Python programming for children/ Puppet Project in the community, a new direction.

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Python programming for children/ Puppet Project in the community, a new direction.

Today is a day of joy, which will mark a before and after as the future of the project will be the training of children from popular sectors of Venezuela who will learn for free how to make puppets with ecological materials. I will also talk about a project that is annexed to this initiative Proyecto Programando en Hive where children will learn to program with python.


This morning I have completed the 130k HP that will be used for curing artistic content mainly in Spanish.


The rewards from the healing will be gradually turned off to raise funds to finance the second community puppet workshop. The total cost of a workshop is approximately $638, in Venezuela is one of the countries with the highest inflation in the world, I will try to keep the price against the prices that rise gradually.


This indicates that I will be able to do a workshop monthly, even simultaneously, I will have to prepare staff to learn the craft of puppetry, however keep in mind that my person is the workshop leader and I will always be directly involved in all workshops.


The sense of doing art workshops with resources from HIVE will be highlighted in each of the spaces where we work. In fact the Blockland Puppet Theatre script is a good introduction for children who will learn about the Blockchain through puppetry art.

Also basic workshops of Blockchain use will be given so that the representatives of the children learn and generate HIVE accounts. During the second campaign I have promoted the idea that the parents and representatives achieve the formation of a community business of garbage collection taking advantage of generating resources Fiat to generate a fund in Cryptomoney or the purchase of HIVE and be able to generate value within the platform.

In this sense, the idea is to bring HIVE to reality, in all the activities the HIVE logo will be visible, both in the puppet show, flannels of the organizing staff, and banners taking the publicity to another level. I think that not everything should be within the comfort zone within the blogs, healing teams, or in discord. If we really want to pay tribute to the name of social network we must be on the street with society.

Expansion proposal

130k HP will be enough to finance workshops of puppets, the following stop will be to obtain 350k HP, it will be asked what will be done with the resources here I leave another workshop that approaches more to the technological side with these two tools the capacities are offered value to the platform HIVE are practically infinite, since it will be able to be operated at global level.

Children in the beehive / Python programming workshop for children

I came up with this name to develop the project. Although it is still to be defined.

Python is one of the programs used for Blockchain development so it is a good start for our children to empower themselves of Blockchain, our world, our new economy, our sustainable and free lifestyle.

The main idea is to obtain funds through the proposal or delegations to finance python workshops for children, with this we encourage the use of tools for children to be close to the Blockchain.

In addition to the workshops, basic Blockchain hive workshops will be held for the inhabitants of the communities where the workshops are held.

These initiatives are intended in the medium term to attract the attention of potential investors in HIVE.

The value that this would generate to the HIVE platform is immense, imagine future Blockchain programmers who took their first steps thanks to HIVE.

Advertising HIVE

Both the python programming workshop for children and the basic Blockchain HIVE training workshops for community members will be done in the name of HIVE Blockchain dynamically showing the logo on the t-shirts of the organizing group and workshop staff, HIVE logo on banners or pennants, HIVE logo as a screen saver of the laptops used in the workshop, transport labeled with HIVE logo. Making clear the brand behind this initiative.

In another publication I will give form to this project, to be sure to contribute all the necessary ideas that allow the expansion of HIVE.

Stay tuned for future updates where I will explain more about Programming in HIVE.

If you wish to support with delegation you can contact me through Discord. arrozymangophoto#8542

Grateful to all who delegated this month, once again HIVE is alive.

Thanks for reading

Special thanks to the delegation






@arrozymangophoto this is a very good initiative and kudos to you for this. And special thanks to those who have delegated HP for this initiative.God bless

Thank you for supporting and valuing the work that different factors allow for real change

Estupenda iniciativa con un fin loable, los niños siempre merecen nuestra atención y esfuerzo. Gracias por compartir tus aportes, @arrozymangophoto. Mi apoyo y un abrazo...

Muchas gracias por apreciar y apoyar, los niños son el futuro y que mejor que aprendan sobrea Blockchain.

Por las fotos es un gran trabajo, llevando alegría, a los niños en las comunidades me recuerda a mi trabajo en la alcaldia donde llevaba salud a las zonas más deprimidas de la ciudad en Maracaibo

Gracias, siempre será necesario atender a los desfavorecidos, la Blockchain es la salvación para este mundo injusto.

la mejor de las suertes y éxitos en ese proyecto, que halles en él todo lo que estas planeando.

Gracias hermano,por esos deseos, espero planificar un encuentro contigo.

Hi @eeks.. From your 10k HP delegation which I want to thank infinitely. He put a point of departure to a project that I am developing and that has accelerated a lot, from 10k to 130k HP. In this publication he explained the processes of two projects that I will finance based on the HP that I am accumulating.

Two aspects to take into account, I will finance the puppet project in low income communities and I will finance a python programming project for children. This would be the first aspect to take into account.

The second aspect is the curing of quality content which I am working on in conjunction with Spanish speaking communities.

The goal is to reach 350k HP to implement both projects.

Would you consider delegating something extra to get closer to the goal?

Todo lo relacionado con la formación del niño y joven venezolano es de mi interés. Desde hace mucho tiempo me dedico a la produción de material didáctico para la formación en el ajedrez y en la programación. En cuanto a la programación desde un tiempo para aca la estoy promocionando a tarvés del uso de Python. Te felicito por la labor que estás haciendo. Fuerte abrazo.