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As most using @peakd may have noticed by now, (maybe soon hive.blog as well cc @quochuy) we've added a Twitter badge for those who've connected their Twitter and Hive account on hiveposh.com!


Since the update we've seen a lot of new users joining in, many who also have been using POSH without knowing (by tweeting a hive front-end link and tagging #hive) and are now able to earn both POSH tokens on hive-engine and some Hive rewards (you can check the rewards going out quite consistently on @poshtoken's wallet transactions.

While this is a great big step for POSH and we thank the team behind @peakd for enabling this feature, we've got a lot more things coming, slow and steady.

If you haven't been following some updates, plans, thoughts and ideas, here's a little run down of what's to come and what else we're thinking about!


While this has been discussed for a very long time and our artist has been done with it and waiting in forever as well, we're getting a lot closer to releasing this and @peakd once again offering "verified" nft stickers to those who own and display in their profile pic their #nfts from hive's second layer: hive-engine.

This alpha drop is going to be quite unique, first of all, all of the sales are going to go directly to the @poshtoken account for growth for future development costs, maintenance costs and token buy backs. We're of course maintaining the project as fully community-funded with the main goal to always be to bring more traffic to our ecosystem and front-ends and making sure those POSH'ing always being able to get some value out of their activity.

Another great addition to this has been @rishi556 working on a "soulbound" NFT contract for hive-engine which will enable us to mint non-tradable POSH PETS NFTs we're going to be awarding to certain POSH'ers that'll come with some perks that the regular NFTs won't have.

This is most likely going to be the next big addition for POSH to go live while we're tackling Reddit and Facebook integration and who knows maybe @peakd badges for connection those as well down the line!


sneakpeek to POSH PETS pfp NFTs created by @astrocreator

There've been a ton of ideas, some we've had to put aside short term due to possible technical limitations and some ideas we just feel we aren't there yet to implement or aren't as important or big for the POSH ecosystem to get to yet. Some of our devs have also had real life restrictions that are going to ease up come years end so we are hopefully going to be taking this full-on a lot more after that to be able to push out developments more regularly and faster!

There's recently also been another great idea brought up where we may be creating a new token under POSH which will work quite differently to how POSH is built up but we'll make sure it'll strengthen its value in the form of airdrops to holders and possible fees buying up POSH tokens to burn. While we can't release too much info about it yet as it's quite open-ended as we're figuring out the best way to go about it, I can say that we're thinking of implementing it to an active community on Hive and attempt to bridge it over to other chains in an effort to onboard and grow the activity of both Hive and POSH Pets. :)

I hope you're all as excited as I am about this project and I hope to continue seeing more growth of our ecosystem with POSH being a big part of it.

Thanks for reading and everyone who is still around showing how strong Hive is even during bear markets!


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~~~ embed:1584663484935327744 twitter metadata:MTA2NjgxNjU2MTAyODE4MjAxNnx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xMDY2ODE2NTYxMDI4MTgyMDE2L3N0YXR1cy8xNTg0NjYzNDg0OTM1MzI3NzQ0fA== ~~~

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @acidyo, @mypathtofire, @seki1, @yeckingo1, @joydukeson, @elyelma, @wilsonthe, @yolimarag, @zestimony, @fabian98, @hironakamura, @hiro-hive, @astrocreator, @mcoinz79, @jomancub, @steemadi ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

The @peakd team really is one of the best at implementing community ideas. I can't tell you how many times I've made a recommendation and it has been added almost instantly. Having a Twitter profile icon is very convenient and also frees up the main URL on our profiles so we don't have to have it display our Twitter link like I've been doing for years now.

Posh Pets are looking great. Doesn't surprise me one bit since @astrocreator is a beast with designs!

Thanks @daltono, I'm glad to hear that from you.

It feels weird to be the only human alive that doesn't use Twitter.

You're not alone. I tried using it for years only to gain zero followers. That can't be a coincidence. The only reason I check it now is to see what Elon has to say. I really wish he'd stop messing with it and just join us here on Hive. Maybe his X will be cool though.

