Our onboarding program needs more active onboarders!

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Hey everyone!

We've had our onboarding program set up for quite a while now, over time it has been evolving and improving and we think we have a nice setup going currently that makes onboarding not just easier for vetted hive members but also improves the retention and experience of new onboarded users. Only thing we're lacking now is more experienced and trusted hive members to join the onboarding efforts.

Although these stats are a bit outdated in terms of activity since it's not easy to manually check each and every onboarded accounts latest activities (we're working on automating it), it gives us a good representation of how many users have been onboarded so far through our program.


Let me give you a quick and simple walkthrough of how you can become an onboarder and what the activity entails once you're given the trial role.

How does the onboarding program work?

  1. You apply for an onboarding role in our Discord server in the #onboarding-application channel
  2. We let you know if you get invited and you receive the onboarding role

Once you have the onboarding role you'll be able to see a few more channels


In the general chat you'll be able to read some info in the pinned messages of how the onboarding works, certain restrictions and limitations.

In the onboarded-curation channel you are able to nominate posts of your onboarded users for curation.

In the other-curation channel you can nominate posts of users you've onboarded but it wasn't through our program: the #invite-links channel.

#invite-links: once you've registered your username here you are able to generate unique 1-time use links that'll use @ocd's account credits through @hiveonboard but bypass the SMS verification. This means that whoever you are talking to to onboard on Hive, will receive an invite link to a free hive account that they can use once and without the need to verify.

Why the onboarding program?

There's always been that one complaint of stakeholders: "I invited some people over but I didn't have the stake to curate them and no one bothered engaging with them so they didn't stick around". Of course things are very different now with communities, the @lovesniper initiative, our community incubation program and many other activities and projects outside of OCD that have made for far better user retention than in the past.

Our program solves quite a few of those problems, so let's talk about which those are exactly and how we solve it.

The problem of not having stake to support the newcomers. Though it's natural that new users need to show effort to start seeing rewards, things are a bit different on Hive because curators and stakeholders here are incentivized by the power of the same coin in the ecosystem effecting everyone if more users join and stay active. Thus we see a lot of introduction posts "curated" or at least rewarded, often blindly. This unfortunately leads to a few bad actors trying to take advantage of said rewards by creating fake intro posts, stealing the ID's of other users from different platforms, etc. The way we solve this is by trust and strict rules surrounding the onboarded users and curation.

Being an onboarder gives you a ton of advantages, not just that you can "spoil" your onboarded users in the beginning but also a lot of financial rewards we provide either through us directly or the reward pool, here's a few ways onboarders can earn extra rewards for their activity:

  1. When you generate an account through us, the posts of the invited user will automatically send you 3% beneficiary rewards. Though this is not mandatory and can be removed at any time from the user, many don't initially because without the user inviting them they wouldn't have received those rewards in the first place. Along with being able to nominate said users for curation and in a way guarantee that 3% won't be nothing, given the post is original, has effort and quality, etc, it can scale quite well if you imagine someone onboarding hundreds of users and they're all active and earning and not removing the beneficiary cut to their onboarder.

  2. 1 time compilation post of introduction posts of users you've onboarded. In the @ocdb account we frequently create compilation posts of new users that have been onboarded through our program. This means that for every user you onboarded, and they created an introduction posts, you'll earn the post rewards of said compilation posts through beneficiaries.

  3. Delegations from @ocd-witness based on active onboarded members. As a final reward not just for your onboarding but the efficiency of onboarding, guiding and keeping users active so they can learn enough about Hive to stick around, we also offer (currently 100 HP per active onboarder) delegations. These will stay with you as long as you are in the onboarding program and active.

Rules, limitations and why we have to be strict

Not having identity verification has always left a lot of leeway for abuse, this is one of the reasons we can't just give anyone the chance to become an onboarder because many who don't have a lot of stake or reputation (or something to lose) would attempt to take advantage in different ways.


It all works on trust, if we know you're a Hiver applying for our onboarding program who not only is quite active with posts and comments but has been around to understand Hive well enough to teach others quickly the do's and don't's, you'll most likely be a good fit and given a chance to onboard through us.

