So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

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This post is a collaboration of curators from the OCD Community and various Community Leaders. Collectively we are spreading awareness on how to make your post a target for curation.

There have been several posts made by curators sharing what they look for, how one could improve on their publications and offering helpful tips to increase quality.

It is our hope that these attempts to inform and educate you would actually be read and content creators would begin using them to enhance their publications.

We as leaders are working hard everyday to spread the love around fairly. We aim to help those who put forth effort get rewarded for their contributions to making Hive a unique platform filled with quality content.



If you are using images in your posts the quality of those images are one of the first impressions of your authorship.

Believe it or not poor image quality could deter others from giving your post a read. If the image quality is poor it could be assumed that the writing quality is of the same effort. Even though this may not be true it is what is perceived due to low image quality being the first thing we see.

Personally, I adore the technical quality of the photographs a lot, and as a curator I absolutely can not resist to upvote a good post if I occasionally run into it, of any subject - if I recognize it as a great photography. (which can be taken even with a smartphone. not necessarily with expensive camera and lens).
@qwerrie - Founder of Fungi Lovers Community

Even if you do not own a professional DSLR camera you can still take some nice decent photos with your smartphone.

A quick tip: Make sure to clean and wipe the camera lens on your smartphone before taking photos. This makes a world of a difference on the clarity of your photos. Publishing foggy greasy photos is hurting your chances of curation.

Image quality, doesn't need to be professional grade, but no blurry images. The quality of cameras on mobile handsets are so good nowadays, there is no excuse for blurry images.
@livinguktaiwan - OCD Community Curator, Founder of Hi from Hive, Toys on Hive and The LooLoo Community

There are plenty of editing apps available that you can download right from your phone to help you enhance the final outcome. Taking care to make sure your photos are clear, clean and recognizable without one having to strain and struggle to figure out what it is could really upgrade the quality of your posts.

In the Photography Lovers Community, I have let my other curators know that we are not focused on super high quality photography, but we want to reward people that are trying to get better at photography and are taking the time to create posts that are talking about their photography as well. I tend to skip posts that are just single images or people that just dump images and don't write about them at all. But if you take the time to write a decent post and talk about your images, the chances of curation are higher.
@derangedvisions - OCD Community Curator, Founder of Photography Lover’s Community

I think it’s safe to say that single image posts with very little or no writing makes any curator or community leader cringe. It could be the best photo you’ve ever taken but if you don’t take the time to elaborate on the photo, tell a story behind it or give some kind of interesting fact or description, it will get passed over.

We could easily search for photos on Google to look at but we want to hear your personal stories behind the photos you share and be enlightened by what you uniquely bring to Hive. Those who are adding quality to the platform will be priority when it comes to curation.

They just have to be well taken, we are not a photography group. No need to have a very good camera, the care taken in the capture is something that does not require any expensive equipment. I like above all that it is interesting to look at these photos, so no need to upload a series of 10 times the same pose.
@barbara-orenya - Feathered Friends Community Curator

You can get clever with the angles and positions of capturing your photos. We don’t need to see a variation of the same photo multiple times. Some may think it looks good or it’s helping them by making their posts seem longer but it’s really overkill and a turnoff.

Make it stand out and unique and show that you care and have put some thought and effort into it.

This brings me to my next topic...



This is a HUGE determining factor on curation selection!

Reward for effort is my ethos, for myself and others. I don't care if one doesn't write English well, just try. I don't care if a person isn't an amazing photographer, just try. I will always make allowances for those things provided I see effort, the person trying to present well, working for what they hope to get. Effort doesn't mean tagging everyone in the post to gain attention. It means consistency, working to draw people to one's post-feed through engaging with them on theirs, and it means proof-reading, laying out posts well also, answering comments left, making sure images are quality, not plagiarising, copy-pasting or any other short-cut people sometimes use. That's lack of effort and doing it will cause me to draw a line beneath the account and move on. Effort is also courtesy and politeness, humility and a level of care for the community. Show it and I'm more likely to curate. Lastly, saying thank you goes a long way.
@galenkp - Shadow Hunters Community Curator

I think @galenkp summed effort up really well.

Those of us who have been around for awhile can easily tell the difference from a post that was published just for the sake of posting vs. a post that involved some thought, work and passion. We can also spot out when plagiarism or copy and paste has taken place (we do check on and investigate these things to verify our hunch).

It’s really been shocking lately seeing the number of instances that someone has harassed and DMed a curator or community leader asking for votes. Doing this will get you just the opposite of what you are asking for.

We all started here from scratch and had to work hard to find our way, build reputable accounts, earn trust and develop friendships. We’ve put in the time making many posts in order for them to be seen amongst the crowd. There wasn’t a guide or a ’How to Be Successful on Hive’ handbook. We learned, stayed consistent and grew. Through those experiences we are now able to make posts like these sharing our knowledge to try to help others.

It took time, patience, commitment, willingness and a desire to want to do things the right way. Not in a way that harasses and upsets people by constantly asking for votes. You gotta earn those rewards and you do that by putting forth effort.

