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Yes, I'm still alive, barely at least. :D This drawing is part of a trade with a friend and wow it took me a long time. I'm not sure what happened but my style changed a bit while doing this. Which is weird after not drawing for so long. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Ja, ich lebe noch, jedenfalls gerade so. :D Das Bild ist Teil eines Tausches mit einer Freundin und wow ich habe echt lange dafür gebraucht. Mein Stil hat sich während des Zeichnens etwas geändert, ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher warum. Aber es ist auf jeden Fall komisch, da ich davor so lange nicht mehr gezeichnet hatte. Ich bin aber mit dem Ergebnis ziemlich zufrieden.


The sketch process took a bit longer than I would have hoped, I spent a lot of time on the legs and feet and wasn't quite sure what pose I wanted. They eyes are different from the way I usually draw them and I tried to use a bit more big shapes in the hair.
Die Skizze hat länger gedauert als mir lieb ist, ich habe sehr lange an den Beinen und Füßen gesessen bis ich mich auf eine Pose eingelassen habe. Die Augen sind etwas anders als ich sie sonst zeichne und ich habe versucht ein paar größere Formen für die Haare zu benutzen.


The lineart went pretty smoothly, I just had a few decisions to make with the face and how much of the cheeks and nose I wanted to show. I also contemplated on making the eyes the way I usually do but I wanted to commit to this look.
Die Linien gingen recht flüssig, ich musste nur ein paar Entscheidungen mit dem Gesicht treffen und überlegen wie viel ich von den Wangen und der Nase zeigen möchte. Ich habe kurz überlegt die Augen zu ändern und sie wieder so wie sonst zu zeichnen, wollte diesen Stil aber gerne ausprobieren.


The design has a lot of gradients in the markins, but that went well with the use of locking transparent pixels and some clipping masks. Coloring can be pretty relaxing.
Das Design hat viele Farbverläufe bei den Markierungen, die konnte ich durch Hilfe von Sperren der trasnparenten Pixeln und Schnittmasken aber gut umsetzen. Colorieren kann manchmal entspannend sein.


Shading is still one of my favourite things, even if I sometimes struggle with them. The hair gave me a few problems here.
Schattieren ist immer noch eines meiner Lieblingsdinge, auch wenn es nicht immer gut läuft. Die Haare haben mir hier einige Probleme bereitet.


Lastly I add some effects and color the lineart, then I'm done! This drawing took a long time but I'm happy I didn't rush it. Only a bit sad the friend didn't say thanks or that they liked it ayyyy
Zum Schluss füge ich ein paar Effekte hinzu und färbe die Linien, dann bin ich fertig! Die Zeichnung hat wirklich lange gebraucht aber ich bin froh, dass ich nicht zu sehr geeilt bin. Bin nur ein wenig traurig, dass die Freundin sich nicht bedankt hat oder gesagt, dass sie es mag ayyyy


Hello! Thanks to @vasupi, I heard about your awesome drawing talent! I'm certainly glad to hear you're still alive! If I understood right, this was a combined project?

This drawing is part of a trade with a friend and wow it took me a long time.

I'll admit, I am just now seeing your content (...again, thanks to vasupi) so I don't know your usual routine. But I do know this came out very nice.

Is this a charachter from a game or anime? It reminds me of that artist website Deviant Art. Anyway... the only thing I would suggest is letting your readers know what device or programs you've used to create this cute piece of artwork!



Hey Wes, thanks for your comment!
I still can't believe vasupi did this, that's so kind of him

I am getting a character and am trading money + art for it. You are spot on with deviantart, characters have been getting sold and traded on there for ages, kind of like oldschool NFTs haha
The character is part of a closed species where only the creator and selected guest artists are allowed to create more. There are a lot of those on deviantart!

And I'm using Clip Studio Paint, will try to remember to mention that next time :)


Ah! I just searched, and see what you mean! WOW! Wish I could draw lol... I know quite a few people think I am the Citation Cop or something... I just don't want anyone to get in trouble for the graphics, let alone be accused of theft of others' content. Only reason I mentioned that!

Yeah it's quite a lot to take in! I wish I could draw more appealing as well, there are some really amazing artists out there. But right now trying to have fun with it is my biggest focus. :)

And yeah should be no problem here with the content!

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That is a very cute artwork! Love it! 😊

Thank you! :D

This is so cute! Keep it up!

Thank you, I will!

Yes, very cool art! I've always wondered how people can draw, too? I never got anything good out of it lol. Don't stop drawing, especially now there are so many ways to monetize your hobby! Especially in crypto...

I'm still wondering that when I see 3D artists or animators, it blows my mind! There are so many tutorials available nowadays but it's hard to just find the right thing and start. And yes, there are a lot of opportunities but also so many people competing. So I hope that as long as I can be happy with what I create that the success will follow someday.

lol 3d animation to me is like quantum physics written in hieroglyphics. Very cool, but nothing is clear...) About the competition - do not worry, the main thing is to occupy your niche, a lot of people now choose what they like. And it doesn't matter that not many people like it...

I'm still trying to find my style and what I like in art but I will get there eventually! I hope so at least hahaha

Healthy ambition is always a good thing!


Te quedó genial 👍✨😎👌😍😉


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