The important part here is to make sure the users you invite are aware of what they can't do on Hive, and especially if you're about to nominate their posts for curation you need to make sure it's not plagiarised content. We have a very strict two strike rule, if your onboarders are caught plagiarising more than twice on posts you've nominated for curation, you're out of the program.

This is to prevent onboarders from creating sockpuppet accounts with no effort content/plagiarism/etc and trying to double-dip on post rewards. This of course doesn't happen often and that's why onboarders are rewarded well for their onboarding efforts so they wouldn't have to stoop to these activities to even consider jeopardizing their position. Some times though their onboarded users go out and plagiarise even though the inviter has warned them against it, so it's important to make sure to curate the posts before submitting them for our votes. (Some times we catch the plagiarism when we're about to vote on the posts as well)


To not make it so that new onboarded users are given too much curation attention compared to say users who've been here longer, we have certain limitations in place. Early on new users can be nominated for curation about thrice per week and each month they've been on Hive it is lowered by 1 time per week until they "graduate" from our onboarding program and should know Hive well enough to be picked up by communities curation activities on their own or other curation accounts on Hive. We've found this to work quite well so far.

Another important limitation is that they make an effort in being active and engaging, not just on their own posts but connecting with other hive users, growing a genuine following and being social. This is a general rule we usually have for all authors we nominate, if they're being valuable community members who don't just look out for their own self interest they usually are more keen to receive curation from us.


This of course doesn't mean that you can't invite people on your own accord. We're currently offering account credits to @hiveonboard which means that if you invite people using your referral there or your @peakd referral you'll still be using @ocdb's account credits and the invited users will give you part of their beneficiary rewards. With the way we have set up certain initiatives you may not even need our onboarding program's help to make sure the users you onboard have a great starting experience on Hive. @lovesniper and our community incubation projects will surely assist you and your onboarded user to get where you want to go so they get the hang of the place easier and find the authors and niche's they're interested in to stay active.

Ending words

If you think you could do a good job onboarding and would like to try it, we're here waiting for your application. Keep in mind that we do prefer users who've been around a while so if you're new to Hive yourself you may have to wait a bit longer but being active, learning Hive and growing your audience will surely be a great way to get your application approved in the future.

I think it's important for us to start onboarding new users and show them what they've been missing out on. With our program, our focus on improving communities and the general curation and how well it works on Hive compared to our forked "competitors" there should be no excuse as to why we aren't onboarding more people we either know directly or would like to see and support on Hive. Social media networks need users, it's up to each and every one of us to invite them so we can see this place grow and scale to what it can become and how it will change monetization, immutability, ownership and censorship resistance for everyone involved.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or contact us in our Discord!



At some point in the not-too-distant future I think I could become quite a good onboarder, as I'm very passionate and focused on Hive, I learn quickly, and I love helping people create mutually beneficial relationships. Until then I'll just keep building, growing, and learning! 🙏 💚

Great initiative. I do have one question though. There are some newbies who found Hive on their own and are not on any onboarders “team” so it makes it very difficult for us to get curation or even visibility because we just started out. Is there a way a newbie like me could join an on boarders team, at least until I find my way through the communities.

None of the onboarded members join the team per se, it's for the onboarders. For newbies we do have other initiatives such as @lovesniper that track the first posts of certain accounts, read them and give the users recommendations on communities they may be interested in based on their post, then we follow genuine looking accounts to further curate their posts in the future. There are plenty of other initiatives outside our community who also focus on newcomers so I'd say the main thing you can do is comment like you did here on authors you're interested in, check which communities they post to, subscribe to them and be active there with your votes and comments, ultimately you'll start doing pretty well depending on your content and engagement level and the rewards follow organically.

Okay. Until now, I thought lovesniper was just automated to comment on every newbies post and that once the comment is made and the OCD curators welcome you, you’re on your own. I didn’t know there was a chance they might keep tabs on your account to further curate in the future. Thank you for the info. And if you could me with links to some of the other newbie-focused initiatives out there that would be great.