When I see very visible poor efforts, when I consider its just a 'milking up' effort - I dont feel engaged.

One of your main goals should be to keep your audience engaged. If readers lose interest in your writing they won’t stick around long and would most likely be hesitant to support your work.

Even a post that might not be as expertly put together as some, or whose English is still developing, is worth supporting – sure, maybe with smaller upvotes – if there’s a good story behind it, with some good photos, and it’s clear that you have put real effort in.
@riverflows - OCD Community Curator, Founder of Natural Medicine Community

You don’t have to be an expert writer. Truthfully can any of us call ourselves that? As long as you are trying and your focus is on putting your best foot forward you will eventually gain the attention you are seeking ;)


You may be thinking

well what’s this have to do with a quality post?

Believe it or not it takes more than just writing a great post to get on curation radar.

Another thing I check for is to see if the author engages with the community. I try and curate the active community members because they are the ones adding more value to the blockchain than someone who just posts and never comments on anyone's content or even replies to comments on their posts.


Hive is not the type of platform where you come, drop off your content and then return when you are ready to post again. You gotta be honest with yourself and realize if you are expecting support you have to also give support.

This can come in many forms as @derangedvisions mentioned above. Taking the time to engage by responding to comments, visiting other’s content, upvoting, commenting, encouraging them, providing feedback and input all goes a long way. Also getting involved with what’s going on here like volunteering your help in communities, lending your expertise to help with developing projects or anything that adds to the growth of Hive.

Often, curators might be looking for people who engage a lot too, because if we’re deciding between a lot of people who are eligible because their content is good, we’re often more likely to reward those who stand out because they make an effort to engage.

When we see good posts and a content creator behind that post with good engagement, they take priority on our list. Their involvement here shows us they are not just here to milk rewards and run but instead add value to the ecosystem.

I feel many have their money glasses on when they post to hive thinking that being focused on that aspect will help them post better and get rewarded. I say no. Making the reward the post-process and end result then the engagement and interaction is a much better way to go in my opinion. It's how I have always approached it. That way the post is better, the relationships are better and ergo, the rewards are better.

Very well said. There’s more than just the rewards that keep people sticking around. It’s the fun and excitement of it all. The built relationships, the enjoyment of creating a post and seeing the end results of your work and receiving feedback from fellow Hivers.

If you are taking the time to engage and coupling that with good original content eventually someone will notice your work and contributions ;)

Passion & Personality


In my opinion these two P’s go hand in hand. If you are passionate about what you write your personality will shine through the excitement and enthusiasm.

Showing passion means energy and excitement for the subject and content and the general post itself, it's presentation. It also means presenting oneself in the best way possible, the passion to be your personal best as often as possible, and especially in a post that one hopes for curation on. I don't expect posts to be perfect, mine are not either, however passion is the foundation for every other element of a post I would likely curate. Passion trumps perfection every day of the week.

Many posts I come across that interests me really dive into the subject they are speaking of. They go out of their way to get you to feel what they’re feeling or understand what they’ve experienced. Writing with passion draws readers in and helps keep them interested and engaged with what you’re sharing.

This also helps them see your personality and really get to know you better. When this happens connections are made and your follower numbers grow.

As a curator for OCD, and curating within my own community, Natural Medicine, and personally across HIVE for the last three years, I have realised that it is people’s stories that mean the most to me. I am far more interested in your personal experience with the world than I am in seeing content from the internet that’s just rehashed in a different way. If I can find it in a google search, I don’t have much interest in it. I think a lot of people start blogging here and believe they have to be uber professional and write as an expert on a particular topic, but it’s much better to write about your personal experience and thoughts on a hobby, an event, an interest or a passion. For example, a post about foraging for herbs and identifying them, and coming home and making a recipe about them is more engaging than a post that just copies and pastes or rewrites facts from the wider web.

It’s great when facts and research results are included in a post because we all can learn from them. The problem is when it is left just at that. There’s no personal touch added including your own views and opinions.

Find a way to add your personal flavor to your post. If it lacks that personal touch it might be hard for your readers to connect.

This is huge for me. I understand some people wish to retain the illusion of anonymity here but that doesn't negate the need to show personality. The reader (curator) is a human, just like the author, so showing some humanness, personality, is a critical element for me when curating and when looking for new people to build relationships with. This goes also for the real world of course. I prefer to feel like I'm connected with the author, invited into their post through their addition of personality. I liken it to me meeting a person in a bar and chatting. No personality and I'm gone. Personality and it's hey, have another G&T.

One way I like showing my personality is writing my posts in the way I would speak to someone. I invite the reader into my story by asking them questions, telling a joke or making funny comments along the way.

Any way I can involve who I am and relay that through my words I find a unique way to add it in. As you grow and develop your writing style should start to blossom naturally and enable you to express yourself in your own unique way.

For me, travel posts are all about personal experience and is much more important than descriptive fact and figures like from the tourist promotion board. Fact and figures are available all over the internet, whilst personal experience is unique to the author, and that's what adds value to a post.

