"Somewhere out there"

in OCD3 years ago (edited)

I am always fascinated in our quest to out smart nature, although it turns out good sometimes but most times we tend to have a great regret which turns out to becoming an experiences.


Life is nature and nature is life. Life is a puzzle that we all are desperate to solve but sometimes we just need to take a pause in thinking about the "HOW" because the more you think, the more difficult is becomes.

LIFE simply means "living in ferocious events", so as individuals we should always know that challenges are constant factors in the mathematics of life, so then we should always try to derive our hope from the fact that:

Somewhere out there
Are trees tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe.
I think it deserves an apology

Somewhere out there
Is someone facing a harder battle than you.
Be thankful for your current phase.

Somewhere out there
Is someone failing over and over again
Don't quit trying

Somewhere out there
Is someone eating from the dumps
Be grateful for the little you have

Somewhere out there
Their is an ongoing funeral
Make judicious use of your time

Somewhere out there
Is someone wishing to be you
Don't think less of yourself

Somewhere out there
Is someone begging for their lives
Be grateful for life.

No matter your challenges, always remember that
Your Heavenly Father
Is Out there setting lines in place for your Glorious victory.

Please don't forget to drop an encouraging word to those in distress for you might just be saving a life.
Thank you and do have a great weekend.