When I saw it, I thought of chocolate.
You're so good. Amazing.
Do you have all ancient dynasties at the ready? I'd never heard of the Magonid dynasty until a moment ago. I thought it must be something from a story you are working on, but it turns out to have been a thing 25 centuries ago.

No, haha. That would be brilliant, but the truth is I just read about early Carthage on wikipedia a while ago and remembered the name. Nowadays such things are just one click and twenty minutes of reading away.

I love all the curves and shades in there. You must have a steady hand.


Thanks, yes, the steady hand is part of the trade :)


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Wow! What a talent!
Beautiful painting. Great job👍

You are welcome

Once again you've captured that ethereal quality. Well done! Keep up the good work soldier!

That is some damn fine work right there.

Thanks, mate!

Amazing and good to see you, I seem to lose track of you for a bit and then I see you again, hard to keep track of all my favs here on ole' Hive. I hope all is right with your bit of the world @katharsisdrill

You probably see me when I am back from reality world. I have had quite a few periods this year where I couldn't find the energy for social media. But now that I've decided to get back on track and post a bit again.

I do the same, but this year I'm done with worrying about the world and happily back online more :) I hope to see you around @katharsisdrill :)

He looks as if he is standing in a room lit by a fireplace and listening to someone talking to him. He appears to be a warlike monarch, the kind of man you would expect the rulers of the ancients to have fought with their men. Indeed, I agree with owasco, while watching I would have liked to break off a piece of his helmet to eat the delicious chocolate :)

A very appealing and partly confusing art it is that you make. I went to your website and went through the gallery.

Yes, I do a bit of this and that and whatever takes my fancy. My art beck when I did fine arts was rather cryptic too so it probably how it has to be.

Thanks for a fine comment.

@katharsisdrill, whatsup, man!😳😀
Kat is alive!
Welcome back, I have sent you a thousand emails, check!

Hey, Nevies. I have gotten some of them, but as I have been in the coal-cellar I have let everybody down. I'll get back to things now, hopefully. How are things in Nigeria? I read a bit in the papers like the Vanguard, and it seems that Nigeria and drama is like a married couple :)