That value is key and those are the posts that stand out. Adding a personal touch can make a heap of a difference.


• If you are not using your own photos for a post please source them. If I don’t see photos sourced and properly credited I usually skip over them.

• If you are writing a post in your native language please be sure to include an English translation.

• The length of your post does make a difference. I tend to look for posts that are at least 3 minutes long (with some exceptions for photography posts).

• Watch your posting habits. Posting more than twice a day can be seen as trying to milk the system. Spread your work out to share throughout the week.

• If you are an artist please show more than just the finished results. A sure way to reel in interest is to take us along the journey with you by showing the process of your work through photos.

• Aim for originality! Find ways to stand out and bring forth your own uniqueness. Do You Be You!



Good stories, good presentation, good effort, good engagement.

So, all in all - photo quality, originality (not same stuff over and over) and the level of efforts involved.

I don't ever look for high quality, just the triumvirate of elements being, passion, personality and effort.

We are reading. We are seeking. As leaders and curators we are consistently searching the platform everyday for quality posts to reward.

If you are trying and making an effort to put your best work forward please keep up your great work. This includes engaging in the community as well. Sooner or later one of us will find you.

There is always room for improvement, even for myself. I have been blogging here for almost 5 years and I am still finding ways to improve on my publications and engagement. I am still learning something new everyday that I’m here and I apply those things so that I can continue to grow.

If you are one of the people who have been asking what curators go by or how we make our selections I really hope this post helped answer your question.

Now what will you do with all this intel?

We hope that you will use it as a helpful guide as you continue your Hive journey.

Maybe this could be the start to the ’How to Be Successful on Hive’ handbook :D

Thank you to each of the Curators and Community Leaders who took the time out to collab with me in this effort. I greatly appreciate each of you and your input. You have each been made beneficiaries of this post :)

Thank you to @Acidyo for his OCD initiative that is helping and supporting newer authors and undervalued content. We are also grateful for the Incubation Program that is helping communities grow and generously reward their members.

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

This collaboration was put together, written and brought to you by @crosheille

OCD Community Curator, Founder of NeedleWorkMonday Community, Stock Images Community Curator

Thank You ~

There are 5 pages

Thank you so much for this brilliant run down. This will be very useful, especially to new people like me. I've only been active on Hive for a month and I understand the effort that goes into curating and this is an in depth view from your inside perspectives.

Thank you for taking the time to put it together and share it. Much appreciated.

 3 years ago  

You are very welcome :)

It is helpful knowing this information is useful especially coming from someone new. Thanks for taking the time to read it and providing feedback ~

Always a pleasure. I am still learning and don't expect to know everything in a short space of time. I've been reading lots of articles on how Hive works and the various different "currencies" and content creation tips etc., I think that the Hive Handbook where it incorporates all these aspects would be very useful for anyone new. I am a very analytical person so I tend to read and research a lot before embarking on projects and having it all together would be a great post to pin that anyone can refer back to at any time.

Often people I think are also quite overwhelmed at the beginning (I know I was for at least a few days) and don't really know how or where to start - a handbook would be the way to go because then everyone that joins would be able to see that they aren't going to post pictures alone and magically make hundreds of dollars and that would then also weed out a lot of the people right at the get go that are in it for mainly the wrong reasons.

I'd be happy to help start pulling the content together if you guys are keen to create the handbook, keep me in mind please. Thanks again. Have a lovely day.

 3 years ago  

It does take time to figure your way around and understand how things work.

I was just poking around with the handbook idea, haven’t heard anyone else talking about creating one. However, if I had help with enough brains and hands on deck I wouldn’t mind embarking on that journey :)

Yes that is exactly what’s needed. People that come onboard need to realize that posting here isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it does take time and work.

You have a lovely rest of your day as well ~

posting here isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it does take time and work.


I’ve been posting on this blockchain for many years and I still find this post helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write this as I’m sure it will help many many people and also give them some well needed hope while they are in their early days.

 3 years ago  

Wow that’s awesome to know that even you were able to find it helpful :D

Absolutely! So glad to be able to take the time to do this. Your feedback is a tremendous help, thank you ~

Don’t be surprised, it’s easy to get complacent once you’ve cut a groove within the community so a reminder like this is priceless. I also want to sharpen up and improve engagement on my posts. Payouts are great but comments are gold.

 3 years ago  

I totally agree, it is easy to become complacent once you've been here for so long. It's great to know you are still aiming to improve ;)

I am placing this in my bookmarks. :))

 3 years ago  

That's awesome and glad to hear!!!

As a fairly new person on Hive, this has confirmed all I have been trying to do. Sometimes I really hit a home run and other times I've learned from some things to do better. My favorite thing is to engage on others posts, if I read something and learn from it or their photos are awesome I want them to know how much their effort means to me. I have found Hive to be fun and educational, it allows my passion for birds, animals and nature shine. I thank the curators who like to develop others in being their very best.

 3 years ago  

It's really nice to hear that you enjoy engaging on other's posts. Leaving a genuine comment on a post encourages content creators to keep posting more and to do their best. I appreciate your efforts and taking the time to do that.

