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RE: So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

in OCD13 days ago

Huge and fantastic work you have made here my dear !
Collecting all the datas and writing this great post,
this will be of wonderful help for any person who is eager to shine a bit more and draw our attention with their post and the effort put on it 😊
okayredim.png Bravo @crosheille ! 👏

 13 days ago 

Thank you so much @barbara-orenya and you were a big part of that, thank you!

I am surely hoping so! Maybe we’ll see more efforts put forward. I would love to see more content creators get well rewarded here ~ ❤️

Your help was greatly appreciated!

I didn't notice I was benefiting from the reward of this post 🙃....a huge crocodile.png for this gesture @crosheille ! 😘

 2 days ago 

Of course! ☺️

It wouldn't have felt right or been right of me to not include you all in the benefits of this publication. Without your contributions it wouldn't have made as much of an impact. 😉

It was my pleasure to include you in the rewards ~ 💛