What is an Aura? | Part I

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Hello dear Hivers, how do you spend your day? I hope you enjoy as much as you can in these conditions. Today I'm going to write about another mysterious topic, Aura. There are a large number of people who have heard of this term but have not explored it more deeply. So it was with me until I came across a couple of books and texts discussing this topic. Of course, there are also a large number of people involved in spiritual life who know very well what an Aura is. So let's start!


We can describe the aura as an energy envelope, a more accurate energy field that exists around all living things. Every life on Earth has its aura, from plants to humans. Aura can be felt on the edges of our body, especially around the head. It serves as a receiver for thoughts and emotions as well as for the detection of mental, spiritual and physical conditions. Throughout history, records have been written of the light that surrounds the human body. From East to West. The aura was also displayed through the haloes of ancient saints and deities. Everyone on Earth has an Aura, but most people have a weak or cloudy aura. As the color is clearer, so is the person who emits it more positively. Pale colors in aura have a negative meaning while a weak aura is a direct consequence of long-term materialistic and superficial behavior in a life in which people suppress the development of consciousness. Enlightened persons have a white or golden yellow aura color.


An Indian spiritual tradition that is more than 5 millennia old tells us that people were once able to see the Aura. A lot of people throughout history have had aureal vision and one of the most famous is Nikola Tesla. Even today, there are people who see other people's auras beautifully. Children up to the age of 5 can see other people's auras while seeing animals for almost their entire life. The reason for this is the existence of a magnetic receptor under the pituitary gland that recognizes the magnetic radiations of others. This is known in the people as the third eye.


Aura became the subject of scientific research in the west in the early 19th century. In 1858, Baron Karl Reichenbach discovered that people, plants and animals are radiating energy. The first visual records were made by dr. William Kilner. He used different techniques to record the aura so that he first applied the term "aura". He found that the energy field was different from one individual to another and was affected mentally and emotionally.


This was the first part about Aura. I'll write a sequel soon. I hope you enjoyed reading and that I was at least a little interested in this topic. If you have something to ask or share your knowledge, leave a comment. Follow the World of Myesteries community and have a great week!


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