Hive is definitely a lot of fun and you will continue to learn loads of things as you hang around ;)

I thank you for reading and appreciating what we do ~

It is my pleasure! Thank you for your response, it is very nice to hear from you and other curators to navigate writing posts.

Thanks for reading and I'm so glad you found value in it.

Thank you for responding, yes there is a lot of value to learn in this post, it allows me to understand how I can do better in my posts.

There is some great info here. Its a really nice reminder post. The great thing about Hive is that there are more quality post on here then say, Steemit for example. Authors on Hive put in a good effort it seems, for the most part. Its not like Steem where at times, the community seemed to be made up of people in a race to suck the reward pool dry. Thousands of single pictures accompanied by a paragraph of writing, all making doubledigit sums of money. I don't see that on Hive very often which is awesome. Keep up the good quality work Hivers!!!!

 3 years ago  

Thank you @leaky20 I am glad you feel that way about the post :)

I definitely agree about there being more quality posts here compared to on Steemit. I go through hundreds of posts every week and unfortunately there are probably a lot more of the one photo posts that gets published here than you think. When you’re not looking for them you won’t see them as much. Being apart of a curation group my job is to sift through these posts picking out the ones with effort which means I see quite a bit of the low effort ones.

This is one of the reasons I felt this post was needed to try to change the things we were seeing. I felt if people knew what we looked for and the things that caused us to pass over posts that it would hopefully motivate them to put forth a little more effort in their work :)

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment ~

I have heard that so many times of late - 'Steem's where they go for getting what they can/raping reward pool' but 'Hive's where they put their quality content'. That makes me feel all warm inside!

Thank you very much for this post, which serves to increase my knowledge on the platform, and also the quality of my publications. I'm new to Hive, I joined this year indicated by the blockchain game I currently play. And this information I will absorb to put it into practice.
I am loving the whole platform and development. It is a pleasure to make content and be rewarded.
Thank you very much

 3 years ago  

It's a pleasure to help ;)

It really is great hearing you will put this information into practice...this was my main goal.

Isn’t it fun? I hope you continue to enjoy your journey here and hopefully some of these tips will help you receive even more rewards for your efforts ;)

Thanks for visiting and commenting ~

Thank you very much, my friend @crosheille. This is the kind of publication that helps us content creators. Having the information about the criteria taken into consideration by the people who vote for our publications clarifies a lot about what we have to do to be selected. Once again I thank you for sharing with the community all your valuable knowledge. Have a good night.

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 3 years ago  

You are most welcome @irvinc! Curators really want to see content creators do well and get rewarded for their work. I’m very glad this post has been a help to others already :)

You have a good night too and thank you for taking the time to read and respond ~

Ok. My dear friend. Thank you again. Have a great day.


Bright! What a wonderful text! It's amazing how short-lived I've been here and I'm following the path you guys talked about. Without having read any of this before. I believe that establishing real connections is the way. I'm Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro, I've been on the platform for a month and I've talked to people all over the world. I'm very happy and excited. I am now following the curators, to follow their contents. You are my inspiration. Thanks for the excellent post and I hope to be friends with you soon! Boelter MC Hug! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
(and I don't understand why they downvote here. these abuser has to end)


 2 years ago  

Hi @boeltermc! I see you joined the platform last month, welcome aboard!

Thank you for the positive feedback and the compliments of this collaboration. It’s always nice hearing responses from what we put out there hoping it is helpful and encouraging for everyone.

That’s great you’ve already been using these methods, I’ll have to come and check out your blog soon.

Establishing real connections is one of the main things that’s kept me here for so long and continues to keep me engaged. I hope you are able to find many people to connect with :)

Yea the downvotes don’t bother me. The ones from this post were from a downvote war but thankfully didn’t effect everyone getting nicely rewarded from their contributions to this post.

Thanks for the visit and comment ~

@crosheille thank you very much for the reception. establishing new real connections is making me very excited. I am also always studying, knowing new cultures, new cuisines, new tips about everything in the world. i admire the quality achieved by the community. the vast majority are exceptional.

 2 years ago  

It’s a pleasure ;)

This is awesome! Very, very helpful. Thank you! I've lost whose post I saw it in or who linked me to it and I wish I could remember as I want to thank them 😄🤗🙏 Oh well!

Thanks @crosheille. This has been bookmarked! 😍

@blackdaisyft, @arashthr, @maccazftw, @new.things... have you all seen this? 😀

@samsmith1971, I'm assuming you've seen this? 😄❤️

Hello @consciouscat 🤗 Yes I've already seen it 👍

Super useful and was also one of the posts that I read before making my intro post and therefore was a great contributor for the final result 👌 But I had the same issue of not knowing how to bookmark it 🙈

Thank you for finding it! I'll make sure to save it for future use in helping newbies 😁

Fabulous! Well, does @crosheille know they helped you to make the most kick arse intro post I've ever seen? I hope so 😃

Glad you've got it bookmarked ✔️

No! I totally forgot to point that out! Thank you for reminding me 🤗

@crosheille reading your post in my first days on Hive really gave me a clear idea of what makes a quality post! As I tried to implement those tips on my intro post and it was an unexpected sucess 😁😁

Thank you @crosheille and @consciouscat for all your teachings 🙏

 2 years ago  

Thank you for this comment @blackdaisyft! ☺️

I just read your wonderful intro post and left a comment there along with a tip!

