Trying for the life of me to figure out how to draw hands

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5.25.20 firebender.png

Howdy. Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I realized yesterday I have no idea how to really draw hands and decided to dive into it. It turns out they are pretty tricky due to the fact that each of the digits can be moved into their own positions, not to mention all the different perspectives they can be seen from. I find this MUCH more frustrating than trying to draw skulls, but admittedly this has to do with the fact that I haven't practiced it much.

I really wanted to draw a close-up of an extended hand holding a flame, but compromised by drawing this scuffed grey firebender above. Yep. I'm gonna need a bunch more @sketching practice to take this anywhere! Anywho, I'll show a bunch of my scribblings trying to draw hands in different positions, and hopefully I'll have the motivation to keep practicing them, because right now I find them pretty tiresome.

some sketchy figures with mitten-hands

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 1.png

hand going up back view (left) and palm extended (right)

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 2.png

third eye dude and another person shrugging

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 3.png

some mitten-figures

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 4.png

bent-spine posing with hand on waist and in pocket

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 5.png


5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 6.png

palm-side up practice

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 7.png

palm-side down practice

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 8.png

more palm-side down practice

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 9.png


5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 10.png

palm-side up

5.25.20 handnfig scribbles 11.png

I created this blog to fall deeper in love with digital @sketching. At the end of the day, whether or not I feel patient enough to make a more "finished" piece, I keep scribbling and looking at things, knowing that eventually the eye and hand will become trained. All art consists in being aware and attentive, and progressively broadening that capability. I am going to keep @sketching and I hope you do too!

scribbled in Krita by @sketching
posted to Hive on May 25, 2020.

keep your palms up
and hold the flame...

5.25.20 firebender.png


Through your attempts at drawing hands I am beginning to see more clearly what a masterpiece human beings really are.

We try to use shapes and pencils to manipulate pixels but get only a relection of what was there.

I don't have much art backgroud but I like drawing when I have time. Your posts about your struggles to draw really encourage me to continue.

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