Another year bites the dust

in Sketchbook2 years ago

another year.jpg

I have just been sitting here. Staring at the time. Tired, wanting to sleep but knowing I wouldn't be able to, the pressure of the ticking clock too loud.

Pressure. Pressure.

Another year gone. What have I achieved? Another year over. Time for reflection. Have I done more good than bad? Am I happier? Is this really a time for celebration?

I'm trying. That's always the best I can come up with. Best. Life sometimes feels like a big competition. And when there's a competition there will always be losers.
I'm trying. Let me find my way. I'm focusing on my way, the consequences are yet too far away to assess them. Please let some of them be good.


very beautiful drawing. I think you are a profession sketch maker. Thanks for sharing

hey, thanks a lot!

You are welcome my friend.

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