It really shows that you took your time and thought out your post. You did a great job showing us who you are and giving us a little of your world. I appreciate the recognition and appreciation of my post. Hearing feedback like this is really helpful to those of us spending the time trying to guide others. I’m so glad it was of help to you.

Thank you ~

Thank you so much! 😁

You do an awesome job in guiding newbies through your posts 🙏

 2 years ago  

It’s a pleasure.

Thank you I really appreciate that ~ ☺️


 2 years ago  

Thank you so much @consciouscat! I am always glad to hear when this has been helpful to someone. I appreciate your feedback. 😊

❤️ You're welcome @crosheille. !LUV your work.

This is an eye opener for me, thanks a lot for sharing

 2 years ago  

I’m glad this post was helpful for you. Thanks for providing your feedback ~

I'm very grateful for this great enlightenment. Thank you that I've learned on the effective publication as a new friend on Hive. Of truth, Hive is a well of knowledge. This post has sharpened my understanding on Hive blockchain. Most times, as a new person on Hive, it seems too difficult to understand the intricacy behind posting, engagement and personality but with this, the future is secured. Thank you @crosheille. I'm grateful.

 2 years ago  

I am glad you learned from this post and that it will help you on your journey. Hive most certainly is a well of knowledge.

Thank you for your thorough feedback letting me know my mission was accomplished with this post ~

I’m glad I came across this post. I have been active for less than 2 weeks but I wasn’t engaging much besides the comments on my post. Thanks for sharing, will do better. Cheers

 2 years ago  

You’re very welcome. So glad you found this post and and it was useful for you ;)

This post should be an obligatory read for every new hive member, and also old ones who post low quality content every day. In my first week of hive I was really enthusiastic and posted a lot sometimes more than twice a day. I quickly realized that that is not the way to go. I have been found by OCD curators on some of my posts and it is really motivating seeing that huge upvote on your post. But also one should not be discouraged if they do not get that every time...

 3 years ago  

Thank you I appreciate that. I wish this info could get into the hands of every new member that joins. I’m working behind the scenes on a possible solution ;)

Yes, I’ve ran into your work in the Stock Images Community. You have really nice photography. It’s good you slowed down a little ;)

That’s correct! I have told many not to get discouraged when every post doesn’t get noticed as much as you’d like it to. It doesn’t mean the post isn’t good, it just may not have been discovered.

It took me 3-4 months of posting after I joined before I caught the eye of a whale who has been supporting my work every since. It gave me the boost and encouragement I needed to continue on. It’s easy for people to think those who get supported well have always done well. No, not the case. It was a process that took time and commitment. The thing that has kept me here the most is the Fun of it all. If I wasn’t having fun and enjoying what I do, not sure I would still be here ~

Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

Always I really like engaging with the community members especially if I can learn something new from them :)
Thanks for taking the time to answer to my comments :)
!LUV 1

 3 years ago  

You're welcome and that's great to hear ;)

Thanks for the LUV ~

Hi @crosheille, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @solymi. :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

I really appreciate this post, as someone not so used to the community or active, and who isn't really around anyone who could teach me a lot about Hive, this is a very big help. Thank you!

 2 years ago  

You're very welcome. I'm glad this post has been able to reach and help many. It's always a pleasure knowing the work we put into things are put to good use. I thank you for this feedback :)

This is excellent information @crosheille, I wasn't looking for it but I found a post on OCD that led me here. It includes a lot of valuable information, thank you very much!! 😉

 2 years ago  

You’re welcome @marbrym! I’m glad you ran into it and found it useful ~ 😉

Wow! This is a super post. It’s like the chicken soup for soul for us Hive user. I have been around here for about 4 years, and still learning to be more better in the communities..

 3 years ago  

Haha! Thanks so much!! What a great compliment :D

Yep same here, still learning as I go.

Thank you for your feedback ~

My God! Thank you guys so much for these awesome tips! Some I knew before, some I didn't. I'm reminded to put them into practice more. Thanks

 2 years ago  

You’re absolutely welcome. So glad and appreciative took the time to read :)

Thanks for your feedback ~

I am looking to actively grow on this platform so it makes sense that I would read and learn information that would be instrumental to doing that. I want my posts to get curated and possibly also become a curator after a while here.
Thanks for having me.

 2 years ago  

That’s great to hear! I too did the very same thing when I first joined ;)

this is in my bookmarks now, very informative. As I find more communities here I find its easier to engage. thats one thing I definitely think as a newbie the first week is learning how to navigate the platform and learn how the blockchain works. now time to just be apart of the HIVE experience and learn, engage and grow with it!

