Fourteen heads and three spheres... (a color/lighting study)

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Fourteen heads and three spheres

...i am @sketching...
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I was drawing a bunch of quick faces and laughing at how rough they were and I decided it would be fun to do a shading/lighting study with them and see how it would turn out. It was surprising how much the characters came to life, and I REALLY learned a lot about shading. I will definitely be doing this again in the future to practice further. I will show the steps below.

5.8.20 heads FINISHED.png

Step 1 — sketch heads

5.8.20 heads OUTLINES.png

Step 2 — add color with digital airbrush

(I did this with the black lines on, just thought it would be cool to show you the coloring by itself)

5.8.20 heads COLOR.png

Sketch and color combined

5.8.20 heads OUTLINES  COLOR.png

Step 3 — added background gradient & white circles

5.8.20 heads FINISHED.png

My approach with art right now is just @sketching... I'm not trying to "finish" or "perfect" things, just get down muscle memory and have fun with a mix of repetition and variation. This is day 5 of drawing every day. Thanks for checking out my art!

Peace out...
@sketching on May 8, 2020

5.8.20 heads FINISHED.jpeg


I like the colors you chose. It's hard to get control over a digital pad.

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