Drawing nothing, on purpose... meditation for artists

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Meditate while you draw...
automatic drawing technique

images and post by @sketching

5.30.20 meditation drawing 2.png

5.30.20 meditation drawing 6 1.png

Hi everyone! I have been @sketching and I came across a really interesting video on Proko's YouTube channel. It's a demo of Tim Gula doing automatic drawing, which is very similar to the mindless doodling than many people do spontaneously. In fact, it's virtually identical, but practiced purposely and mindfully. Basically, you don't try to draw anything in particular, and you just relax and enjoy watching whatever is being created effortlessly. The goal is not to create something "correct," "beautiful" or "good." The goal is simply to relax yourself by drawing calmly and nonconceptually.

Of course, I have doodled over the years, but I have never thought of doing this purposely as an exercise to become more relaxed as I create. I gave it a try and ended up spending about 5 hours making a few different "pieces" because I was really enjoying it. I thought it might be cool to share this exercise with all of you and show you my "masterpieces." (LOL)

It was actually three different creations, and then I decided to mash them all together to REALLY show the chaos of the subconcious.... anyway, I found this excercise quite pleasant, and I have the feeling it will help decrease drawing anxiety and increase both fluidity of strokes and thoughtlessness of getting into a flow state while illustrating. Why don't you try it and let me know how you like it?

final piece #3... around 6 layers, calmly drawn over 2 hours or so

5.30.20 meditation drawing 2.png

very first meditative marks, made rapidly and freely

5.30.20 meditation drawing 3.png

adding colors on meditative marks #1 with a coarse textured brush

5.30.20 meditation drawing 4.png

meditation #2... just an hour of cycling the color wheel and doodling different shapes, curves, and straight lines. Used the same coarse textured paintbrush as above.

5.30.20 meditation drawing 5 1.png

adding negative space

5.30.20 meditation drawing 6 1.png

adding darks, not caring how "ugly" it may become

5.30.20 meditation drawing 10 1.png

final piece + background lights of #2

5.30.20 meditation drawing 7.png

mash almost everything together, minus the crazy colors

5.30.20 meditation drawing 8.png

now add dem colors, wow, such beautiful, much art

5.30.20 meditation drawing 9 1.png

All images made by @sketching in Krita
for the Sketchbook community on Hive.
The video is not created by me,
all credit goes to the original creators.

5.30.20 meditation drawing 1.png


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This practice of meditative drawing will come in handy this week.

There is something in human nature that wants to find a purpose, outcome and significance of a project. But even this nature is suppressed to get results, to produce and make something. Perhaps the purpose was nit the making itself but the actual process of crafting, and in doing so connecting to the mysteries of the universe.

My youngest son is in 4th grade and tries to follow drawing tutorials. It makes him feel good until he makes a mistake and then he wants to quit. His best drawing came when he just took the spray paint in the drawing program and started telling a story with colors. I wish I had a recording of the whole process but some time this week I will share what he came up with.