 2 years ago  

Yes! You have the right ideas in mind. That’s exactly how most of us grew here, is getting engaged, having fun and going with the flow. The more people you interact with and the more communities you get involved with the easier you will be able to find your way here.

I wish you well on your journey :)

Found these all so interesting, as a newbie like myself need this type of guide to kickstart my journey through this platform. Thank you

 2 years ago  

I’m glad you found this post interesting. I hope what you read will help you throughout your journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read ;)

You're welcome 🙂

This article has been a very informative article for me. Thank you for your advice.,🙏🤗

 2 years ago  

You’re welcome! Thank you for reading and providing helpful feedback ~ 😊

Hi crosheille,
thank you for that insight in the curators mind. I have a silly question and the post is 4 months old, so I don't know, if you are seeing this, but are there differences between normal users/writers and curators? I am a newcomer and I try to read everything, the platform offers, but I didn't come across a distinction between writers and curators.
To the contents of your post, let me say, it is very good to read that. I was planning to make an questions from a newbie post, because there are a lot of unanswered questions, even though I am a thorough reader and want to understand Hive completely.
It is nice to read, that effort and engagement is appreciated by those, who can make a difference.
Can I make a suggestion? Your post and many more excellent introductory posts to Hive and the other frontends and Apps (like Splinterlands), couldn't there be a pinned community for every newbie to see on their login-page, so they aren't discouraged, when they don't know where to start?
I was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning and the discord of "Deutsch D-A-CH" helped me a lot, but it would have been nice to read from a central hub right here on Hive. You know what I mean? I don't know, if this exists, and I just didn't see it, but that would be a problem right there :o).

Thank you again, posts like these are a motivation boost for people like me, who are easily discouraged by their own doubts and fears.

 3 years ago  

Hello @freedomprepper! First let me say welcome to Hive! 👋🏽

Yes, I check and try to respond to all comments even if it's left on a post from five years ago ;)

are there differences between normal users/writers and curators

There are content creators (your writers) and curators. Anyone who upvotes posts and/or shares and promotes them are considered curators, so a content creator can also be a curator as in my case for example. Some curate on their own by reading posts and upvoting them manually. Others join curation trails where they follow a curator they trust (trusting their judgment of a quality post) which enables their account to upvote what that curator upvotes automatically (you can set up details on how often and what percentage of vote you want to do). Then there are curation groups like OCD which I speak about in this post where a group of curators collectively work together on manual curation.

I hope that answers your question and I gave you what you were looking for. Please let me know if you need further explanation on that.

Thank you, I appreciate the compliment of my publication. I will be honest with you and tell you joining this platform was a learning curve for most of us. It took several months of reading and learning before I felt comfortable enough to call this my home.

Things are being set in place to help with this problem. Those who have been here and know how it feels to be a newbie are working together to make learning and surfing the platform much easier. One of those initiatives is the @newbies-guide. We are putting different collections together on specific topics for you to read. I hope you find it helpful :)

Thank you for taking the time to read and reach out with your questions. We’re here to help ;)

Hi @crosheille,
yes, that was exactly the answer I was looking for, thank you :o).
Than I can call myself a curator as well, because voting on articles I like, was the first thing I did here on Hive until I had no RC left (and then I had to go on a scavenger hunt to look up RC 😀).

After your reply I am more hyped than ever to contribute to an awesome ecosystem, which I hope will grow exponentially in the coming years. The onboarding issues as you said will be a thing in the past and then I will be a veteran to help newbies.

Thank you again for the time, you took to reply in such details. I very much appreciate it.
Have a nice day. I look forward to your next post.

 3 years ago (edited) 

Okay great! Glad I could clarify that for you.

That’s exactly right, you are a curator!

That’s awesome you are hyped about Hive and the journey ahead. I am hoping the same.

I am not sure if you’ve ran into him yet but another Hivizen who is fairly new himself has took the initiative to help other newbies have a smoother start by creating very easy to understand informative content all about Hive. His Hive handle is @ryzeonline. I think you will find several of his posts quite helpful.

Oh it’s really a pleasure. I love being of help to others when I can. You enjoy your day/evening and take care ~

I’ll be following you to check out your prepping posts as this is something my family is interested in ;)

Oh and a tip I wanted to leave you was when you have the time, explore some communities that you are interested in. You’ll find a lot of like minded/interested people in the communities that fit your niche. You most likely will receive more support and feedback because the people there will already be interested in what you’re sharing.

I usually share my garden posts in the NaturalMedicine community. There is also the Amazing Nature community too!

Aw, so much love in this comment thread , @crosheille , you're a bright light! I do what I can to help newcomers #ryze up, so I hope @freedomprepper gets some value from my posts. Wishing you both a great day! 🙏

Thank you so very much for this.
I find this post helpfully and useful.
I would try to implement what I read, I appreciate how detailed and direct the post is.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

 2 years ago  

You’re welcome :)

I appreciate your feedback and am very glad this was helpful to you ~

Good afternoon, the truth is, I started in Steemit in 2018, I did not know anything, and I published a lot of content, but reading everything you recommend I realize all the mistakes I made in the process, although I did not lack commitment, passion and personality, I did not adequately understand the nature of that platform, this time, the experience has been different, and I think that it is partly because of the work of people like you, who are committed.
Everything you say is wonderful, and how you say it, I hope it will be of great help to me, I feel super encouraged, and even happy to have read this, really, thank you very much.

