Know the Truth, get rid of the Lie!

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Hello Steemitans! How are you these days? Given the current situation, the world is slowly becoming paralyzed. Today I will write about the lies we hear every day on television from politicians, bankers, employers. So, stay tuned!

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Nowadays, truth seems to us to be a hard-to-reach thing, it is too complicated for ordinary people and is reserved only for sages and philosophers. This is just one big fabrication. The truth is not complicated but that is why they are lies in which we are bound. To know the real truth requires great wisdom, which we gain through knowledge and experience. The truth is always something real and existing while the lie is always fabricated and meaningful. The lies that society has persuaded us with are so skillful and cleverly conceived that we have taken them for granted and thus cannot know the true truth. If you believe you know the truth, the true truth will always remain hidden, which is the goal of fabricated lies that are seemingly right and difficult to reject.

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We listen to lies daily through the media, through politicians, bankers, employers, and the whole society is lying to us. But the worst part is that our parents are lying to us. Of course, not on purpose. Not because they really want it, but because they believed in the lie themselves. The natural bond between parents and children is such that children unconditionally believe in parents and naturally accept lies. How to resist lying? The common root of all lies we believe in is the ego. The ego is the master of lies, the ego is itself a great designed lie. The ego is a non-existent thing, it is substantially absent, it has a certain pseudo-existence under certain circumstances. These circumstances are our parents and important people to us. They told us in childhood who we are, what we are called, etc.

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The worst thing that is also the biggest lie is that we are just one reduced existence. That would be our ego. But our being is not limited! And then why would society run our lives? So with the help of the people around us, we believed in the lie in our role in it. We took the lie as truth and thereby closed the true truth to ourselves. We all feel that there is something wrong in this world and we believe that with common efforts we should change it. In doing so, we continue to feed the lies we believe in and are therefore rewarded with social honors, war awards and other medals. Dreams and illusions may calm our mind for a while, but we will surely be disappointed in the end. We all have to face the truth at some point, but to delay that moment we replace the old lies with the new ones. We do this because we are afraid of our "limited existence" (ego) because we believe that it is the only existence we have. Everything else is unknown to us, and we are afraid to step into it. However, this unknown is the true truth! In order to reach it, we must renounce the false truth we have replaced with the true one!

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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Above ego, I believe the problem to be people caring too much about what other people think of them. This ensures conformity and, while it could sometimes be desirable, we live in a world where a few corporations control 90%+ of the information we get.

So they get to choose if society cares about Jeffrey Epstein, they get to choose if we care about the environment, they get to choose if we care about Covid-19, they get to choose what issues we care about when voting. . .

We will soon know what the real background is. Certainly not well, ordinary people suffer the most.