I tried joining the newbie initiative by @starstrings01 and aliento but it seems they only applications at certain times and once it’s closed, you don’t get a chance to join again until it’s open.

Wow...this is an awesome initiative. I am very interested but I have to stay on Hive a little longer to know the system more and also build my stake and followers. The community is really interesting and I will want to onboard my friends too to enjoy it too.

Thanks for update pertaining to onboarding new arrivals, @zakludick is actively working with a class of '22 perhaps aware of program.

To distribute further....

@tipu curate

Thank you for the mention. Let me check this post out!

You have started your class would be interesting to take a look.

The best thing about this platform is that there are communities for exchanging experiences between members especially for beginners.

Can we apply at any time?

I'm pretty new on hive am I legible to apply? I will join the discord channel right away. For trust and activeness, you could count on me.

We prefer experienced hivers as onboarders cause they need to guide and teach the newcomers a thing or two and they have a lot of responsibility on making sure no abuse occurs.

Yes you're right old and experience hivers are better. In the future I could be a help here thanks for the prompt response.

Keep working on your activity and learning Hive and apply when you think you're ready. :)

Thank you for the encouragement.

Amazing initiative! Hope one day will have enough experience in hive to apply for onboarding program. I would love to be a part of this initiative in future.

Onboarding is a huge responsibility on someone and hope people will not abuse abuse it or will choose to make quality content.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @acidyo, @documentinghive ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I hope that there are many features on Hive such as chatting with people, it is a good way to bring ideas together.

Our onboarding program needs more active onboarders!

Our program solves quite a few of those problems, so let's talk about which those are exactly and how we solve it.

yes easy to take words out of context

New accounts created

Who created the new accounts yesterday

AccountAccounts created

ocdb is creating accounts for hiveonboard and peakd, etc

the onbaording program is different, uses ocd's account credit tokens and offers onboarders direct invite links rather than going through SMS verification etc to avoid abuse.

the onbaording program is different, uses ocd's account credit tokens and offers onboarders direct invite links rather than going through SMS verification etc to avoid abuse.

Yeah, that was clear and was understood well from the first time.

But the previous video responds more to this sentence that I quote below and that was previously between the lines.

We prefer experienced hivers as onboarders cause they need to guide and teach the newcomers a thing or two and they have a lot of responsibility on making sure no abuse occurs.

And of course, I also understand that it is very possible that you do not speak or understand Spanish. :)

hi boss,, I would be very happy if you give a chance (support) to build a community focused on teaching hive to people out there, we can form a special community focused on students & college students, I think it will have an impact positive for the future.

Fantastic initiative!

This must be a great news for us all. Onboarding is a work for all to participate.

It's a great initiative @acidyo and it is really you guys should keep going and polishing.

@joanstewart pinged me over here because I am an onboarding with a "Class of '22".

I do not yet have a massive account or what you might call a vetran. I joined 4 years ago and had a year before going dark for 3 years. I re-joined end of 2021 and ramped up my content etc this year and started my onboarding class. Perhaps I am somewhat Experienced. I have gone from 313HP to nearly 900HP this year so far and my students have over 700HP combined. So I must be doing something right.

I really like what you guys are doing with @lovesniper! Great work with that and all the curation happening on various people's content. Thank you for your support!

This is a great idea for me.
I have a reputation of 59 and 119 HP , am I qualify to apply?

cool! sounds like a well setup program and very helpful and worthy way to help hive grow. Also for all the new hivers..

I'll have to think on that.. if I am willing (just being my usual lazy self).. :P


I wish you can really specify range of hive reputation or Hive power you are having before you try to apply to be an onboarder, so interested individuals who wants to apply will know their eligibility status or howfar they should wait before applying. We have people with reputation below 60 and have spent good time on Hive, it's good they know if they can still apply or they shouldn't bother, it will save stress too for examiners not to have unqualified people applying...

It's not about your reputation or hive power. It's about your experience and track record on Hive, your contribution to the platform, who you can reach outside of Hive, and how well you can guide these new people to stay on track on Hive.

@chinito you asked the same question.