 3 years ago  

Hello @joanmanuelg!

Wow, thank you for such a transparent and thorough response.

I know exactly what it was like starting early on Steemit. I think we all were just posting, trying to see what works and hoping some of the more popular members would give us a chance and support our efforts. It was truly learning as you go, fixing mistakes and improving along the way.

These are the reasons I wanted to make this post. I know what it feels like to be a newbie so why not share what I have learned and what curators are looking for to take away the guessing game for others?

It was a pleasure getting this together and even more so the response and feedback blew me away. It’s a confirmation that this type of info needs to be shared and I am just thankful it was read and accepted by many who will put these things into practice to help them have a better and hopefully more supportive journey here :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Welcome back and I am glad to hear your experiences have been better ~

Take care and I hope you continue to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Hello, thank you very much for your answer, in the time that I have been here I have realized that people are very close regardless of their level, that is gratifying, it encourages me to want to continue, I am still refining myself because I have doubts when I publish.

However, thanks to the work of curators like you, I feel good on my journey, thank you for every advice and thank you for your effort.

Just came across this post now. And i must say it's something I've been looking for. Thank you so much for posting

 3 years ago  

Hi @pretydami! I’m glad you found what you were looking for by reading my post :)

If you ever have any questions or need some guidance please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope you enjoy your journey here on Hive ~

Sure i will. Thanks

 3 years ago  

No problem ;)

thank you so much for putting this together. It's good to know about all the criterias you look for when making your decisions. I was worrying about many things when I first started this journey. Like what if I don't have a good camera to take good pictures or my English writting has many mistakes. Thanks to your post, I also learn that we are all in a journey to improve and grow. I am not perfect yet so it's ok to make mistakes as long as I put my effort to improve it. Cheers, Dora.

 2 years ago  

It was really a pleasure ;)

That’s exactly right! I didn’t start out knowing what I was doing, it took time and experience to grow and learn. Keep reading, mingling and learning and you’ll do just fine here :)

Thanks for the comment ~

Thank you for your advice :) learning new things is the best part of joining Hive. At first, I didn't want to join as I think it's just a blogging platform. But then, when I started to read about it, I saw many terms and things that I didn't know. That was when I made a decision - I had to join.

Have a great weekend.

 2 years ago  

Oh wow, well I’m glad you decided to join ;)

I have learned so many new things by being here, things that have added value to my life. I hope you continue to enjoy your time here.

Thank you! Enjoy your weekend as well ~

Thank you so much for this!
Some great advice to take away, and, yes, I am also still learning.
I especially like the fact that I know more about some of the curators, that I already follow; I didn't realise they are founders of certain communities.
Brilliant! 👍

 11 months ago  

Absolutely! 😉

I'm glad you were able to get to know a little more about the curators you follow. Very glad you enjoyed this and were able to grab some great advice from everyone ~

Wow I just saw this post as I'm new to the community. Truly worth the read! And I agree with everything. Also, I once dont know how to write but experience does help a lot especially on how your feelings or emotions transcends through the readers. And in posting, I don't think I could post everyday lol depending on the topic but I always want to make sure to have story to tell.The best reward as writer is to have real readers who reads from the top to the last of the article. 😍

 2 years ago  

I’m glad you found this worth reading. 😉

You will definitely get the hang of writing and being on this platform the more you practice. You’ll figure out a comfortable posting pace for you that is doable and enjoyable. 😊

Yes, it’s definitely rewarding to have people enjoy your writing from beginning to end ~

Yesss! I have yet to post more lol I did intro and hive experience. Do you have your schedules in writing or content scheduled?

 2 years ago  

So sorry I am just now seeing this reply. I've been trying to keep up with the messages on this one.

What I do is write down post ideas as they come and when I have the opportunity to take the photos I need for them I do it right away.

Sometimes I'll have like five topic ideas but I'll do the one I'm really feeling at that time. I have never scheduled a post because whenever I work on one I post it as soon as it's ready. So basically I just have a list of posts I plan to make and I get them going when I can.

How has it been for you? Have you been scheduling your content?

Estoy empezando ahora y leer su post ha sido bueno, me pone los cimientos para mis posteriores publicaciones, gracias. Bendiciones.

 11 months ago  

That's great to hear and you are very welcome ~

Recently , in ShapeShift we have seen good articles regarding our values in the world of crypto and it has led us to think about doing a curating work focused on these writers , and without a doubt all these words help a lot , great post , Greetings and we love the OCD initiative.

