He scream and he PANIC

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screm gif nono transparent.gif

Wow I was really busy and stressed the last few weeks but I finally sat down to draw again!
I wanted to try making a simple gif so this baby came to life.

I started with doing the base with lineart, shadows and highlights. This part wasn't too difficult.

screm gif base.gif

After that it was time to adjust the base to my character and color it. This was the tricky part, it was hard to get the markings right in both frames and onion skin ofc doesn't help with that. I ended up copying and shifting the swirls on the ears. It was pretty messy though, redrawing it would have maybe been easier.


The problem here was that Clip Studio Paint apparently doesn't support exporting transparent gifs... So I had to save the frames and upload them to a website to make a gif again. That's pretty dumb if you ask me. I wish they would have the option for transparent gifs.

Then I decided to have some fun and.... This happened

screm gif nono laser.gif

I offered these in the group, 5$ for 1 or 8$ for both versions. I'm sadly not that popular so even these cheap prices weren't really of interest. One person did want them though so I can show you these screaming babs as well:


Sehr schöne arbeit, weiter so. !BEER

Danke dir!

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