Don't even need twitter to hear about Elon tweets. It is kind of weird though someone would spend 40 billion to have 'free' speech. Dude could spend that much on a hologram the size of the moon except it's his face and he talks all day.

It's not the tech or free speech he's buying. He's buying a market or, community, comprised of millions of people. That's most likely why he wants to know if those are people or bot accounts. People are worth more. Bots are a ripoff.

This is another thing where POSH could help hive users kickstart their twitter presence, cause now you can see who is registered with the badge and follow those you already follow on Hive or who are following you here and build on your followers. A little activity on top such as retweeting their shares and liking them and you may gain more followers on Twitter that way to eventually also reach people outside of Hive which is the main goal.

You're not alone. And what I mean by that is, I'm totally assed out of the Posh thing too.

We should start a support group for people like us. Tokenize it and reward each other.

Hello, I'm Not1mportant, I've never been to Twitter.

Hi Not1mportent!

Not like I was using it before the posh initiative to be honest. :D

People seem to be enjoying this service. I'm not seeing much sharing to twitter when it comes to unique arts and entertainment though. Of course that's somewhat of a rarity here these days, yet it stands a better chance of going viral, if it's good. Wrote about that once. Offering incentives is a step in the right direction for sure. Still a bit weird the 'share to social media' buttons are hidden on Peakd but that's a story for another day.

I rarely use Twitter myself, but if it'll help Hive I'll try to remember to share my next fractal art post there...


Nothing wrong with sharing your own stuff outside, especially if you have eyes out there to see it, and then maybe those people will share it.

Sharing is far more effective when people share the work of others though. Potential market grows with each share.

Of course these days the attention span is short combined with a metric shit-ton of content to scroll through. That much choice combined with so little time spent means a lot falls through the cracks.

I think the easiest way for something like an artist to go viral these days is just to say something stupid designed to piss off the political crowd, and get "cancelled". Or combine some art with telling them what they want to hear, could work... chuckle

We actually do incentivize sharing of others posts more in some ways, for instance if the poshtoken comment has your twitter share in it and you upvote it yourself, those hive rewards will go to the hive.fund, so you're better off hoping others will upvote it to reward you for your share, something which the original authors often may do to incentivize more sharing of their posts.

You can also consider the upvote on the poshtoken comments as a small "reward pool", say if I give the comment on this post now a big vote, others could notice it and be like "hey if I share this on Twitter I can participate in getting some of those rewards".

Another cool thing is that you can also share old posts past payout as long as you haven't already shared it once before.

Isn't it cool how my ramblings about nothing can trigger so many moments of clarity.

Maybe I should be on Twitter...

For me my position (before POSH efforts especially) was if a consumer was wise enough to stake HIVE in order to qualify for benefits, they earn by sharing if they also vote then receive curation(consumer) reward. The 'share to twitter' button, when pressed, would have functioned the same way as the vote button plus sharing to twitter.

A frontend could have that up and running in a matter of days. Then there's yet another reason to stake and hold HIVE. These second layer options work fine as well. Fun watching you folks find creative ways to achieve these goals.

I also like how the tweets show up in the comment feed (hated that at first but now I can see important stats in real time which is a good thing) but I will remind everyone how much of a disaster that'll be if a post actually does go viral. That comment would be a neverending scroll. I suggest planning for that. Reach a certain amount and the tweet post could shrink in size, for instance. So you'd have thousands of smaller thumbnails, maybe. I'm just thinking out of my ass right now.

Still. Keep it up. Running a tight ship. Good to see.

The collaborative efforts of Justclickindiva and DeannDMatthews might get some attention - the art and stories focus on aliens, which is always popular :) ...


@nonameslefttouse! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I'm an alien. But don't tell anyone. They'll just think you're crazy.

You ain’t alone…

Well, shit. There goes my one chance at being unique.


Many exciting updates! Whenever I post, it doesn't feel complete before the posh comment is there. Soul bond nfts with special perks sounds awesome. Looking forward to more details on that, and also this new token.

Any updates for Posh on Threads, by the way?

