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Good morning everyone,

Today I want to share with us my recent drawing of Nicholas Hoult. He is an American actor who had featured in many big movies like “Clash of the Titans”. I saw him for the first time in the “X-men: First Class” movie. He played the role of younger Hank McCoy and I love the way he acted in the movie as X-men is one of my favorite movies of all time. He started acting as a child and featured in the movie “Intimate Relations” for the first time. He played the male lead character “Martin” in the Netflix romantic movie “Newness”. That movie has a lovely storyline and so erotic. I think that will be the first time I’d watch him play that kind of role. He also featured alongside Kristen Stewart in the Scientific film Equals. I love the movie too and if you’re a lover of sci-fi, you can give it a trial. In summary, he is an amazing actor.

The drawing was done on pelican paper using blue biro. First I made the outline, drew the hair and the facial shading. After that I drew the eyebrow, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the rest of the drawing.

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Beautiful drawing. Great job

Thank you

You are most welcome

He was the main actor in the movie Cold Body right? At first I thought he was the lead singer of the My Chemical Romance band. 😅

Lol, my drawing resembles Gérard way? Yes he's the main actor in cold body. You like his acting too?

Wow nice dear 😊

Thank you dear


Great work:)

Thank you

I love this piece. You are making magic with pen. Please where can I get Pelican paper in Ilorin? I saw from some of your post u reside there. Regards

Good morning. Thank you so much for your comment. I do buy my paper at balogun shop ilat unity. Opposite access bank.

Thanks so much. I appreciate. I had issues with my phone. Sorry for the late response.

I love this.