Hive Punks giveaway is concluded! + new $posh giveaway

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Wow, that took a lot more time than I expected to copypaste all entries' names into a random name picker for the winners. Wish we had a tool on Hive for that sort of like dpoll but to pick eligible winners.

Anyway, here's the recording of the drawing, everyone who commented their hive username on Twitter and in the Hive post were added except one account who's only comment was the entry in his full hive history. I even made the effort to track down some users hive accounts who hadn't commented it by going through their twitter profiles and checking for some POSH tweets.

Congrats to @maylenasland, @dudeontheweb, @Svicho and @bear.oneup!

What I do in the video is check for their usernames again to see if they prefered a certain punk, but none of the winners mentioned anyone in particular so will be randomizing that as well. Other than that I just double-checked that they already don't own a punk or have bought one since the giveaway started (there was one case who wasn't added to the giveaway).

Proof of transfers:


I want to thank everyone who participated, shows how much Hive is growing and it's awesome to see. I don't usually spam tag people but since I went through all the effort to copypaste their names into the randomizer I have them ready here so will do so for once.

@seckorama, @shirahoshi, @arlettemsalase, @johnspalding, @franzzonline, @codingdefined, @lunaticpandora, @lareinareya, @fortheloveofsl, @zangano, @aimee.tariq, @nathyortiz, @LionSuit, @shmoogleosukami, @ace108, @cmmndrbawang, @yahia-lababidi, @rmsadkri, @jaraumoses, @meanbees, @pastrane, @davedickeyyall, @nahupuku, @theonlywalker, @Dobro2020, @igormuba, @demotruk, @sgbonus, @Padom2020, @gentleshaid, @hivelander, @carlgnash, @jcrodriguez, @urun, @royalsam,, @kawsar8035, @Lordbutterfly, @ezmilly2, @surrealpete, @jonsnow1983, @onspired, @ehizgabriel, @gabolegends, @QSETT, @thecbp-hiver, @pharaoh1, @fatherfaith, @Chrislybear, @nobutsd1974, @b0s, @jesuschristo, @CoquiCoin, @Joserk,, @kendewitt, @xykorlz, @Oceanbee, @deniskj, @howweroll, @yonilkar, @dudeontheweb, @kensmith, @jomarbym, @Tcpaikano, @fragozar01, @wolven-znz, @dora381, @bitcoinflood, @medussart, @nelthari, @redeculous, @evernoticethat, @cmmemes, @tsnaks, @lorddanpies, @lizzyblueart, @charsdesign, @cpol, @jenina619, @tengolotodo, @iFarmGirl, @young-boss-karin, @vikisecrets, @tonyz, @lisbethseijas, @bearone, @Zenitsu12, @dante31, @lynnnguyen, @Insaneworks, @samsmith1971, @splatts, @jhonasanagon, @trippymane, @jaydr, @iamsgr, @vancouverpics, @niallon11, @matheusggr, @harlowjourney, @x-rain, @misterabaddon, @revo, @seckorama, @carrinm, @takuris, @luizeba, @matt-archy, @Moquero, @libertycrypto27, @jude.villarta, @maylenasland, @rubido, @gr33nm4ster, @mikiad.visuals, @soychalbed, @itsostylish, @l337m45732, @ilazramusic, @beardoin, @bear.oneup, @paolobeneforti, @astrocreator, @zoltarian, @helengutier2, @brataka, @danielvehe, @djlethalskillz, @cmplxty, @theabsolute, @kuronokenshi, @ykroys, @pandaparker, @johannpiber, @josueprime, @nenio, @kaerpediem, @nameless16, @marybellrg, @gorayii, @sgerhart, @fredfettmeister, @fixie, @syarrf, @josuemonterola, @scienceblocks, @franz54, @boboman, @neopch, @yanga, @mercadosaway, @cjlugo, @txmek, @odensfather, @nyche, @fermionico, @bencwarmer,, @felander, @definethedollar, @mineopoly, @emeka4, @Thales7, @zhoten, @cetb2008, @sunnyvo, @rufans, @daniel2001.@SanderJansenArt, @Jhoancp, @Axiemoron, @horustoro, @dwayne16, @jesuslnrs, @mawit07, @Svicho, @Sacra97, @heartofdarkness, @bammbuss, @traciyork, @r00sj3, @ayopeju, @marvinix, @junebride, @leaky20, @beautifulwreck

