Poor ol' lobster-face...

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A bunch of black pen sketches I did today and yesterday

IMG_1816 1.png


'Sup guys? I mentioned yesterday I'm doing a month-long art course online, and using some physical media for the first time in a long time. I'm supposed to be designing some characters. I came up with the above guy yesterday; I'm not quite sure he makes much sense but I think it's a pretty rad character anyway. He's not really poor ol' lobster-face, I just said that to clickbait you. Sorry about that. Glad you're here, though.

I really like drawing with ink pens. When I draw with pencil I am always tempted to erase all the time, and I don't really enjoy shading stuff with graphite. I also dislike that it smears somewhat easily (probably I am not using the proper pencil type. I don't know about these things.) But pens are GREAT. They are bold, and force you to draw confidently and own up to any mistakes made.

Anyway, here are some of my first few practice drawings with ink pen. My assignment on creating characters is due tomorrow and I hope I have enough material on it, since I think we were supposed to come up with back stories for them and everything... I definitely haven't done that yet. It's enough work getting used to traditional media coming from digital...

IMG_3540 2.png

IMG_7606 2 1.png


all drawings are original,
made by @sketching
with black ink pen
on cardstock.

IMG_6912 1.png

Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting my work!
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Which of these characters did you like the most,
and what would you name them?

IMG_1816 1.png


This looks like an interesting class. I'm glad you have time to do it. I like the way the class goes from theory to practice right away. The classes I saw spend a lot of time teaching how to see and how to draw without much interaction from the students side. I like the assignment.

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