Trip to La Sagrada Família #1 - Barcelona | Spain

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Still wandering around Barcelona, ​​during a trip made over 10 years ago and wanting to remember and share some of those memorable moments, today we are going to pay a visit to La Sagrada Família, Antonio Gaudí's most important master piece and the most visited monument in Barcelona.
The construction is so rich, complex and imposing that i will share this visit spread over 3 articles.






I can't imagine what the plan outlined today is so that it is possible to allow thousands of tourists to visit, but 10 years ago it was a veritable cluster of people making endless lines to enter.
In our case, we gave up climbing the towers and opted to visit the interior of the temple and the cellars where various works and architectural plans by Antonio Gaudí are exhibited.







Taking the opportunity to make a brief introduction to the work and its origins, it is a Neo-Gothic style construction started in 1882, but a year later at the beginning, the project was handed over to Gaudí, who did a complete redesign, drawing an exceptional and innovative temple that initially would consist of 18 towers, but only had time to create one before his death, having died in 1926 and leaving the project that remains under construction based on the Gaudí plans that were left.
Nowadays Gaudí's dream lives on thanks to the work of other artists and the financially obtained through donations and visits.








Even for those who do not have the opportunity to enter the Temple and be dazzled by the complex dimension of architecture, it is possible to spend hours appreciating such great work from abroad, because although it is not finished, La Sagrada Familia is an exuberant temple full of religious symbolism.
Inside we can appreciate a whole dimension inspired by nature's shapes, with huge columns in the shape of a tree trunk and full of religious and esoteric symbolism, with magnificent colored stained glass windows that let in natural light creating a mystical environment, and those ceilings breathtaking.





Anywhere we look is a detail, more an ornament, more an astonishment, nothing was left to chance, everything seems to have a meaning, in the positions, in the forms, in the arrangement of the pieces.
This is without a doubt the true master piece of Gaudí in all its splendor.
In the next article we will go to the cellars where the plants and experiments that gave rise to the work that we see today are erected and which stands out imposing on the horizon are exhibited and will certainly be the main visit card to the city of Barcelona.

That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

All images are my property | Images © 2020 @aleister


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Visited Sagrada Familia 2 years ago, I can feel the excitement I had now watching your pictures :D

That´s an impressive master piece from Gaudi :) and not only from Gaudi but a also from other less known artists.
I need to back there again :p

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Awesome, thank you so much :)