$posh giveaway

In an effort to get more people to sign up for (since many are sharing hive links correctly but their posh rewards are being sent to @null since they aren't registered) I'll be doing a Posh giveaway as well!

All you need to do is:

It's easy to do with a Twitter authentication and hivesigner or hive keychain!

Once you've done that, input a screenshot of your connected accounts in a comment here for a chance to win $posh!


I'll be giving away 1000 POSH of mine to 20 lucky winners!

The posh will be drawn similarly to the punks and sent directly to your hive-engine wallet!


@acidyo, I think there is a Hive randomiser, but I never used it before.

Thank You very much! I am very happy about it. I really wanted one and it seemed that I have also been lucky enough to win one 🙂 How do you you plan to transfer it? I usually use Wax and my account is there is: osjbk.wam

It's on hive-engine so it's already transferred.

I still don't see it. Sorry to bother you but can you check the transaction again? Or maybe I am doing something wrong...?

Oh, there it is. Thank Youuuu! Looks great!

@acidyo Thank you!!! Appreciate everything you on and for Hive.


Congrats! ^^

Congrats to the winners specially to my friend @dudeontheweb
thanks for the giveaway @acidyo you are awesome! !ESPIZZA !LUV

FireShot Capture 405 - PoshToken -

This is a gift to OCD people lolol 😂

by OCD I meant obsessive compulsive disorder LOLOL



¡@acidyo! Te he enviado un trozo de $PIZZA de parte de @gr33nm4ster.

Más información sobre la ficha de $PIZZA at (0/10)



good luck everyone!


Congrats to the winners. Hopefully I'm lucky this time around


Way to go go the winners.


Here u go!


Congrats to the winners!!! Here's my PoSH for the giveaway :D


Thank you for hosting these great initiatives!

Thanks for the giveaway @acidyo... Good luck everyone

Wow! Nice one @acidyo.
Below is my connected accounts


Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you, @acidyo, for everything.
Here is my entry to the giveaway.



Felicidades a todos los ganadores.

hive twitter.png


All the best everyone..


Congrats to winners. @acidyo, I thought I got my hands on these punks. I guess my charm didn't work. hehehehe

There has to be a balance to tagging, I don't mind being tagged by you. And while I didn't win a punk, I honestly forgot about it - LOL ... my SL guild leader did win!!! Congrats @dudeontheweb - YOU WON!!

Yeah I wouldn't have tagged without the posh giveaway, hopefully more people sign up and are incentivized to share hive posts. ^^

I'm already signed up, am I not? I'm using it on my Twit, so I assume I'm registered.

Now I finally have to pull a blog post together on Hive. Have been away for too long - sigh - IRL work...

Here are my connected accounts in HivePosh.


It was a pleasure to participate and congratulations to the winners. Thanks for the mention, there were really a lot of people who participated, that's fantastic. Here is my entry for this new sweepstakes. Greetings.


i just did! thanks!

Congrats to the winners especially

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Here i am.





Congrats to all punk winners and good luck in posh giveaway!

So cool to have another giveaway. Here is my entry


i changed my twitter name as xykorlz
but in post still use my old

Congrats to the winners of the Punks!


Congratulations all winners


Thanks for the tag, it was quite the surprise to be tagged by you to be honest 😎 Big up!

As I previously mentioned I do not use Twitter that much and I do not have any real following there, but you never now if that could change in the future so here is my participation to this POSH giveaway!


Thanks for dropping opportunities to small users everyday!

