Hey Google You need to STOP

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I love Coffee and I have talked about that on several occasions. I have also said that I sometimes do get addicted to things like Coffee and when I do realize that I take a break from it for a set period of time. Guess what I am currently on a break from Coffee as I was having a tad bit too much Coffee per day. Now it has been almost 2 months of me staying without Coffee and it has had its ups and downs but I feel good now so I might start drinking Coffee from next month again. But it has been fking Google that has been making my life hard without Coffee, Guess How?

By Fking Putting only Coffee Ads everywhere.

The amount of Coffee related Ads I get per day is just ridiculous. It is so crazy that one day I thought about counting all the Coffee Ads I get in a day and the number turned out to be 73. 73 is a huge number of Ads that are being targeted on me as to go and buy Coffee and I mean it has been successful as now I am indeed interested in trying out that Coffee but from a humane point of view I feel like they are trying to brainwash people like me by such targeted Ads.


The reason I am angry with this is that even though Coffee is not that big of a deal but it is still one of my addictions and I am being shown targeted Ads as to how you can get this awesome Peruvian Coffee at such low prices. I don't feel like that's good. Imagine you are a recovering Alcoholic and you get shown Bottles of Whiskey as Ads every other page, that won't be good right. I don't get how this is legal as it seems to me that Google is just pushing Ads against their user's will or want. I just can't shake this feeling that Google has a lot of control over my life whether I believe it or not.

What do you guys feel about that?



Delete cookies or use an ad blocker?

I do have an Ad Blocker and it works great but some websites do not allow access without pausing my Ad Blocker and Youtube is another place where I cant block Ads.

Why use google at all. As a coder, I feel google and bing are bloated with more search suggestions, people also searched for, when I would need just the results for my search. Duckduckgo and Qwant are my first choice.

For a blocker use ublock origin or brave.


I once googled cakes for my mother's birthday and till now all I get are cake videos and ad pop-ups even on Instagram and YouTube (my mother's birthday was in March)