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I am moving today and tomorrow, which unfortunately falls on the day where Kickman is a double page, so I won't have time to finish it before Sunday morning. So instead of your standard Kickman page with an additional full-page splash image (which has too stinking many perspective lines), I'll just throw this Hellephant up here on the Hive.


About a week ago someone on X-Twitter was asking for a comic artist for a comic called Hellephant. So, knowing nothing about the comic or character or plot or anything, I X-tweeted back, "If you're willing to take a risk on an unknown I'd like to apply. Here's my take on a Hellephant." And X-attached that image above.

Never heard anything back, so I'm guessing I'm not in the running. Still, I'm proud of my 30-minute Hellephant painting. So, I'll share it here on Hive (not X-Hive).

And here, you even get the time lapse video:


Dumbo grew up to be very bad.


I think most carnival workers have bad reputations...

What’s Forest Gump’s password?

Credit: reddit
@sidekickmatt, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of steevc


The Hellephant painting looks good
That's so creative!

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