Practicing line detailing and hatching

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5.31.20 hatching faces.png

Hi everybody, I am @sketching and today I played around with practicing some hatching/line detailing of a few random faces. I have always liked the look of drawings with a bunch of crosshatching and think it looks amazing when it's done well, but never known how to do it myself. I have watched videos recently of a few different artists drawing really nicely with this sort of technique, like Peter Han, that inspired me to give it a try. As of now, I am doing it somewhat aimlessly, just discovering what looks good to me. I will definitely do more practice on this sort of thing in the future.

original sketch

5.31.20 hatching faces plainlines 3.png

details of first face

5.31.20 hatching faces plainlines.png

details of second face

5.31.20 hatching faces plainlines 1.png

details of third face

5.31.20 hatching faces plainlines 2.png

adding smudges of white and colors

5.31.20 hatching faces shades.png

adding auras around outside

5.31.20 hatching faces 4.png

few more layers for the background smudges

5.31.20 hatching faces 1.png

All images are my original @sketching practice
made for Hive on May 31, 2020.

5.31.20 hatching faces 2.png


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The hatching takes a lot of patience but puts some life into the face.