Five times five.... plus two faces

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5.26.20 bonus heads v1.png

Hello Hivers! The focus of my last couple of days was all about @sketching, but I did paint at the end so I could have a "pretty thumbnail" for this post ;)

More specifically, I wanted to draw five sheets with five heads each. That was the only main rule, but on each sheet I tended to focus on something different.

I have been watching a lot of videos of advanced skill-level artists drawing, and I like to take things away from what they mention and try them out to see if it works for me. I'll talk about that more below when I add notes for the different images.

My focus was really on sketching for this one.
I speedpainted the underneath part, you can see how bare-bones it looks!

5.26.20 edgeless.png

These were chronologically the last two heads, bringing the sketch total to 27 heads. I tried to incorporate different approaches that I tried in the other sheets. I did this one rapidly.

5.26.20 bonus heads SKETCH.png

Fiveheads #1 — This was my warm-up, I wanted to try out some different angles and just look at proportion and shape. Few lines, but I sat and thought about each for a bit.

5.26.20 fiveheads 1.png

Fiveheads #2 — Drawn soon after #1, on this one I was getting a bit impatient, and somewhat failed trying to draw a "looking down" perspective. The looking upward one is not too bad. This is a similar, comfortable approach in terms of minimal lines as #1. I switch that up next to challenge myself.

5.26.20 fiveheads 2.png

Fiveheads #3 — Haha. You can probably tell that this one is a departure from the above. I noticed many artists use a more chaotic, rapid sketchy approach and I wanted to try it out. It felt really strange and uncomfortable trying to draw this way, but I think there's something there if I practice it more.

5.26.20 fiveheads 3.png

Fiveheads #4 — On this one I start to attempt to blend the appraoches a bit, using loose organic-looking lines in with more decisive, bolder lines.

5.26.20 fiveheads 4.png

Fiveheads #5 — By this point I had gotten a bit bored of using all the same shapes and started incorporating more cartoony-looking triangular and boxy shapes. Again using a mixture of the soft, feathery sketching and harder lines.

5.26.20 fiveheads 5.png

Bonus heads — like I said, I made these for a bit of a better thumbnail, and to at least get a little digital painting practice in. There are a bunch of different colors of backgrounds below, tell me which one is your favorite!


all images are my original work
created for HIVE on May 27, 2020.
Keep on @sketching!

5.26.20 bonus heads v0.png

5.26.20 bonus heads v2.png

5.26.20 bonus heads v3.png

5.26.20 bonus heads v4.png


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Your characters look so relaxed. I like the way that the eyes mirror the light. The important part is that you are still having fun.

Those two are definitely out of this world.