Edit: I suddenly notice several posh comments on Threads. So this is already implemented then, I suppose. I must've been sleeping in class

This is a good news for me i am really excited for the new development and the new ones that are too come, How do we participate in the posh pet NFT, I am not used to NFT's though but this sounds like something that is going to benefit and any other person. I must say @peakd deserves some accolades ever since i found that platform everything has been good for me.

Thanks for this. I will try to connect my Twitter to posh. I cannot believe there are many tokens there on hive.

The badge is really cool, thank you :)

Excited for the POSH Pets NFTs as well!

Poshtoken has always excited me and continues to excite me. I am really curious about their Posh Pet NFT and I hope I can get one. I wouldn't say no to a cute cat.

My post is not always complete until I head on to twitter. I just love getting notified from poshtoken.

I got the badge too. This is a wonderful innovation.

I love the Twitter badge, it's a pleasure to share in web2 all the good work we all doing here in Hive. The whole world have to know it!!!

Waooo how cool really, I already want to see the POSH PETS NFT 😍 congratulations to all the developers, what a great job.

That nft looks great :) ... Are you still thinking about basing them on actual pets too in the future???

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Maybe at some point in the future but that was never really an idea set in stone, I think it was just someone who mentioned it in some comments once and some people stuck with the idea. We do have some other good ideas that could lead up to that, though, if the artists are up for it and incentivized enough, why not.

We do have some other good ideas that could lead up to that, though, if the artists are up for it and incentivized enough, why not.

That works :) ... Will the NFT's be for mining?

That's the plan for one of their use-cases, yes, BUT only for POSH we've bought up from the market, not new issuance so it'll be interesting staking rewards.

I'd definitely be interested in mining and staking... I just need to motivate myself to get into Twitter. Maybe if Elon Musk really does take it, and start ensuring accounts won't disappear for no reason I'll be more enthusiastic about that platform.


I really appreciate this a lot and those that haven't connect their hive account to post are really missing out.

Thanks for all of the work you're doing on this.

I'm also excited to join @peakd .And I am very happy to be among all of you.

This is great, hooray to all who make it possible, I need to connect to posh.

It is a very good work that you are developing especially about NFT. Congratulations.

This deserve a posh 🤯

I have link my account and I Am really enjoying it's benefits. Thanks for much

Sounds great and introduced to keep using the @peakd app to do all my work here. I have found something new on the app and thanks to the developers

Good step.
That's more of a reminder for those who ain't registered with POSH and sharing Hive stuff on Twitter.

I have tried to do this but it keeps telling me wrong password so I stopped trying.

Wrong password to what?

When I want to connect
my Twitter with my posh hive using the key chain it will tell me to put password when I the one I know it will say wrong password. Perhaps I didn't do it the right way. I want to connect to PoSH token steps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thank you for this achievement @acidyo . I love it. 😍😍😍

Super cool!

I quite like "acidyo". Is it like [ acid! 😳 Yo! ] Or [ acid yo 😎 ] or just [ acidyo ] ?

They are great updates. I am very happy that the POSH PETS NFTs project is moving forward, I am curious to see it in operation. Thanks to @acidyo for this opportunity.

This update is really cool and the team just did their thing again.awesome.
Looking forward to more cool updates with this one.😊

I love the little Twitter badge. I was quite surprised when I noticed it next to my name but then I figured out what's everything about, haha. Would be cool to have such buttons for more social media platforms even though Twitter is the most used right now, but would help people connect with each other faster.

The fact that the Poshtoken was created in such a short time and can be shared on Twitter is the best indicator of its success. I look forward to doing my best to earn from these tokens.

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Coming soon on Condenser

Hi there, so I have something to say that is very unrelated to this post of yours.

I was told by nonameslefttouse that I should try talking to you.

I started a community a few weeks ago and I would know if there is someway of getting a curator for that community onboard or something of the sorts. Someone or some entity that has a little bit more voting power behind their clicks than that of mine. I really want the community to get attraction and activity and a lot of it as well.

If I'm not able to get a curator onboard can you somehow point me in the direction and steps that I need to go and take to make a success of the community. Or to make it a little bit more visible to hive users if that is something you can in fact help with I do not know. Either way I felt like it was worth a shot.

Sorry if I am a bit invasive here.

Very interesting badge, I always support every badge you make