Hating your artsyle sucks!

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Hi! 👋

It's me, Shineko and I am kinda down today... so I decided to draw! The thing is, the reason that I'm down is that I don't like my current art style and I am having a hard time drawing in the style that I want. It has become a cycle of me drawing then getting frustraded with art then me deleting my grogress and starting from the start. It feels so draining and tiring. I just don't know what to do. Even as I write this blog right now, it feels so tough to be frustrated on the thing you love but I want to persevere so I decided to draw something, anything just to accomplish something today.


I still don't know the answer to this problem that I have and seeing beautiful art from another people just frustrates me even more because I am starting to envy them and I hate that feeling. Maybe I just need sleep but for now I wan't to vent out this my frustration and disappointment here on this blog!

Now, here are the steps that I followed in making this piece if there's anyone who's curious: ✔️


✨ Step 1 ✔️

First, did a quick sketch of the piece, I tried making the shape as curvy as possible.


✨ Step 2 ✔️

I then added the flat colors.


✨ Step 3 ✔️

Next is the shadows.


✨ Step 4 ✔️

Then the highlights.


✨ Step 5 ✔️

Then I added the lineart just to change things up. I also added blue for the background.


✨ Step 6 ✔️

Finally, I achanged the color to fix the value of the character.


I hope you enjoyed this piece. ❤️


About Me

I am Shineko009 and I post Art, Spinterlands and sometimes Writing here on HIVE. I love watching Anime and Vtubers and I also enjoy listening to TWICE that is why I always reference them in my blogs. 🤣 Feel free to follow me if you enjoy this kind of content! ❤️



Shin, don't be too hard on yourself. I am also still looking on what art style should I pursue. I also get frustrated sometimes for petty art related stuff. but just trust your practice and skills, it will never betray you, I promise! ❤️

Thank you for the encouraging words po 🙂 We all just have those kind of days where we don't like our art, I guess 😆

I don't know what words to use to comfort you but just as jijisaurart said, I hope you won't be too hard on yourself. 🙂
Maybe it's better to not delete the things you have created, I think it would be nice to look at them back in the future. But yeah, I'm no artist so I'm not sure if there's a look back or something then you'll feel something from it.

Thank you for the encouraging words po 💚 Maybe, I'll try doing that po, Thank you 😊

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