 2 years ago  

Thank you for your positive feedback!

thank you for your extraordinary writing, your writing really inspires me, and adds to my knowledge, how to be successful in hiveblog. I will try harder in making works or writings here. as the saying goes that: effort will never betray the results. Once again I want to thank you for your writing that inspires me.

 3 years ago  

You're welcome :)

I am glad I could help you gain some knowledge on how to be successful here and inspire your writing efforts ;)

I appreciate your valuable feedback, thank you ~

Thank you, I will continue to follow you here.

This is so true. Engagement matters a whole lot. When I was introduced to the platform, I was told to engage very much.

I believe that great things come with great effort and time.

 2 years ago  

I’m glad you agree ;)

I believe that great things come with great effort and time.

I couldn’t agree more ~

Hola amigos, palabras muy conscientes de cada curador, es bueno conocer todas estas cosas para saber que esperan y cómo podemos desarrollarnos en ambas partes en estas calles de HIVE. Cómo poder dar lo mejor de nosotros y cómo ustedes pueden también hacerlo, es muy claro cada punto y de valor. Agradecida porque se toman este tiempo para ayudarnos a corregir las fallas. Bendiciones y nos seguiremos encontrando por aquí.🤗😉

Hello friends, very conscious words from each curator, it is good to know all these things to know what they expect and how we can develop on both sides in these streets of HIVE. How to be able to give our best and how you can also do it, it is very clear each point and of value. Grateful that you take this time to help us to correct the faults. Blessings and we will continue to meet you around here.🤗😉

Hey thank you very much for this! I was introduced in Hive because of playing Splinterlands, but then I eventually realized how fun and engaging the communities are.

This is a very helpful guide for me as I am still working on improving the quality of my posts, and it helps a lot to see the perspective of curators.

Thanks again!

 2 years ago  

You’re welcome @mozzie5! I’m glad you were able to take the time to read through it. I love getting the feedback that it was help so I thank you as well ~ 😉

Interesting, I have to improve my engagement, this is probably the most important thing for me... Thanks for sharing

 2 years ago  

Yes, engagement is one of the main keys on this platform. You really can't grow without it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you meet your goals ~

I hope it too! ;)

Came across this, read it and I sure will adhere to it. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am New to Hive and posts like this, really help.

 2 years ago  

Welcome to Hive!

So glad you took the time to read, thank you. I’m really happy to hear it was helpful to you :)

Thx a lot for sharing this very valuable content, I learned a lot ☺️❗️

 2 years ago  

It was a pleasure and you’re very welcome :)

This will definitely help my posts become better and richer. Thank you so much.

 2 years ago  

That’s great @okeke! I’m so glad to hear this feedback. It was a pleasure putting together ;)

Thank you for sharing that ~

thankyou for the energy you put into these, honestly this is all i ever needed to grow, it sums it all, Thankyou again and a again up a million times

 2 years ago  

You’re quite welcome. Very glad it was beneficial for you :) Was really helpful....still looking for helpful tips like this

This is awesome and will help everyone to grow. To me I've learnt new things that'll put into practice and I know little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Thanks for sharing.

 2 years ago  

I’m so glad you read and found it helpful :)

I hope I could be more interactive here.. And post more.. But my HP is always insufficient 🤣 Im new here..

 2 years ago  

It will take some time to grow and get your HP up but the more you post and interact the better ;)

Quit educative, thanks so much, now l know my mistakes, l will do better

 2 years ago  

You’re welcome. I’m glad it was helpful to you :)

Thank you @crosheille for this valuable information, it helps a lot. Thank you @riverflows and everyone at OCD for always looking out for the authors and encouragement on Hive, much appreciated.

 2 years ago  

It was truly a pleasure putting this together. It makes it all worth it seeing the outcome and that so many have found value in it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and provide feedback ~ 😊

This article is really helpful, especially for someone like me who is new to this.
Thank you for providing tips and insights on how to create a high-quality post.

 7 months ago  

So glad it was helpful to you. No problem at all. I wish you well on your Hive journey ~ 😉

Thank you this was very informative @crosheille great post, it will change the way i approach my own content for sure.
Your Amazing.png

 2 years ago  

You’re absolutely welcome! I’m happy you found value in this to help with your content approach ;)

Was very helpful thank you have a wonderful day @crosheille

Really helpful tips, thank you very much.
I think passion and personality are the foundations on which everyone should build a blog

 2 years ago  

You’re very welcome ~ 😉

I most certainly agree!

Thank you. This post was helpful and as a newbie in this space, it has enlightened me on how to judiciously engaged and use the forum.

 2 years ago  

You’re welcome ;)

Extremely useful post and invaluable information, thanks!

 2 years ago  

My pleasure! Thanks for reading ~

I will work on this. Thanks for the write up

 2 years ago  

That’s great to hear! You are very welcome :)

Much appreciated. It's Nice hearing from you. I trust this year I get more creative and get package of help from hive expert like you.

 2 years ago  


Great article, I think engagement is the main key to it. Yes high quality content matters but engagement is the #1 factor I think.

 2 years ago  

Thank you! Glad you took the time to read it :)

Yes, engagement is highly important on this platform ~

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