Sketchbook 017 - Drawing Funny Sonny from The Bikeriders film

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Greetings and happy Thursday!

The following drawing took over 30 hours of painfully trying to get the details right to complete. It is one of my favourites.
It is based off of a character from The Bikeriders, which is set to release in June this year.

The reference image pretty blurry and low quality due to it being taken from someone's Instagram story (Unfortunately I do not know how to add a source from that as the image isn't really available on google. The original poster was chill about me drawing it though.)

Most of the process for this involved a lot of frowning, squinting and trying to slowly build up details based on what I could see and imagine to be there. Not easy when the reference images for a character is so limited. I suspect I am going to discover just how many mistakes I made while drawing this when I finally get to watch this.

I like to always start with the faces whenever I draw people, no point in putting in all those hours only to end up with a weird face that'll ruin the entire thing.

Slowly building and trying to get proportions right.

More rough sketching for the details...I hate and love drawing motorcycles so much.

I chose to do the pen part of this while drawing, alternating between drawing details in pencil and then going over them in ink once they looked okay. It took ages!

Slow very slow... Think it took me almost an hour just to get the fraying of the jeans on one knee down on paper.

This drawing is full of imperfections and minor mistakes, but I like it and learnt a lot while drawing it. I cannot wait to get to watch the actual thing, maybe I'll have another go at drawing the character afterwards, see if there is any improvement.

Well that's it, till next time!

Credit - All photos (with the exception of the original reference image) and work in this post belong to me.
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This is stunning!! I couldn't manage this on physical mediums. Hell not even sure I can manage it on a digital medium, haha. Beautifully done!

😅Thank you! Going really slow and telling the drawing to stop looking stupid seems to help 😂

Your art is awesome! 🤠☕

👻🏹🖤Thank you!


By the way... this is not really related to the post at all, but figured I'd ask!
You know stuff about plants right?

You are quite welcome.

I know some stuff about plants. What ya got?

😅 Any idea why plants would barely create roots (Basically growing just on top of the soil) and fall over? Don't know if there is a better way to explain this. It's pretty weird.

Is the soil dense or have a high clay composition?

I'm not really sure... we dug it up and mixed in a few bags of veggie garden soil (Can't remember what the stuff was called)
Maybe I need to get a video or photo 😅 might make more sense.

Wow! That is serious talent!

😅Haha thanks! Mostly just a lot of practice.

That's where it all comes from doesn't it? Practise practice practise!

Looks amazing. Love the black ink art 🤘🏻😎👏🏻

😁Thank you!