesn’t expect anything in return.
Lets change , the world will adjust .
Big thank you !

Thank you for taking out your time and reading it!
Do tell me your views on the same .
Untill then byeeee! Love you guys .


So you saw a woman on the road and that inspired you to create this drawing? That's really amazing!! Do you name your drawings? What's this one called?

Yes it was from a real life incident where i saw a woman carrying a bunch of things …this is pencil sketching with a little blend of charcoal !

I see. So what you saw in real life inspired you to create this drawing?

How do you explain that the drawing can be found all over the internet?

Yes it can be found on pinterest too !
Because it is a pic from the internet!
Acha i get your question
So yes, it was a real life situation where i saw a woman carrying bags and then surfed for woman sketches on pintrest and did that with my own hands !
I saw this drawing to be appropriate for what i saw on the road and so drew out the sketch !
You can check upon the same ! Those are my real pictures …drawn by me itself
You can check over the internet …you wont find my drawn anywhere other than on my blog here 😊

Anyways thanks for the appreciation !
Have a good day 😊

I love to sketch out my ideas , may it be clothing , my mood or just some random thought .

If you're the creative person you say you are, there's no reason why you need to search the internet instead of producing your own original content.

Since you can monetize your content on Hive, and there are many imposters who take advantage of other people's work, you would really be doing yourself a big favour if you can somehow verify yourself achievement. Hive can be very supportive of original content creators, but the community likes to know the person we support is the person they say they are. This is also to protect your own work on Hive to stop other people saying they are you.

Currently your account is treading on thin lines, such as your signature on your drawings. Two different signatures.


You say to have won many fashion shows and took part in 60+ shows, perhaps you can share some of your involvement or the process where you create the gorgeous outfits. I'm sure The Needlework community would love to see them.

I am sorry !
Not arguing but these are the same sign , these are my sign only …. Wait ill show all
In every sign sin would be my initial





I dont want to defend myself , because i know that its me !
Just felt little weird seeing this
When we complete a art , we sign randomly to show its my art (and donnot sign as in cheques)
I know you are trying to help me out for my growth …..but i just dont know how to prove myself , that here i am not wrong .
I am in the discord community since the beggining and i see when people mislead their information , so i am aware about that
But today i feel , where i am putting my 100% self and i have a proof , i have this all in my drawing book and art portfolio which i created in my fashion course.
I am not saying you are wrong , because there are so many people who donot use their orignal work , but how can i tell you that its my orignal content ,
If you want any of my post with any angle or any baground (i can send you those images) because i have those artworks with me !
I just feel that you are considering me wrong for something i havent done
I request you to please take a look at my account , no infirmation is copy pasted and no art is manipulated , all is done by me !

Also maam , you will see that , i do take inspiration from internet and draw that by my own , i dint knew that it is not allowed here .
I was told to create my own art but i dint knew that we cannot see a image and then draw it ourself .

Also maam ! Sorry if it went otherwise.
I wont post me previous artworks and post all new making artworks with all steps photo ….
I will surely make you proud
And always produce orignal content as before .
I thank you for clearing out things with me ! I am grateful to you for guiding me !
Sending you lots of thanks and love from myside❤️

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This is an interesting art, brilliant Gaurav🔥
it'll be great to have as digital art too with some colours.
Awesome sketch🔥

Thank you . Will be posting a digital fashion sketch today ! Stay tuned .
Ty for appreciating .

Nicee, till then🌺

As you wanted to see one of my digital art , it is posted on my katest post . You can have a look
Thank you for always supporting ❤️

This is an Amazing and brilliant sketch of yours with Good thoughts behind it!

Impressive and more respect to you!
Wish you a happy weekend ahead.

Thanks ! Wishing you a happy weekend too!

Wow! Gourav excellent art.Idea of making it is interesting 🥰🥰. Keep doing good work man.

Thank you ! Such comments really inspires me ❤️

great art try to share steps next time that would be more good I think.

Okay ! Thanks for helping out

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Even the girl going upside has a meaning …it shows that in every second of her life she tries to manage and assemble her duties and responsibilities with love , and without any complain she moves forward and manages everything !
Hats off to them !

Indeed! Thank you.

Lovely sketch by the way. You are very artistically talented!

Thank you !
This motivates me to keep working hard.

Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches! 😊

Sure ! Soon.

Amazing art and the story behind it!
I agree that women are really great beings! They can handle a lot on their plate.
I'm a woman but I don't know if I can be like other women out there.

Yes womens are great and you should stop doubting yourself on your ability …we know that as you are a woman , you are a superhero in yourself .

Thank you! I hope I can unleash my potential.
Everybody can be a superhero in our own ways 😊

I so love this artwork! First, it is nicely done, with nice lines and wonderfully executed shading. Second, it is clever how you have blended so many symbols into it, each evocative of a particular thing. Third, it is a beautiful tribute to women! Thank you for sharing this marvelous piece with us, and I will happily share it to the LadiesOfHive community! 😊


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Thank you for appreciating !
Really means a lot !

Ok - I LOVE this and I feel heard and seen. You have a gift! Following you from Thailand-Cyprus-Netherlands and delighted to reblog this for you.

Thank you for supporting 😃

Have seen many aspect and concept of portraying women, but damnn... this one exceeded beyond 😐
Honestly I feel extra proud looking at it, that this is how we are.
And it inspire us to do better.

Thank you !
Glad you are proud
Thank you so muchh ✨


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