Good Luck to All 😎




Congratulations on the winners and thanks @acidyo for the giveaway to the community, you're big bro.
Here's my entry to the #POSH


Congrats to all the Hive punks winners 👏💪

Hope I win this time hehe

ha ha ha ha can enter too

and congrats the winner


Oh yeah I am alllll over it! Thanks Broham!

Thanks for the chance to take part in this :D


Congratulations 🎉🎉 to the wins and hopefully I'm participating as well.



Mi cuenta activa del token #posh buena suerte para todos 🥰


Thanks for the giveaway man! Good luck to everyone!



Whoa! Congrats to the winners! So lucky of you whohoo and here's my posh connected acc. On tweeter, hope to win 1k posh 🙏 hahah


It's 1k posh shared among 20 btw :D not 1k each

Oh sorry my bad hahah 😂


Congratulations to the winners!!

Thank you @acidyo - looking at the list of participants, that's a lot of work indeed.
Ok, I try my luck again ;D
Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 1.32.20 AM.png


Lezgoo! :)

Sign upped

Kudos to all u do mah man!


Congrats to the winners!


Nooo I missed the Hive punks giveaway but I can't miss this one.
Thanks @acidyo for the POSH project which I think is very useful for the promotion of Hive.
I have been registered on POSH for some time now and this is my screenshot

To give my contribution to the project I wrote a tutorial on POSH Token and I hope to bring some of my readers in your nice project ;)



Here is my entry to the giveaway.


Thanks for the new giveaway, Acidyo :D

I'm already using HivePosh for the last few months, here's my Screenshot:



Awesome! You have your twitter linked as well?

I do think so? I mean, I've logged on the page using my Twitter account... isn't just that? 👀

Wow!! I'm mentioned on @acidyo's article. Now I feel important. I also checked out the posh site. It's new to me. It looks like we sign in using our twitter password. I think mineopoly needs a twitter account. I've been using my personal account and it's a little confusing because the user names are different.

Yeah create one specifically for hive. :)

My homework today^^ !BEER

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Congratulations to the winners! And good luck to everyone in the POSH giveaway!

Wow, it is a big list of participants. Thank you @acidyo for your effort to promote Hive and increase engagement on Hive. And congratulations to everyone who participated in this giveaway

I never won a contest so I'm not surprised 😂😂

Congrats to winners I'm so happy for you. Jk 😂

No, for real, congrats. 🥳

Congrats to the winners and thanks for organizing this giveaway!!

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks for the work, for the giveaway! :)

How lucky the winners, congratulations... It was a great effort you made here, but it was worth it. It really takes a platform to simplify the selection. Happy day and thanks for the mention!.


I had already done this a few days ago, I do not know if it will be valid to share it now...

Congrats to the winners and thanks @acidyo! Enjoy your Punk!

That's awesome, congrats to the winners! Thanks for having the contest, that's great!

Congratulations to the lucky winners. Best of lucks to the rest of us in future giveaways :)

beautiful contest, even if I didn't win, I'm happy to have participated. Kudos to the winners, and kudos to you @acidyo for your fantastic work. Thanks.

Greetings to all , congratulations to all the winners

Awesome! Thanks for making the punks accessible to those who couldn’t get one!

@acidyo Is the twitter account compulsory? because I lost contact with mine already.

We'll add ways to change it at some point, but for this giveaway unfortunately yes.

huh! My bad, that won't be possible with this in play.😔

Congrats to the winners of the give away 🎉

Felicitaciones a los ganadores

Felicitaciones a los ganadores

Spread love.


Congrats to the winners!
Wow, that's a lot of people who entered. Lots of work for you, no doubt

I'm not sure about the meaning of it but I connected my Twitter account to Poshtoken right now. Let's see :)

I was not expecting this! But thank you.

Let me reward with some 1UP ;)

Just like this acid? Sorry, just making it sure if I did correctly. lol



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nice one..keep up the good work guys

Wow, you did nice work. Did it take you time to compile the names?

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